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Career Development Award Grants Archive

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K01: Mentored Research Scientist Development Award

Principal Investigator Grant Number Institution Title
Chung, Sukyung K01 HS019815 Palo Alto Medical Foundation Research Institute Measuring and Compensating Primary Care Physician Effort
Rassen, Jeremy K01 HS018088 Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston, MA Comparative Effectiveness Methods for Evaluation of In-Hospital Exposures

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K02: Independent Scientist Awards

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Principal Investigator Grant Number Institution Title
Adams, William G. K02 HS13655 Boston University Using an EMR to Improve Urban Child Health
Bennett, Kevin K02 HS017013 University of South Carolina Chronic Care Quality Improvement Learning Laboratory (cQuILL)
Birkmeyer, Nancy K02 HS11288 University of Michigan Assess & Improve the Quality of Care for Low Back Pain
Bundorf, Kate K02 HS11688 Stanford University Health Plan Choice: Implications for Consumers & Purchasers
Chan, Evelyn K02 HS11421 University of Texas Health Science Center Health Communication over Internet
Chen, Alex K02 HS018087 Children's Hospital, Los Angeles Measuring Quality of Primary Care in Complex Pediatric Patients
Cooper, William K02 HS13076 Vanderbilt University Medicaid MCOs and Suboptimal Pediatric Care
Covinsky, Kenneth K02 HS00006 University of California, San Francisco Comprehensive Outcomes of Frail Elders in the Community
Etchegaray, Jason K02 HS017145 MD Anderson Cancer Center Linking Characteristics of High-Performing Hospitals with Patient Safety
Flores, Glenn K02 HS11305 Medical College of Wisconsin Insuring Uninsured Children
Forrest, Christopher K02 HS00003 Johns Hopkins University Child Health Services Outcomes Research
Haukoos, Jason K02 HS017526 Denver Health and Hospital Authority Strategies to Identify Undiagnosed HIV Infection in the Emergency Department
Hawley, Sarah K02 HS00007 Baylor College of Medicine, Houston A Two-Stage Model for Colorectal Cancer Screening
Hung, Dorothy K02 HS017007 Columbia University Strategies for Improving the Quality of Preventive Services in Primary Care
Keane, Christopher K02 HS013075 University of Pittsburgh Effects of Managed Care Growth on Charity Care
Likosky, Donald K02 HS015663 Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical School Redesigning Cardiac Surgery to Reduce Neurologic Injury
Lo Sasso, Anthony K02 HS11294 University of Illinois at Chicago (previously Northwestern University) Workplace Health Benefits and Employee Health
Mangione-Smith, Rita K02 HS13299 University of California, Los Angeles Dr.-Parent Communication and Antibiotic Over-Prescribing
Mayer, Michelle
K02 HS10309 University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Access to Pediatric Subspecialty Care in the USA
Studdert, David K02 HS011285 Harvard School of Public Health Improving Dispute Resolution in Health Care
Setoguchi-Iwata, Soko K02 HS017731 Brigham and Women's Hospital Improving Methods for Comparative Effectiveness Research
Stukenborg, George K02 HS11419 University of Virginia Mortality Risk Adjustment Using Hospital Claims Data
Wittenberg, Eve K02 HS014010 Brandeis University Evaluating Utility Measures: Biases and Alternatives
Wright, Melanie K02 HS015704 Duke University Information Management in the Perioperative Environment
Wyrwich, Kathleen K02 HS11635 St. Louis University Population and Global Transition Assessments of HRQoL

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K08: Mentored Clinical Scientist Development Award

