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April 13, 2007

This weekly compilation of articles appearing in recently released journals and newsletters includes:

  • Articles funded by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) or authored by AHRQ researchers.
  • Articles mentioning or discussing AHRQ staff, activities, and publications/products.
  • Articles related to AHRQ-funded Evidence-based Practice Centers.
  • Articles related to the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force or Put Prevention into Practice program.
  • Articles mentioning the National Healthcare Disparities Report and National Healthcare Quality Report.
  • Other research using AHRQ data or products.

AHRQ-Funded/Authored Articles

American Journal of Preventive Medicine
Leverence RR, Williams RL, Sussman A, et al. Obesity counseling and guidelines in primary care: a qualitative study. Am J Prev Med 2007 Apr; 32(4):334-9. [Supported by grant 5 R21 HS013496.]

Arthritis and Rheumatism (Arthritis Care and Research)
Curtis JR, Martin C, Saag KG, et al. Confirmation of administrative claims-identified opportunistic infections and other serious potential adverse events associated with tumor necrosis factor a antagonists and disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs. Arthritis Rheum 2007 Mar 15; 37(2):343-6. [Supported by grant HS10389.]

Health Affairs
Grossman JM, Gerland A, Reed MC, et al. Physicians experiences using commercial e-prescribing systems. Health Aff 2007 Apr 3; 26(3):w393-404. [Supported by contract 290-05-0007(01); acknowledges assistance from Scott Young, Carol Cain, and Jon White.]

Health Services Research
Gozalo PL and Miller SC. Hospice enrollment and evaluation of its causal effect on hospitalization of dying nursing home patients. Health Serv Res 2007 Apr; 42(2):587-610. [Supported by grants R01 HS10549-01 and R03 HS11457-01.]

Rogowski J, Jain AK, Escarce JJ. Hospital competition, managed care, and mortality after hospitalization for medical conditions in California. Health Serv Res 2007 Apr; 42(2):682-705. [Supported by grant P01 HS10770-01.]

Health Services and Outcomes Research Methodology
Elliott MN, Zaslavsky AM, Cleary PD. Are finite population corrections appropriate when profiling institutions? Health Serv Outcomes Res Meth 2006; 6(3-4):153-6. [Supported by grants HS09205 and HS00924, as part of the Consumer Assessment of Health Providers and Systems (CAHPS®) II project; acknowledges assistance by Chris Crofton, Chuck Darby, Beth Kosiak and Marybeth Farquhar and members of CAHPS® consortium.]

Tisnado DM, Adams JL, Liu H, et al. Does the concordance between medical records and patient self-report vary with patient characteristics? Health Serv Outcomes Res Meth 2006; 6(3-4):157-75. [Supported by grant T32 HS400046.]

Morgan TM, Krumholz HM, Lifton RP, et al. Nonvalidation of reported genetic risk factors for acute coronary syndrome in a large-scale replication study. JAMA 2007 Apr 11; 297(14):1551-61. [Supported by grant R01 HS11282-01.]

Hadler NM, Tait RC, Chibnall JT. Back pain in the workplace. JAMA 2007 Apr 11; 297(14):1594-6. [Supported by grant R01 HS013087-01.]

Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved
Bryant Borders AE, Grobman WA, Amsden LB, et al. Factors that influence the acceptability of collecting in-home finger stick blood samples in an urban, low-income population. J Health Care Poor Underserved 2007 Feb; 18(1):100-15. [Supported by AHRQ National Research Services Training Program, no grant number available.]

Adams J, Rosenheck R, Gee J, et al. Hospitalized younger: a comparison of a national sample of homeless and house inpatient veterans. J Health Care Poor Underserved 2007 Feb; 18(1):173-84. [Supported by grant K08 HS11415.]

Heslin KC, Robinson PL, Baker RS, et al. Community characteristics and violence against homeless women in Los Angeles County. J Health Care Poor Underserved 2007 Feb; 18(1):203-18. [Supported by grants R01 HS08323 and 1 R24 HS014022-01A1.]

Grijalva CG, Nuorti JP, Arbogast PG, et al. Decline in pneumonia admissions after routine childhood immunisation with pneumonoccal conjugate vaccine in the USA: a time-series analysis. Lancet 2007 Apr 7; 369(9568):1179-86. [Supported by grant 1 R03 HS016784; uses data from AHRQ's Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project (HCUP) Nationwide Inpatient Sample (NIS) for 2001-2004.]

