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May 2, 2003

These articles appeared in recently released journals and newsletters. They include articles funded by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) or authored by AHRQ researchers; articles mentioning or discussing AHRQ; articles related to AHRQ-funded Evidence-based Practice Centers; articles mentioning the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force/Put Prevention into Practice; articles mentioning the President's Advisory Commission on Consumer Protection and Quality in the Health Care Industry and Agency-supported activities relating to the Quality Interagency Task Force; and other research using AHRQ data.

AHRQ-Funded/Authored Articles

Academic Radiology
Swan JS, Sainfort F, Lawrence WF, et al. Process utility for imaging in cerebrovascular disease. Acad Radiol 2003 Mar; 10(3):266-74. [Supported by Grant No. 1R01 HS10277; third author is a researcher in AHRQ's Center for Outcomes and Effectiveness Research.]

American Heart Journal
Haddock CK, Poston WS, Taylor JE, et al. Smoking and health outcomes after percutaneous coronary intervention. Am Heart J 2003 Apr; 145(4):652-57. [Supported by Grant No. HS11282-01.]

American Journal of Psychiatry
Vitiello B, Burnam MA, Bing EG, et al. Use of psychotropic medications among HIV-infected patients in the United States. Am J Psychiatry 2003 Mar; 160(3):547-54. [Supported by Grant No. HS08578.]

Archives of Internal Medicine
Schiff GD, Klass D, Peterson J, et al. Linking laboratory and pharmacy: opportunities for reducing errors and improving care. Arch Intern Med 2003 Apr 28; 163(8):893-900. [Supported by Grant No. HS11552.]

Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine
Lozano P, Finkelstein JA, Hecht J, et al. Asthma medication use and disease burden in children in a primary care population. Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med 2003 Jan; 157(1):81-88. [Supported by Grant No. HS08368-01.]

Biomedical Instrumentation and Technology
Cook AF, Hoas H, Gutmannova K. Not by technology alone Project seeks to assess and aid patient safety in rural areas. Biomed Instrum Technol 2003 Mar-Apr; 37(2):128-30.[Supported by Grant No. R01 HS11930.]

Clinical Chemistry
McDonald CJ, Huff SM, Suico JG, et al. LOINC, a universal standard for identifying laboratory observations: a 5-year update. Clin Chem 2003 Apr; 49(4):624-33. [Supported by Grant No. HS07719.]

Developmental Psychology
Tolan PH, Gorman-Smith D, Henry DB. The developmental ecology of urban males' youth violence. Dev Psychol 2003 Mar; 39(2):274-91. [Supported by Grant No. HS35415.]

Diabetes Educator
Egede LE, Bonadonna, RJ. Diabetes self-management in African Americans: an exploration of the role of fatalism. Diabetes Educ 2003 Jan-Feb; 29(1):105-15. [Supported by Grant No. K08 HS11418.]

Emergency Medicine
Schafermeyer RW, Asplin BR. Hospital and emergency department crowding in the United States. Emerg Med 2003 Feb; 15(1):22-27. [Supported by Grant No. K08 HS13007.]

Endocrinology and Metabolism Clinics of North America
Saag KG. Glucocorticoid-induced osteoporosis. Endocrinol Metab Clin North Am 2003 Mar; 32(1):135-57. [Supported in part by Grant No. HS10389.]

Mukamel DB, Spector WD. Quality report cards and nursing home quality. Gerontologist 2003 Apr; 43 Spec No 2:58-66. [First author supported by National Research Service Award (NRSA) Training Grant No. T32H500044; second author is researcher in AHRQ's Center for Organization and Delivery Studies.]

Mehr DR, van der Steen JT, Kruse RL, et al. Lower respiratory infections in nursing home residents with dementia: a tale of two countries. Gerontologist 2003 Apr; 43 Spec No 2:85-93. [Original data collection in Missouri supported by Grant No. HS08551.]

Health Affairs
Lamb RM, Studdert DM, Bohmer RM, et al. Hospital disclosure practices: results of a national survey. Health Aff 2003 Mar-Apr; 22(2):73-83. [Second author supported by Grant No. HS11285.]

Cohen JW, Krauss NA. Spending and service use among people with the fifteen most costly medical conditions, 1997. Health Affairs 2003 Mar-Apr; 22(2):129-38. [Authors are researchers in AHRQ's Center for Cost and Financing Studies.]

Zuvekas SH, Taliaferro GS. Pathways to access: health insurance, the health care delivery system, and racial/ethnic disparities, 1996-1999. Health Affairs 2003 Mar-Apr; 22(2):139-53. [Authors are researchers in AHRQ's Center for Cost and Financing Studies.]

