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McNamara, Peggy

Authors: Fraser I, McNamara P.
Title: Employers: quality takers or quality makers?
Publication: Med Care Res Rev 57(Suppl 2):33-52.
Date: 2000
Abstract: Available on PubMed®
Topics: Public Policy, Purchasers, Research Agenda.
Availability: AHRQ Publication No. 01-R012 is available from the AHRQ Publications Clearinghouse.

Authors: McNamara P, Caldwell B, Fraser I, et al.
Title: New contributions from the field of health services research.
Publication: Med Care Res Rev 57(Suppl 2):5-8.
Date: 2000
Abstract: Wide press coverage of a recent Institute of Medicine (IOM) study on patient safety problems broadened public understanding of a fundamental and discouraging finding from health services research: the quality of care in the United States varies greatly and cannot be presumed. The IOM report underscores another research finding offering guidance for those seeking to improve quality—the safety and quality of patient care can be no better than the system of care. Improvements in quality require a comprehensive and purposive set of system solutions based on scientific evidence about what works and what doesn't. This article summarizes seven others in a special supplement of Med Care Res Rev, drawn from two national meetings of health plans and health services researchers (Building Bridges 1999, 2000). The timely and actionable articles provide insights on organizational and institutional approaches to quality, and inform our future research agenda related to quality by identifying evidence gaps, offering design suggestions and identifying research priorities.
Topics: Managed Care, Public Policy, Research Agenda.

Authors: Fraser I, McNamara P, Lehman G, et al.
Title: The pursuit of quality by business coalitions: A national survey
Publication: Health Aff 18(6):158-65.
Date: 1999
Abstract: Available on PubMed®
Topics: Public Policy, Purchasing.
Availability: AHRQ Publication No. 00-R003 is available from the AHRQ Publications Clearinghouse.

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