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Patient Outcomes Research Team on Low Birthweight

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Cumulative Bibliography

Updated through March 31, 1998

This bibliography is from the Final Report of the Low-Birthweight Patient Outcomes Research Team (PORT). Select for clinical highlights or the abstract.

The Final Report (AHCPR Publication No. 98-N005) is available in limited quantities from the AHCPR Publications Clearinghouse (P.O. Box 8547, Silver Spring, MD 20907, Telephone 800-358-9295). When supplies are exhausted, bound copies and microfiche can be purchased from the National Technical Information Clearinghouse (NTIS), Springfield, VA 22161 (Telephone 703-605-6000 in Virginia or 800-553-6847 toll-free). To order, request NTIS Accession No. PB98-156565.


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Published Articles

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Papers in Press

109. Goldenberg RL, Rouse DJ. The prevention of prematurity. N Engl J Med (In Press).

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Papers Under Review

120. Andrews WW, Goldenberg RL, Tamura T, Wenstrom KD, DuBard M, Johnston KE. Correlation of Ferritin Levels with elevated interleukin-6 in mid-trimester amniotic fluid. (Under Review).

121. Atkinson MW, Cliver SP, McNeal S, Cutter G, Malloy MH, Goldenberg RL. The association between maternal corticosteroid and tocolytic therapy and neonatal outcome in very low birthweight infants (Under Review).

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128. Rouse DJ, Andrew WW, Lin C, Mott CW, Ware JC, Philips JB. Antibiotic susceptibility profile of vertically acquired group B streptococcus. (Under Review).

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Books, Chapters, and Non-Peer Reviewed Publications

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In Manuscript

140. Andrews WW, Hauth JC, Goldenberg RL, DuBard M, Chandra G, Copper RL. Single and multiple markers of altered vaginal flora: effect of treatment on preterm birth (PTB) (In Manuscript).

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