Principal Investigator Grant Number Institution Title
Alexander, G. Caleb K08 HS015699 University of Chicago An RCT to Decrease Out-of-Pocket Prescription Costs
Alexander, Gregory K08 HS016862 University of Missouri-Columbia Assessing the Relationship Between IT Sophistication and Nursing Home Quality
Anzai, Yoshimi K08 HS13613 University of Washington Randomized Trial of Sinus CT for Acute Sinusitis
Asplin, Brent K08 HS13007 Health Partners Research Foundation Emergency Department Crowding: Causes and Consequences
Auerbach, Andrew K08 HS11416 University of California, San Francisco Medical-Surgical Co-management Evaluating a New Award
Barlow, Sarah K08 HS13901 St. Louis University Improving Obesity Care in Pediatric Offices
Barnett, Steve L. K08 HS15700 University of Rochester Deaf People and Healthcare
Basco, William K08 HS15679 Medical University of South Carolina Prescribing Errors in Ambulatory Pediatric Care
Beach, Mary K08 HS13903 Johns Hopkins University Patient-Centeredness in Care of Vulnerable Populations
Blackmore, Christopher K08 HS11291 University of Washington Clinical Prediction Rule for Pelvic Fracture Hemorrage
Brousseau, David K08 HS015482 Medical College of Wisconsin Disparities in Quality of Health Care Affect Utilization
Cox, Elizabeth K08 HS13183 University of Wisconsin Shared Decision-Making and Inappropriate Antibiotic Use
Crouch, Michael K08 HS13332 Baylor College of Medicine Effect of Informed Consent on Compliance: Statin Therapy
Dalton, Vanessa K08 HS015491 University of Michigan at Ann Arbor Evaluating Treatment Options and Patterns of Care in Early Pregnancy Failure
DeSalvo, Karen K08 HS15701 Tulane University Determining the Merit of Self-Rated Health for Risk Prediction
Devine, Emily K08 HS014739 University of Washington Evaluating e-Prescribing in a Community-based Integrated Health System
Devoe, Jennifer E. K08 HS016181 Oregon Health and Science University Does Parental Health Insurance Loss Affect Children's Access to Care?
Egede, Leonard K08 HS11418 Medical University of South Carolina Collaborative Management of Diabetes in Blacks
Ensign, Josephine K08 HS11414 University of Washington Measuring Quality of Care for Homeless Adolescents
Feudtner, John K08 HS00002 Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Profiling the Needs of Dying Children
FitzGerald, John K08 HS13168 University of California, Los Angeles Impact of Medicare Policis on Utilization and Outcomes
Gallagher, Thomas K08 HS14012 University of Washington Enhancing the Disclosure of Medical Errors in Patients
Glance, Laurent K08 HS11295 University of Rochester Impact of Medicare Policies on Utilization and Outcomes
Guise, Jeanne-Marie K08 HS11338 Oregon Health & Science University Evidence-Based Decision Aids to Improve Women's Health
Jenkins, Pamela K08 HS00010 Dartmouth College Improving outcomes in Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome
Kennedy, Amanda K08 HS13891 University of Vermont Outpatient Prescription Errors
Khazani, Nayer K08 HS019816 Stanford University Comparative Effectiveness of Mitigation Strategies for Pandemic Influenza
Kushel, Margot K08 HS11415 University of California, San Francisco Improving Health Care Outcomes Among the Homeless
Landrigan, Christopher K08 HS13333 Children's Hospital, Boston Effects of Sleep Loss and Night Work on Patient Safety
Lara, Marielena K08 HS00008 University of California, Los Angeles Improving Outcomes in U.S. Latino Children
Laskey, Antoinette K08 HS016564 Indiana University Racial Stereotypes and the Recognition of Child Abuse
Lee, Grace K08 HS13987 Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Strategies for Group A Streptococcal Prevention
Lightdale, Jenifer K08 HS13675 Children's Hospital, Boston Improving Safety of Pediatric Sedation
Linder, Jeffrey K08 HS14563 Brigham and Women's Hospital Improving Care for Acute Respiratory Infection
Lofland, Jennifer K08 HS00005 Thomas Jefferson University Patient Outcomes: Quality of Life and Lost Productivity
Marcin, James K08 HS13179 University of California, Davis Telemedicine for Children in Rural Emergency Department
Moore, Carlton K08 HS14020 Mount Sinai School of Medicine Discharge Summary Availability and Discontinuity Errors
Nagykaldi, Zsolt K08 HS016470 University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center Using Health Risk Appraisal to Prioritize Primary Care Interventions
Newhouse, Robin K08 HS15548 Johns Hopkins University Rural Hospital Nursing Environment, Effects and Evidence
Okumura, Megumi K08 HS017716 University of California at San Francisco Barriers and Facilitators to Health Care: Transitioning Youth with Special Needs
Orzano, A. John K08 HS14018 University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey/ Robert Wood Johnson Medical School Capacity Building in Organizational Research
Parchman, Michael K08 HS13008 University of Texas Health Science Center Diabetes Quality of Care in the Primary Care Setting
Persell, Stephen K08 HS015647 Northwestern University Tailored Communication to Reduce Cardiovascular Risk
Porter, Stephen K08 HS11660 Children's Hospital, Boston Informative Technology: Linking Parents and Providers
Portnoy, Joel K08 HS11636 Children's Hospital, Philadelphia The Effect of Medication Errors in the Pediatric ICU
Radwin, Laurel K08 HS11625 University of Massachusetts Testing the Quality Health Outcomes Model in Cancer Care
Rubin, Michael K08 HS14017 University of Utah Antibiotic use and Bacteriuria in the Rural Nursing Home
Sarkar, Urmimala K08 HS017594 University of California, San Francisco Interactive Health IT to Promote Ambulatory Safety Among Vulnerable Diabetes Patients
Siderowf, Andrew K08 HS00004 University of Pennsylvania Health Preference Assessment in Parkinson's Disease
Slonim, Anthony K08 HS14009 Children's Research Institute Improve Safety of Blood Product Transfusions in Children
Stahl, James K08 HS11637 Massachusetts General Hospital Organ Replacement Technology Analysis Project (ORTAP)
Stein, John K08 HS15569 University of California, San Francisco Ultrasound by Emergency Physicians in Ectopic Pregnancy
Strate, Lisa K08 HS14062 Brigham and Women's Hospital Outcomes and Care Practices in Lower Intestinal Bleeding
Wall, Stephen K08 HS016482 New York University School of Medicine Spanish and English Multimedia Intervention to Increase Organ and Tissue Donation
Wang, Henry K08 HS13628 University of Pittsburgh Effect of Out-of-Hospital Endotracheal Intubation Errors
Weingart, Saul K08 HS11644 Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Partnering with Patients to find Adverse Events
Whitney, Simon K08 HS 11289 Baylor College of Medicine A New Approach to the Allocation of Decisional Authority
Wisnivesky, Juan K08 HS13312 Mount Sinai School of Med Determinants of Asthma Morbidity in an Urban Population

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