Medical Care Research and Review
Bazzoli GJ, clement JP, Lindrooth RC, et al. Hospital financial condition and operational decisions related to the quality of hospital care. Med Care Res Rev 2007 Apr; 64(2):148-68. [Supported by grant R01 HS13094-03.]

AHRQ-Related Articles

Archives of Internal Medicine
Pham HH, Alexander GC, O Malley AS. Physician consideration of patients out-of-pocket costs in making common clinical decisions. Arch Intern Med 2007 Apr 9; 167(7):663-8. [Cites AHRQ-authored article by Eisenberg (former AHRQ director) (Med Care, 2002).]

Health Services Research
Karliner LS, Jacobs EA, Chen AH, et al. Do professional interpreters improve clinical care for patients with limited English proficiency? A systematic review of the literature. Health Serv Res 2007 Apr; 42(2):727-38. [Cites AHRQ-authored article by Brach, Fraser (researcher in and director of AHRQ's Center for Delivery, Organization, and Markets, respectively), and Paez (Health Aff, 2005).]

Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved
Beck B, Young S, Ahmed S, et al. Development of a church-based cancer education curriculum using CBPR. J Health Care Poor Underserved 2007 Feb; 18(1):28-34. [Cites AHRQ publication, The Role of Community-based Participatory Research: Creating Partnerships, Improving Health, 2003.]

Rodriguez KL, Appelt CJ, Young AJ, et al. African American veterans' experiences with mobile geriatric care. J Health Care Poor Underserved 2007 Feb; 18(1):44-53. [Cites AHRQ-authored article by Clancy and Stryer (Health Serv Res, 2001); cites AHRQ publications, Focus on Research Disparities in Health Care, 2002, and Access to Healthcare: Sources and Barriers, 2000.]

Medical Care Research and Review
Needleman J, Kurtzman ET, Kizer KW. Performance measurement of nursing care: state of the science and the current consensus. Med Care Res Rev 2007 Apr; 64(2 Suppl):10S-43S. [Cites AHRQ's Hospital-CAHPS (HCAHPS), AHRQ publication, HCUP Quality Indicators, 1998, and AHRQ-funded articles by Needleman, et al. (N Engl J Med, 2002) and Weingart, et al. (Med Care, 2000).]

Riehle AI, Hanold LS, Sprenger SL, et al. Specifying and standardizing performance measures for use at a national level: implications for nursing-sensitive care performance measures. Med Care Res Rev 2007 Apr; 64(2 Suppl):65S-81S. [Notes AHRQ provision of technical assistance in developing and/or identifying quality measures; cites AHRQ-authored article by Kovner, Jones, Zhan, Gergen, and Basu (third and fifth authors are researchers with AHRQ's Center for Quality Improvement and Patient Safety and Center for Primary Care, Prevention, and Clinical Partnerships, respectively; others are former AHRQ researchers) (Health Serv Res, 2002); cites AHRQ-funded article by Needleman, et al. (N Engl J Med, 2002).]

Kosel K, Gelinas L, Paxson C. Nursing measures: implementation considerations: lessons learned from the field. Med Care Res Rev 2007 Apr; 64(2 Suppl):82S-103S. [Notes reliance on AHRQ, the National Quality Forum, or the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations (JCAHO) to fully test the measures before the organization adopts them.]

Naylor MD. Advancing the science in the measurement of health care quality influenced by nurses. Med Care Res Rev 2007 Apr; 64(2 Suppl):144S-169S. [Notes that the measure developed by Needleman, et. al. (2001) with AHRQ support was recommended for consideration to the Institute of Medicine Committee on Performance Measurement; cites AHRQ Quality Indicators, on AHRQ Web site, PHS guideline, Treating Tobacco Use and Dependence, 2000, Kovner, et al (Health Serv Res, 2002) and HCUP Nationwide Inpatient Sample (NIS).]

Modern Healthcare
Lubell J. CMS tries cash this time: new quality reporting program has financial incentives. Mod Healthc 2007 Apr 9; 37(15):12-3. [Notes that 59 of the 74 measures came from the Physician Consortium for Performance Measurement, an American Medical Association (AMA)-convened coalition that includes AHRQ and other organizations.]

Robeznieks A. E-prescribing disconnect: despite potential benefits, few physicians use tool. Mod Healthc 2007 Apr 9; 37(15):12-3. [Reviews AHRQ-funded study by Grossman, et al. (Health Aff, 2007) cited in AHRQ-Funded/Authored Articles.]

