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Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project (HCUP)

Overview of HCUP Databases, Tools, and Resources

On May 18, 2010, Lauren Wier, MPH, made a presentation in a Webinar titled Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project (HCUP): Overview of HCUP Databases, Tools, and Resources. This is the text version of the event's slide presentation.

The HCUP user support Web site is available at

  1. Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project (HCUP)
  2. Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project (HCUP)
  3. HCUP Database Participation 2009 Data Year
  4. Current HCUP Partners
  5. Current HCUP Partners
  6. Current HCUP Partners
  7. Current HCUP Partners
  8. Overview of HCUP Data
  9. Foundation of HCUP Data: Hospital Billing Data
  10. From Patient Hospital Visit to HCUP Record
  11. The Making of HCUP Data
  12. What HCUP Is and Is Not
  13. Six Types of HCUP Databases
  14. HCUP State Databases
  15. What Data Elements Are Included in the Core File?
  16. Some Data Elements Vary by State
  17. Example: Payer Detail Varies by State
  18. Example: Race Detail Varies by State
  19. HCUP State Files vs. Data Files Received Directly From State
  20. Two Methods To Obtain HCUP Data
  21. States Releasing State Databases Through HCUP Central Distributor
  22. HCUP: Informing Health Care at the National, Regional, and State Levels for 20+ Years
  23. Example of Findings in Maryland
  24. HCUP National Databases
  25. Nationwide Inpatient Sample (NIS): Stratified Sample of Hospitals From State Inpatient Databases (SID)
  26. Statewide Data Systems Participating in NIS
  27. Kids' Inpatient Database (KID): Stratified Sample of Discharges From SID
  28. Nationwide Emergency Department Sample (NEDS): Stratified Sample of Hospitals From State Emergency Department Databases (SEDD) and SID
  29. Types of Research the National Databases Can Support
  30. HCUP Family of Databases, Tools, and Products
  31. Most HCUP Tools Can Be Applied to Any Administrative Database
  32. Clinical Classification Software (CCS) for ICD-9
  33. Procedure Classes
  34. Chronic Condition Indicator (CCI)
  35. Comorbidity Software
  36. Utilization Flags
  37. AHRQ Quality Indicators
  38. HCUP Supplemental Files Can Only Be Applied to HCUP Databases
  39. Cost-to-Charge Ratio Files
  40. Hospital Market Structure Files
  41. HCUP Supplemental Files for Revisit Analyses
  42. Additional HCUP Supplemental Files
  43. Online Tools
  44. HCUPnet: Quick, Free Access to HCUP Data
  45. HCUPnet Can Answer a Variety of Questions
  46. Questions?
  47. HCUPnet Demonstration
  48. HCUPnet Demonstration (continued)
  49. HCUPnet Demonstration (continued)
  50. HCUPnet Demonstration (continued)
  51. HCUPnet Demonstration (continued)
  52. HCUPnet Demonstration (continued)
  53. HCUPnet Demonstration (continued)
  54. HCUPnet Demonstration (continued)
  55. HCUPnet Demonstration (continued)
  56. HCUPnet Demonstration (continued)
  57. HCUPnet Demonstration (continued)
  58. Misleading Regional Data Without Adjusting for Population Differences
  59. Population Counts Vary For Some Characteristics and Groupings
  60. Rate of CDAD Stays Highest in the Northeast and Lowest in the West
  61. HCUPnet Demonstration (continued)
  62. HCUPnet Demonstration (continued)
  63. National Statistics
  64. HCUPnet Demonstration (continued)
  65. HCUPnet Demonstration (continued)
  66. HCUPnet Demonstration (continued)
  67. HCUPnet Demonstration (continued)
  68. HCUPnet Demonstration (continued)
  69. HCUPnet Demonstration (continued)
  70. HCUPnet Demonstration (continued)
  71. HCUPnet Demonstration (continued)
  72. HCUPnet Demonstration (continued)
  73. HCUPnet Demonstration (continued)
  74. HCUPnet Demonstration (continued)
  75. HCUPnet Demonstration (continued)
  76. HCUPnet Demonstration (continued)
  77. HCUPnet Demonstration (continued)
  78. HCUPnet Demonstration (continued)
  79. HCUPnet Demonstration (continued)
  80. HCUPnet Demonstration (continued)
  81. HCUPnet Demonstration (continued)
  82. HCUPnet Demonstration (continued)
  83. HCUPnet Demonstration (continued)
  84. HCUPnet Demonstration (continued)
  85. National Quality Indicators—2007 national statistics
  86. HCUPnet Capabilities
  87. HCUP Publications
  88. HCUP Supports High-Impact Health Services, Policy, and Clinical Research
  89. New: Publications Search Page on HCUP-US
  90. HCUP User Support Web Site
  91. HCUP Online Courses
  92. Using HCUP Technical Assistance
  93. Questions?
  94. Additional Information
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