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August 17, 2007

This weekly compilation of articles appearing in recently released journals and newsletters includes:

  • Articles funded by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) or authored by AHRQ researchers.
  • Articles mentioning or discussing AHRQ staff, activities, and publications/products.
  • Articles related to AHRQ-funded Evidence-based Practice Centers.
  • Articles related to the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force or Put Prevention into Practice program.
  • Articles mentioning the National Healthcare Disparities Report and National Healthcare Quality Report.
  • Other research using AHRQ data or products.

AHRQ-Funded/Authored Articles

American Journal of Cardiology
Go AS, Yang J, Gurwitz JH, et al. Comparative effectiveness of beta-adrenergic antagonists (atenolol, metoprolol tartrate, carvedilol) on the risk of rehospitalization in adults with heart failure. Am J Cardiol 2007 Aug 15; 100(4):690-6. [Supported by contract HHSA29000500331.]

Annals of Pharmacotherapy
Smith SR, Wahed AS, Kelley SS, et al. Assessing the validity of self-reported medication adherence in hepatitis C treatment. Ann Pharmacother 2007 Jul-Aug; 41(7):1113-6. [First author is researcher in AHRQ's Center for Outcomes and Evidence.]

Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics
Schneeweiss S. Developments in post-marketing comparative effectiveness research. Clin Pharmacol Ther 2007 Aug; 82(2):143-56. [Supported by 2 R01 HS10881; notes that author is principal investigator of the Brigham and Womens Hospital Developing Evidence to Inform Decisions about Effectiveness (DEcIDE) Research Center on Comparative Effectiveness Research funded by AHRQ.]

Health Affairs
Hudson JL, Selden TM. Children's eligibility and coverage: recent trends and a look ahead. Health Aff 2007 Aug 16; 26(5):w618-29. [Authors are researchers in AHRQ's Center for Financing, Access, and Cost Trends; uses 1996-2005 data from AHRQ's Medical Expenditure Panel Survey (MEPS).]

Health Economics
Basu J,Friedman B. A re-examination of distance as a proxy for severity of illness and the implications for differences in utilization by race/ethnicity. Health Econ 2007 Jul; 16(7):687-701. [Authors are researchers in AHRQ's Center for Primary Care, Prevention, and Clinical Partnerships and Center for Delivery, Organization, and Markets, respectively; uses data from AHRQ's Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project (HCUP) State Inpatient Databases (SID) for New York.]

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases
Kappelman MD, Bousvaros A, Hyams J, et al. Intercenter variation in initial management of children with Crohns disease. Inflamm Bowel Dis 2007 Jul; 13(7):890-5. [Supported by grant T32 HS000063-12.]

Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine
Orzano AJ, Strickland PO, Tallia AF, et al. Improving outcomes for high-risk diabetes using information systems. J Am Bd Fam Med 2007 May-Jun; 20(3):245-51. [Supported by grant K08 HS14018.]

Journal of Clinical Epidemiology
Schneeweiss S. Understanding secondary databases: a commentary on Sources of bias for health state characteristics in secondary databases.. J Clin Epidemiol 2007 Jul; 60(7):648-50. [Supported by grant 2 R01 HS01088; notes that author received funding as principal investigator of the DEcIDE Network funded by AHRQ.]

Terris DD, Litaker DG, Koroukian SM. Health state information derived from secondary databases is affected by multiple sources of bias. J Clin Epidemiol 2007 Jul; 60(7):734-41. [Supported by grant HS00059-11.]

Journal of the National Cancer Institute
Elmore JG, Brenner RJ. The more eyes, the better to see? From double to quadruple reading of screening mammograms. J Natl Cancer Inst 2007 Aug 1; 99(5);1141-3. [Supported by grant R01 HS010591.]

Medical Decision Making
Prosser LA, Wittenberg E. Do risk attitudes differ across domains and respondent types? Med Decis Making 2007 May-Jun; 27(3);281-7. [Supported by grant K02 HS14010-01.]

Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal
McCormick DP, Chandler SM, Chonmaitree T. Laterality of acute otitis media: different clinical and microbiologic characteristics. Pediatr Infect Dis J 2007 Jul; 26(7):583-8. [Supported by grant R01 HS10613-02.]

Kagen J, Lautenbach E, Bilker WB, et al. Risk factors for mediastinitis following median sternotomy in children. Pediatr Infect Dis J 2007 Jul; 26(7):613-8. [Supported by grant HS10399.]

Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety
Harrold LR, Patterson MK, Andrade SE, et al. Asthma drug use and the development of Churg-Strauss syndrome (CSS). Pharmacoepidemiol Drug Saf 2007 Jun; 16(6):620-6. [Supported by grant HS10391.]

Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy
Westrick SC, Mount JK. Evaluating telephone follow-up of a mail survey of community pharmacies. Res Social Adm Pharm 2007 Jun; 3(2):160-82. [Supported by grant 1 R36 HS014512. Also go to articles by Gozu, et al. (Teach Learn Med, 2007) and Shojania, et al. (Ann Intern Med, 2007) cited in Evidence-based Practice Centers-Related Articles.]

AHRQ-Related Articles

Archives of Internal Medicine
Wang OJ, Wang Y, Lichtman JH,et al. America s Best Hospitals in the treatment of acute myocardial infarction. Arch Intern Med 2007 Jul 9; 167(13):1345-51. [Cites AHRQ-funded article by Normand, et al. (Stat Med, 2002).]

Clinics in Geriatric Medicine
Donowitz GR, Cox HL. Bacterial community-acquired pneumonia in older patients. Clin Geriatr Med 2007 Aug; 23(3):515-34. [Cites AHRQ-funded articles by Fine, et al. (N Engl J Med, 1997 and J Gen Intern Med, 1991.]

Mylotte JM. Nursing home-associated pneumonia. Clin Geriatr Med 2007 Aug; 23(3):553-65. [Cites AHRQ-funded article by Cohen-Mansfield and Lipson (J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci, 2003) and AHRQ-authored article by Konetzka, Spector, and Shaffer (second and third authors are current and former AHRQ researchers, respectively, in AHRQ's Center for Delivery, Organization, and Markets) (Med Care, 2004).]

Anderson DJ, Kaye KS. Skin and soft tissue infections in older adults. Clin Geriatr Med 2007 Aug; 23(3):595-613. [Cites AHRQ-funded article by Classen, et al. (N Engl J Med, 1992).]

Holloway RB, Quill TE. Mortality as a measure of quality: implications for palliative and end-of-life care. JAMA 2007 Aug 15; 298(7):802-4. [Cites AHRQ Web site publication, Health Care Report Card Compendium, 2006.]

U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF)/Put Prevention Into Practice (PPIP)-Related Articles


American Journal of Preventive Medicine
Kripalani S, Sharma J, Justice E. Low-literacy interventions to promote discussion of prostate cancer: a randomized controlled trial. Am J Prev Med 2007 Aug; 33(2):83-90. [Cites USPSTF recommendations on screening for prostate cancer (Ann Intern Med, 2002).]

Task Force on Community Preventive Services. Recommendations to increase testing and identification of HIV-positive individuals through partner counseling and referral services. Am J Prev Med 2007 Aug; 33(2):S88. [Cites USPSTF recommendation statement, Screening for Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection, 2005, on AHRQ Web site; comments on article cited below.]

Hogben M, McNally T, McPheeters M, et al. The effectiveness of HIV partner counseling and referral services in increasing identification of HIV-positive individuals: a systematic review. Am J Prev Med 2007 Aug; 33(2):S89-100. [Cites USPSTF recommendation statement, Screening for Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection, 2005, on AHRQ Web site.]

Evidence-based Practice Centers-Related Articles

Annals of Internal Medicine
Shojania KG, Sampson M, Ansari MT, et al. How quickly do systematic reviews go out of date? A survival analysis. Ann Intern Med 2007 Aug 21; 127(4):224-33. [Supported by contract 290-02-0021; acknowledges support from David Atkins, researcher in AHRQ's Center for Outcomes and Evidence, and the technical advisory panel for the AHRQ-funded project from which this work derives).]

Ezekowitz JA, Rowe BH, Dryden DM, et al. Systematic review: implantable cardioverter defibrillators for adults with left ventricular systolic dystunction. Ann Intern Med 2007 Aug 21; 127(4):251-62. [Based on evidence report conducted under contract 290-02-0023 to the University of Alberta Evidence-based Practice Center; acknowledges from David Atkins and Mary Nix, researchers in AHRQ's Center for Outcomes and Evidence, and the report's technical advisory panel.]

Teaching and Learning in Medicine
Gozu A, Beach MC, Price EG, et al. Self-administered instruments to measure cultural competence of health professionals: a systematic review. Teach Learn Med 2007 Spring; 19(2):180-90. [Supported by contract 290-02-0018 to the Johns Hopkins Evidence-based Practice Center.]

Research By Others Using AHRQ Data or Products

Arthritis and Rheumatism (Arthritis Care and Research)
Krishnan E, Fries JF, Kwoh CK. Primary knee and hip arthroplasty among nonagenarians and centenarians in the United States. Arthritis Rheum 2007 Aug 15; 57(6):1038-42. [Uses data from AHRQ's Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project (HCUP) Nationwide Inpatient Sample (NIS) for 1993-2002.]

Maternal and Child Health Journal
Liu CL, Zaslavsky AM, Ganz ML, et al. The financial implications of availability and quality of a usual source of care for children with special health care needs. Matern Child Health J 2007 Jun 8. [Epub ahead of print. Uses data from AHRQ's 1996 Medical Expenditure Panel Survey (MEPS).]

Current as of August 2007


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