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Questions and Answers on Reporting via

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

These questions and answers may assist recipients of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) funds with their reporting duties.

If a contractor's report is missing, is it considered a significant error?

Contract recipients need to report only if they submitted an invoiced before the start of the reporting period. Contract recipients who report once the contract is awarded will not be penalized; in fact, the Office of Management and Budget encourages contracts recipients to report once the contract is awarded. However, if an Operating Division (OPDIV) is missing a report but the contractor recipient has not yet submitted an invoice, it is not considered a significant error when the review is completed. An OPDIV should not report this as a significant error.

Can I report "0" in Total ARRA Expenditure with jobs created/retained?

The system will allow you to enter 0 for the Total ARRA Expenditure and enter jobs created/retained. Whether or not your Agency will accept this on a report is up to your Agency.

After an Agency commented on my report, why isn't the submit button there when I try to edit my report?

It is possible that the Agency User commented on the report (which unlocked it) and then clicked the button "Mark as reviewed with no comments" (which locked the report again).

How do I know if my Agency has reviewed my report?

You can check the Review Status of the report to see whether or not it has been reviewed.

When will the reports be published on

At the end of the 29th day of the reporting cycle, at midnight Pacific Time.

I am the Agency reviewer. Why can't I see reports submitted with DUNS?

You are not registered under the Agency that is listed as the Awarding Agency on the report.

Why can't I receive E-mails from

The E-mails could be getting filtered into the Junk/Spam folder. It could also be an issue with security settings on the E-mail server of the recipient's company. You should check with your IT department to see if anything could be blocking the E-mail. If they cannot find any problems, then the issue would escalate to the Application Team for further research.

What is the definition of "individual"?

A single person.

How do I edit my report?

You can edit a report through the online form or update the Excel®/XML file and upload it again.

Where can I print my report? I used the online Web-based option.

The only option is the Print function through the user's browser.

How do I register multiple DUNS numbers?

This cannot be done. You can only be registered under one DUNS Number at a time. You can change the DUNS Number on your account by going to My Account > Edit Information.

Why was my account deactivated?

Too many incorrect login attempts, deactivated by you, or deactivated by someone at the Service Desk.

Do we report the "cents" in the award amount?

You should report the full award amount.

When I click on "forgot password," I get security questions that I do not remember answering. Where did these security questions come from?

Your account was automatically created by the system. In this case you would not have answered the security questions.

Where can I get extension information on reporting?

You should to contact their Agency and also check the homepage of for any information on possible extensions.

How do I get in contact with my funding agency?

The person in your organization responsible for getting you your Award should have information or know someone who has contact information for the Funding Agency.

How do I find out who my ARRA funding came from?

This information should be on your Award document. If not, then the person in their organization responsible for getting you your award should know this information.

Do I have to add comments on my report after the Agency? If so, where do I enter the comments?

No, you do not have to add comments after the Agency has commented.

What is my award number?

It should be on your award document. If not, you need to contact your Awarding Agency for this information. Check the Recipient Reporting Data Model for more information on the Award Number.

Why do I have to register in Central Contractor Registration (CCR) if I am not a contractor?

All Prime Recipients are required to be registered in CCR. Sub Recipients reporting their own information will also need to be registered in CCR.

How do we get the FRPIN?

You can request the FRPIN from the point of contact (POC) using the functionality on or you can contact the Service Desk and it can send the FRPIN to you.

I am a registered POC with CCR information on the Servers and when I request a FRPIN I get an error message saying "There is no FRPIN assigned to this DUN"

Your information may not have been pulled over from CCR yet. The registration status of the DUNS Number would need to be checked in CCR.

How to update Reports when you are Prime that submitted as Prime Only and needs to add Sub-Recipient over 25K?

You would go to the Sub Recipient tab and add a Sub Recipient to the report.

CCR issues are now cleared up, and I need to report, how do I do this?

You would report as usual.

What are the consequences for not submitting the report by October 20, 2009?

You should contact your Agency for more information on potential penalties as a result of not reporting on time.

Why can I (Recipient User) see the report but the Agency Reviewer can not?

Agency Reviewer is not registered under the Agency that is listed as the Awarding Agency on the report.

How do I update the report from Agency Comment?

You can either use the online form to make updates or you can update the Excel/XML file and upload it again.

How do I deactivate a report?

You will need to locate the report, open up the report, go to the Summary tab, and click on the button that says "Deactivate Report."

Why don't I have option to deactivate report?

The report period has ended and you cannot make any more changes/updates.

How do I review the comments?

You need to locate the report and open it. Under the Prime Recipient tab, there is a button that says "View or Add Report Comments." Clicking this button will allow you to see the comments on a report.

As the Agency Reviewer how do I review two different Agencies?

This cannot be done. An Agency User can only be registered under one Agency at a time.

My CCR information has recently been updated and confirmed. How can I enter my report?

You would report as usual.

Current as of January 2010
Internet Citation: Questions and Answers on Reporting via American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. January 2010. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Rockville, MD.


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