U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF)/Put Prevention Into Practice (PPIP)-Related Articles

MMWR: Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month—March 2007. MMWR Morb Mortal Wkly Rep 2007 Mar 16; 56(10):227-28. [Cites Guide to Clinical Preventive Services, 2005, as posted on AHRQ Web site.]

Evidence-based Practice Centers-Related Articles

Medical Care Research and Review
Alexander GR. Nursing sensitive databases; their existence, challenges, and importance. Med Care Res Rev 2007 Apr; 64(2 Suppl):44S-63S. [Cites AHRQ Technology Review, Refinement of HCUP Quality Indicators, 2001; notes that the only sources of public data are AHRQ's National Quality Measures Clearinghouse™ (NQMC), AHRQ data on cost and utilization, and AHRQ's Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project (HCUP); includes description of HCUP, HCAHPS, and NQMC in table and describes each in text; includes several AHRQ publications under Suggested Reading.]

National Healthcare Quality Report (NHQR)/National Healthcare Disparities Report (NHDR)-Related Articles

Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved
Ralston PA, Furlow J, Brickler-Hart C, et al. The Community Wellness Program: an intergenerational seminar for African Americans. J Health Care Poor Underserved 2007 Feb; 18(1):21-7. [Cites AHRQ's NHDR, 2005.]

Salas-Lopez D, Holmes L, Mouzon DM, et al. Cultural competency in New Jersey: evolution from planning to law. J Health Care Poor Underserved 2007 Feb; 18(1):35-43. [Cites NHDR, 2003; cites AHRQ-authored article by Brach and Fraser (Med Care Res Rev, 2000).]

Research By Others Using AHRQ Data or Products

Current Medical Research and Opinion
Novak S, Milkonian AK, Patel PA, et al. Metabolic syndrome-related conditions among people with and without gout: prevalence and resource use. Curr Med Res Opin 2007 Mar; 23(3):623-30. [Uses AHRQ's Clinical Classifications Software (CCS) to delineate collected data into the 17 AHRQ major diagnostic categories and 261 specific diagnostic categories.]

Health Services Research
Prentice JC, Pizer SD. Delayed access to health care and mortality. Health Serv Res 2007 Apr; 42(2):644-62. [Uses indicators for preventable hospitalization from AHRQ's AHRQ Quality Indicators—Guide to Prevention Quality Indicators: Hospital Admission for Ambulatory Care Sensitive Conditions, 2001; cites AHRQ-authored article by Mukamel and Spector (researcher in AHRQ's Center for Delivery, Organization, and Markets) (Med Care, 2000).]

Anderson RT, Weisman CS, Camacho F, et al. Women's satisfaction with their on-going primary health care services: a consideration of visit-specific and period assessments. Health Serv Res 2007 Apr; 42(2):663-81. [Uses CAHPS® global item to obtain a summary rating of patient satisfaction with care over the past year.]

Tom Xu K [in article as K. Tom Xu.], Farrell TW. The complementarity and substitution between unconventional and mainstream medicine among racial and ethnic groups in the United States. Health Serv Res 2007 Apr; 42(2):811-26. [Uses Medical Expenditure Panel Survey (MEPS) data for 1996 and 1998.]

Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved
Waters H [in article as Waters HR.], Steinhardt L, Oliver TR, et al. The costs of non-insurance in Maryland. J Health Care Poor Underserved 2007 Feb; 18(1):139-51. [Uses MEPS data for 2002.]

Journal of Vascular Surgery
McPhee JT, Hill JS, Eslami MH. To what extent does patient gender impact presentation, therapy and mortality for abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) in the United States, 2001-2004? J Vasc Surg 2007 Mar; [Epub ahead of print. Uses data from AHRQ's HCUP Nationwide Inpatient Sample (NIS) for 2001-2004.]

Medical Care Research and Review
McDevitt R, Gabel J, Gandolfo L, et al. Financial protection afforded by employer-sponsored health insurance: current plan design and high-deductible health plans. Med Care Res Rev 2007 Apr; 64(2):212-28. [Uses data from the MEPS-Household Component (HC) for 2000.]

Women s Health Issues
Cox S, Johnson CH, Meikle S, et al. Trends in rates of hospitalization with a diagnosis of substance abuse among reproductive-age women, 1998 to 2003. Womens Health Issues 2007 Mar-Apr; 17(2):75-83. [Uses data from the HCUP NIS for 1998-2003; third author was AHRQ researcher at time of article submission. See also article by Grijalva, et al. (Lancet, 2007), cited in AHRQ-Funded/Authored Articles.

Current as of April 2007


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