Stevenson DG, Studdert DM. The rise of nursing home litigation: findings from a national survey of attorneys. Health Aff 2003 Mar-Apr; 22(2):219-29. [Supported by Grant No. K02 HS11285.]

Health Care Management Review
Page S. "Virtual" health care organizations and the challenges of improving quality. Health Care Manage Rev 2003 Jan-Mar; 28(1):79-92. [Supported by Grant No. HS00086.]

Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology
Stafford RS, Ma J, Finkelstein SN, et a. National trends in asthma visits and asthma pharmacotherapy, 1978-2002. J Allergy Clin Immunol 2003 Apr; 111(4):729-35. [Supported by Grant No. R01 HS013405.]

Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology
Ng PC, Barzilai DA, Ismail SA, et al. Evaluating invasive cutaneous melanoma: is the initial biopsy representative of the final depth? J Am Acad Dermatol 2003 Mar; 48(3):420-24. [Supported by Grant No. HS00059-09.]

Journal of the American Geriatrics Society
Covinsky KE, Palmer RM, Fortinsky RH, et al. Loss of independence in activities of daily living in older adults hospitalized with medical illnesses: increase vulnerability with age. J Am Geriatr Soc 2003 Apr; 51(4):451-58. [First author supported by Grant No. HS00006-01.]

Covinsky KE, Eng C, Lui L, et al. The last 2 years of life: functional trajectories of frail older people. J Am Geriatr Soc 2003 Apr; 51(4):492-98. [First author supported by Grant No. HS00006-01.]

Journal of the American Medical Association
Al-Khatib SM, LaPointe NM, Kramer JM, et al. What clinicians should know about the QT interval. JAMA 2003 Apr 23; 289(16):2120-27. [Supported by Grant No. U18 HS10548.]

Journal of Asthma
Farber HJ, Capra AM, Finkelstein JA. Misunderstanding of asthma controller medications: association with nonadherence. J Asthma 2003 Feb; 40(1):17-25. [Supported by Grant No. HS09935.]

Journal of Clinical Oncology
Recklitis C, O'Leary T, and Diller L. Utility of routine psychological screening in the childhood cancer survivor clinic. J Clin Oncol 2003 Mar 1; 21(5):787-92. [Supported by Grant No. HS00063.]

Mandelblatt JS, Edge SB, Meropol NJ, et al. Predictors of long-term outcomes in older breast cancer survivors: perceptions versus patterns of care. J Clin Oncol 2003 Mar 1; 21(5):855-63. [Supported by Grant No. HS08395.]

Polsky D, Mandelblatt JS, Weeks JC, et al. Economic evaluation of breast cancer treatment: considering the value of patient choice. J Clin Oncol 2003 Mar 15; 21(6):1139-46. [Supported by Grant No. HS08395.]

Journal of Gerontology
Cohen-Mansfield J, Lipson S. Medical staff's decision-making process in the nursing home. J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci 2003 Mar; 58(3):271-78. [Supported by Grant No. HS09833-01.]

Journal of Medical Practice Management
Williams ES, Linzer M, Pathman DE, et al. What do physicians want in their ideal job? J Med Pract Manage 2003 Jan-Feb; 18(4):179-83. [Supported by Grant No. 5T32 HS000032.]

Journal of the National Medical Association
Post DM, Cegala DJ, Marinelli TM. Teaching patients to communicate with physicians: the impact of race. J Natl Med Assoc 2001 Jan; 93(1):6-12. [Supported by HS09520-01.]

Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic, and Neonatal Nursing
Jackson DJ, Lang JM, Ecker J, et al. Impact of collaborative management and early admission in labor on method of delivery. J Obstet Gynecol Neonatal Nurs 2003 Mar-Apr; 32(2):147-57; discussion 158-60. [Supported by Grant No. R01 HS07161.]

Journal of Pain and Symptom Management
Seville JL, Ahles TA, Wasson JH, et al. Ongoing distress from emotional trauma is related to pain, mood, and physical function in a primary care population. J Pain Symptom Manage 2003 Mar; 25(3):256-63. [Supported by Grant No. HS09368.]

Journal of Vascular Surgery
Berliner E, Ozbilgin B, Zarin DA. A systematic review of pneumatic compression for treatment of chronic venous insufficiency and venous ulcers. J Vasc Surg 2003 Mar; 37(3):539-44. [Authors are researchers in AHRQ's Center for Practice and Technology Assessment.]

Medical Care
Mukamel DB, Watson NM, Meng H, et al. Development of a risk-adjusted urinary incontinence outcome measure of quality for nursing homes. Med Care 2003 Apr; 41(4):467-78. [Supported by Grant No. HS0849; fourth author, William Spector, is researcher in AHRQ's Center for Organization and Delivery Studies.]

