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Database III: Genetic tests in development

Database of genetic tests in development

Table III-1: Test (by major types of cancer)

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Name Other Name Use Breast Prostate Lung Colorectal Pancreas Ovarian Esophagus Liver Lymphoma Leukemia Other
AFP-L3   Primary prevention               x      
Alpha Catenin Methylation marker Prognosis x                    
APC   Detection       x              
BAT-26 Microsatallite instability Detection       x              
Bladder cancer test   Diagnosis                     x
BladderChek NMP22 Diagnosis                     x
Breast Cancer Detection Nipple Aspirate Fluid Diagnosis x                    
Breast Cancer Outcome Prediction Test PIX2/TTF1 Diagnosis x                    
Cancer antigen 72-4 CA 72-4 Diagnosis                     x
CDK family Cyclin dependent kinase family Management     x                
CDKN24 Methylation marker Detection       x              
CDP/Cux   Diagnosis x                    
CellSearch Circulating tumor cells Diagnosis x                    
CeMines CellCorrect Lab   Diagnosis     x                
Chromosome 8q gain   Management           x          
c-Kit pharmDx Gleevec sensitivity test Management                     x
Colorectal cancer test   Diagnosis       x              
Colorectal gene panel 7 gene pharmacogenomic panel Management       x              
Colorectalert   Diagnosis       x              
Conversion Analysis Conversion Technology Diagnosis       x              
Cox-2 RNA Stool Detection       x              
cPSA Complexed PSA Management   x                  
CupPrint   Management                     x
Cyfra 21-1 Cytokeratin fragment 19 Diagnosis     x                
Cytokeratin 20 CK 20 Diagnosis       x              
CytoVision   Diagnosis                   x  
des-gamma carboxyprothrombin   Detection               x      
DNA methylation Oncomethylome Detection   x x     x         x
DNA methylation Second Code Diagnosis   x x x              
EEF1A2 Elongation factor Management x                    
EGFR Genzyme Detection     x     x         x
EGFR   Management     x                
EPCA   Diagnosis   x                  
eTag   Management x   x                
Genomic Test 3q, 7q, 16q, 17pter-q21 Diagnosis           x          
GOS Stool Detection       x              
GSTM1   Prediction     x                
GSTP1   Management   x                  
Her-1, Her-2, Her-3, Her-4   Diagnosis x                    
HLA-E   Prognosis                     x
HP1alpha   Management x                    
HPV test DNA with Pap Test Diagnosis                     x
HPV test Human papilloma virus cell swab Diagnosis                     x
IGF-II   Prediction                     x
IMI breast cancer test   Diagnosis x                    
Immunocyt/ uCyt   Diagnosis                     x
Iressa test   Management     x                
Key2   Diagnosis x                    
K-ras   Detection     x x              
Leukemia Affymetrix Chip   Diagnosis                   x  
Leukemia blood test MRD test Recurrence                   x  
Lung cancer test   Diagnosis     x                
Lung cancer test Electronic Nose Diagnosis     x                
LungAlert   Diagnosis     x                
Lysophopholipids LPA Detection           x          
M2-PK   Primary prevention       x              
MammaPrint   Management x                    
Matrix metalloproeinases MMP Detection           x          
Melanoma inhibiting antigen MIA Diagnosis                     x
Melastatin mRNA expression Management                     x
MESOMARK   Diagnosis                     x
MGMT Methylation marker Detection       x              
Microsatelitte Analysis Urine MicroSatellite Analysis Detection                     x
MLH1 Methylation marker Detection       x              
MN protein   Detection           x          
MSA   Management                     x
MSA analysis Microsatellite DNA Diagnosis                     x
NAF test   Diagnosis x                    
NMP179   Diagnosis                     x
NMP22 Matritek's Bladderchek test Detection                     x
NMP35   Diagnosis       x              
NMP48   Diagnosis   x                  
NMP66   Diagnosis x                    
OncoVue breast cancer risk test Tagit Primary prevention x                    
Ovacheck   Diagnosis           x          
Ovarian cancer biomarker test   Diagnosis           x          
Ovarian cancer test   Diagnosis           x          
Ovarian cancer test Ovarian Cancer Prognostic Profile Management           x          
Ovarian pap test   Detection           x          
p16, p15, p14 deletions   Management                   x x
p202   Management   x                  
p53 Affymetrix Chip   Diagnosis x                    
Prostate 63 AsymmetRx Management   x                  
Prostate biomarkers   Management   x                  
Prostate Cancer Blood Test ProteomeDx Diagnosis   x                  
Protein Profile test Lysophosphatidic acid (LPA) Recurrence           x          
PSA testing In office Diagnosis   x                  
PSMA Prostate specific membrane antigen Management   x                  
PSP94 Prostate secratory protein Diagnosis   x                  
PTEN tumor suppressor   Management   x                  
PyloriProbe DR70 Diagnosis       x              
Recaf Alpha feto protein receptor Diagnosis x x x x              
RhoC GTPase   Management x                    
S100   Diagnosis                     x
SELDI-TOF-MS Molecular profiling using SELDI Management x x x     x          
SurePath   Diagnosis                     x
Telomerase hTR, HTerRT Diagnosis                     x
TGF genes   Prognosis x                    
TUO test   Diagnosis                     x
uPM3 PCA3 assay Diagnosis   x                  
Urinary plasminogen activator suPAR Detection           x          
Urine test for cervical cancer   Diagnosis                     x
VEGF   Management       x              
WISP3   Management x                    

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