Muscle and Nerve
Atlas SJ, Nardin RA. Evaluation and treatment of low back pain: an evidence-based approach to clinical care. Muscle Nerve 2003 Mar; 27(3):265-84. [Supported in part by Grant Nos. HS06344, HS08194, and HS09804.]

Siderowf A., Quinn NP. Progressive supranuclear palsy: setting the scene for therapeutic trials. Neurology 2003 Mar 25; 60(6):8892-93. [Supported by Grant No. HS00004.]

New England Journal of Medicine
Gandhi TK, Weingart SN, Borus J, et al. Adverse drug events in ambulatory care. N Engl J Med 2003 Apr 17; 348(16):1556-64. [Second author supported by Grant No. HS11644.]

Obstetrics and Gynecology
Ransom SB, Studdert DM, Dombrowski MP, et al. Reduced medicolegal risk by compliance with obstetric clinical pathways: a case-control study. Obstet Gynecol 2003 Apr; 101(4):751-55. [Supported by Grant No. K02 HS11285.]

Oncology Nursing Forum
Radwin L, Alster K, Rubin KM. Development and testing of the oncology patients' perceptions of the quality of nursing care scale. Oncol Nurs Forum 2003 Mar-Apr; 30(2):283-90. [Supported by Grant No. K08 HS11625.]

Otolaryngologic Clinics of North America
Satava RM, Fried MP. A methodology for objective assessment of errors: an example using an endoscopic sinus surgery simulator. Otolaryngol Clin North Am 2002 Dec; 35(6):1289-1301. [Supported by Grant No. 1R18 HS11866-01.]

Malkin JD, Keeler E, Broder MS, et al. Postpartum length of stay and newborn health: a cost-effectiveness analysis. Pediatrics 2003 Apr; 111(4):e316-22. [Supported by Grant No. R03 HS09342-01.]

Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety
Hennessy S, Bilker WB, Weber A, et al. Descriptive analyses of the integrity of a U.S. Medicaid claims database. Pharmacoepidemiol Drug Saf 2003 Mar; 12(2):103-11. [Supported by Grant No. 1FS32 HS00066 and U18 HS10399.]

Psychiatric Services
Willging CE, Semansky RM, Waitzkin H. New Mexico's Medicaid managed care waiver: organizing input from mental health consumers and advocates. Psychiatr Serv 2003 Mar; 54(3):289-91. [Supported by Grant No. R01 HS09703.]

Topics in Health Information Management
Wessell AM, Ornstein SM, Nietert PJ. Achieving blood pressure control in patients with diabetes: a case study in primary care. Top Health Inf Manage 2003 Jan-Mar; 24(1):3-7. [Supported by Grant No. 1U18 HS11132-01.]

AHRQ-Related Articles

BNA's Health Care Plan and Provider Report
CMS, AHRQ seek 'fair and open' process in survey development, letter says. BNA Health Plan Provider Rep 2003 Apr 23; 9(17):422-23. [Comments on Dr. Clancy's (AHRQ director) and CMS Administrator Scully's efforts of resolve issues regarding vendor selection for the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Health Plans (HCAHPS) survey.]

Mor V, Berg K, Angelelli J, et al. The quality of quality measurement in U.S. nursing homes. Gerontologist 2003 Apr; 43 Spec No 2:37-46. [Cites AHRQ-funded article by Hofer et al., JAMA 1999.]

Angelelli J, Mor V, Intrator O, et al. Oversight of nursing homes: pruning the tree or just spotting bad apples? Gerontologist 2003 Apr; 43 Spec No 2:67-75. [Cites article by Spector (AHRQ researcher), Med Care, 1989.]

Health News Daily
Scully's Medicare comments necessitate White House rebuke—Democratic leaders. Health News Daily 2003 Apr 30; 15(83):1-2. [Cites previous controversy over selection of contractors for CMS/AHRQ-developed HCAHPS® survey.]

Journal of the American Medical Association
Friedrich MJ. Risa Lavizzo-Mourey, MD, MBA: at the helm of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. JAMA 2003 Apr 16; 289(15):1909-11. [Interviews former AHRQ Deputy Administrator Risa Lavizzo-Mourey.]

Berwick, DM. Disseminating innovations in health care. JAMA 2003 Apr 16; 289(15):1969-75. [Cites the reduction in pressure sores by use of AHRQ's pressure ulcer guidelines.]

Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved
Coughlin TA, Long SK. Adult health care access and use under medicaid: does it vary by state? J Health Care Poor Underserved 2003 May; 14(2):208-28. [Cites article by Short and Lefkowitz (AHRQ researcher), Med Care, 1992.]

Medicine on the Net
New quality tool helps hospitals reduce errors: AHRQ offers patient safety indicators to track and avoid medical errors. Medicine Net 2003 Apr; 9(4):9. [Describes AHRQ's Quality Indicators Web site.]

Evidence-based quality resource clearinghouse from AHRQ. Medicine Net 2003 Apr; 9(4):10. [Describes AHRQ's National Quality Measures Clearinghouse Web site.]

Medicine and Health
People. Med Health 2003 Apr 7; 57(14):6. [Mentions appointment of Dr. Henry Barry as AHRQ's American Academy of Family Physicians senior scholar in residence.]

Gallup sues Scully over alleged bullying. Med Health 2003 Apr 14; 57(15):6. [Mentions AHRQ's involvement with CMS in developing HCAHPS.]

New England Journal of Medicine
Tierney WM. Adverse outpatient drug events—a problem and an opportunity. N Engl J Med 2003 Apr 17; 348(16):1587-89. [Cites article by Gandhi, Weingart, et al. N Engl J Med, 2003 (cited in AHRQ-Funded/Authored Articles); cites depression guideline, AHCPR Pub 93-0551; cites AHRQ-funded articles by Bates, J Am Med Inform Assoc, 1999, and JAMA, 1998.]

Quality Letter
New AHRQ site. Qual Lett 2003 Apr; 15(4):14. [Describes AHRQ's National Quality Measures Clearinghouse™ Web site.]

Quality and Safety in Health Care
Shield T, Campbell S, Rogers A, et al. Quality indicators for primary care mental health services. Qual Saf Health Care 2003 Apr; 12(2):100-6. [Cites AHRQ report, Methodology Perspectives, 1994.]

Gilbody SM, Whitty PM, Grimshaw JM, et al. Improving the detection and management of depression in primary care. Qual Saf Health Care 2003 Apr; 12(2):149-55. [Cites AHRQ's depression guidelines, 1993.]

McLoughlin V, Leatherman S. Quality or financing: what drives design of the health care system? Qual Saf Health Care 2003 Apr; 12(2):136-42. [Cites article by Greco and Eisenberg (former AHRQ director), N Engl J Med, 1993.]

U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF)/Put Prevention into Practice-Related Articles

American Family Physician
Ferrini R, Clark B. Screening for depression: case study. Am Fam Physician 2003 Apr 1; 67(7):1561-62. [Study questions are based on USPSTF recommendations on screening for depression.]

Mahoney MC, Saslow D, Cohen CJ. ACS guideline for the early detection of cervical cancer. Am Fam Physician 2003 Apr 15; 67(8):1677-80. [Compares USPSTF recommendations on cervical cancer screening with those of the American Cancer Society.]

U.S. Preventive Services Task Force. Screening for cervical cancer: recommendations and rationale. Am Fam Physician 2003 Apr 15; 67(8):1759-66. [Summarizes USPSTF recommendations on cervical cancer screening.]

American Journal of Managed Care
Wang YR, Pauly MV. Difference in the use of preventive services between fee-for-service plans and HMOs: is more better? Am J Mang Care 2003 Apr; 9(4):293-301. [Cites USPSTF Screening: Breast Cancer, Update, 2002; cites USPSTF Guide to Clinical Preventive Services, 1996, 1989; cites article by Weinick and Beauregard (both authors are AHRQ researchers), Med Care Res Rev, 1997.]

American Journal of Nursing
U.S. Preventive Services Task Force. Behavioral counseling in primary care to promote physical activity: recommendation and rationale. Am J Nurs 2003 Apr; 103(4):101-7, discussion 109. [Summarizes of USPSTF recommendations on counseling by primary care physicians to promote physical activity; updates Guide to Clinical Preventive Services, 1996.]

New England Journal of Medicine
Fletcher SW, Elmore JG. Mammographic screening for breast cancer. N Engl J Med 2003 Apr 24; 348(17):1672-80. [Cites USPSTF breast cancer screening guideline in Ann Int Med, 2002; cites mammography guideline No. 13, AHCPR No. 95-0632.]

Evidence-based Centers-Related Articles

Report on Medical Guidelines and Outcomes Research
Report calls for more research on newborns' jaundice. Rep Med Guidelines Outcomes Res 2003 Apr 18; 14(8):3-4. [Summarizes findings from evidence-based report on newborn jaundice.]

President's Advisory Commission on Consumer Protection and Quality in the Health Care Industry/Quality Inter-agency Coordination (QuIC) Task Force-Related Articles

Harrington C, O'Meara J, Kitchener M, et al. Designing a report card for nursing facilities: what information is needed and why? Gerontologist 2003 Apr; 43 Spec No 2:47-57. [Cites Quality Commission and article by Mukamel and Spector cited in AHRQ-Funded/Authored Articles and article by William Spector (AHRQ researcher), Health Econ, 1998, and Journal Aging Health, 1991.]

Current as of May 2003


The information on this page is archived and provided for reference purposes only.


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