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September 16, 2005

These articles appeared in recently released journals and newsletters. They include articles funded by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) or authored by AHRQ researchers; articles mentioning or discussing AHRQ; articles related to AHRQ-funded Evidence-based Practice Centers; articles mentioning the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force/Put Prevention into Practice; articles mentioning the Presidents Advisory Commission on Consumer Protection and Quality in the Health Care Industry and Agency-supported activities relating to the Quality Interagency Task Force; and other research using AHRQ data.

AHRQ-Funded/Authored Articles

Current Diabetes Reports
Norris SL. Health-related quality of life among adults with diabetes. Curr Diab Rep 2005 Apr; 5(2):124-30. [Author was AHRQ researcher at time of publication.]

Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews
Norris SL, Zhang X, Avenell A, et al. Long-term non-pharmacologic weight loss interventions for adults with type 2 diabetes. Cochrane Database Syst Rev 2005 Apr 18; (2):CD004095. [Second author was AHRQ researcher at time of publication.]

Norris SL, Zhang X, Avenell A, et al. Long-term non-pharmacologic weight loss interventions for adults with prediabetes. Cochrane Database Syst Rev 2005 Apr 18; (2):CD005270. [Second author was AHRQ researcher at time of publication.]

Government Computer News
Clancy CM. Commentary: Demonstrating the potential, closing the barriers for health IT. Gov Comput News 2005 Sep 12. [Author is AHRQ Director.]

Health Affairs
Encinosa WE, Hellinger FJ. Have state caps on malpractice awards increased the supply. Health Aff 2005 Jan-Jun; 24(Suppl 1):WS-250-8. [Authors are researchers in AHRQ's Center for Delivery, Organization, and Markets.]

Bell DS, Friedman MA. E-prescribing and the Medicare Modernization Act of 2003. Health Aff 2005 Sep-Oct; 24(5):1159-9. [Supported by Grant No. HS13572.]

Frisse ME. State and community-based efforts to foster interoperability. Health Aff 2005 Sep-Oct; 24(5):1190-6. [Supported by Contract No. 290-05-0006.]

Gans D, Kralewski J, Hammons T, et al. Medical groups' adoption of electronic health records and information systems. Health Aff 2005 Sep-Oct; 24(5):1323-33. [Supported by Contract No. 290-900-0017.]

Mitchell JB, Haber SG, Hoover S. Premium subsidy programs: who enrolls, and how do they fare? Health Aff 2005 Sep-Oct; 24(5):1344-55. [Supported by Grant No. HS10463.]

Lee J, Cain C, Young S, Chockley N, Burstin H. The adoption gap: health information technology in small physician practices. Health Aff 2005 Sep-Oct; 24(5):1364-6. [Second, third, and fifth author are researchers in and director of AHRQ's Center for Primary Care, Prevention, and Clinical Partnerships, respectively.]

Health Care Financing Review
Bronstein JM, Adams EK, Florence CS. Childrens service use during the transition to PCCM in two states. Health Care Financ Rev 2005 Summer; 26(4):95-108. [Supported by Grant No. HS10435.]

Journal of the American Society of Nephrology
Astor BC, Eustace JA, Powe NR, et al. Type of vascular access and survival among incident hemodialysis patients: the Choices for Healthy Outcomes in Caring for ESRD (CHOICE) Study. J Am Soc Nephrol 2005 May; 16(5):1449-55. [Supported by Grant No. R01 HS08365.]

Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved
Rhoades DA, Manson SM, Noonan C, et al. Characteristics associated with reservation travel among urban Native American outpatients. J Health Care Poor Underserved 2005 Aug; 16(3):464-74. [Supported by Grant No. P01 HS10854.]

Journal of the National Cancer Institute
Albertsen PC, Hanley JA, Barrows GH, et al. Prostate cancer and the Will Rogers phenomenon. J Natl Cancer Inst 2005 Sep 7; 97(17):1248-53. [Supported by Grant No. HS09578.]

Mental Health Services Research
Rost K, Dickinson LM, Fortney J, et al. Clinical improvement associated with conformance to HEDIS-based depression care. Men Health Serv Res 2005 Jun; 7(2):103-12. [Supported by Grant No. HS08349.]

National Association of Primary Care Review
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). Improving patient safety in primary care. Natl Assoc Primary Care Rev 2005; 2:18. [Reprints brief research reports on AHRQ-funded studies originally published in Research Activities, Jan 2005.]

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). Alcoholism: research reports from USA. Natl Assoc Primary Care Rev 2005; 2:110-12. [Reprints brief research reports on AHRQ-funded studies originally published in Research Activities, Apr 2004 and Aug 2004.]

Preventive Medicine
Rauscher GH, Hawley ST, Earp JL. Baseline predictors of initiation vs. maintenance of regular mammography use among rural women. Prev Med 2005 Jun; 40(6):822-30. [Supported by Grant No. 5K02 HS000007-03.]

AHRQ-Related Articles

American Health Line
EHRS: Health Affairs addresses health care IT. Am Health Line 2005 Sep 15; #12. [Summarizes findings from AHRQ-funded article on electronic health records (Health Aff, 2005).]

BNAs Health Care Policy Report
More hospital quality measures available for consumers, CMS says. BNA Health Care Policy Rep 2005 Sep 12; 13(36):1152-3. [Notes AHRQ participation in the Surgical Care Improvement Project (SCIP).]

BNAs Health Plan and Provider Report
CMS wants providers to join project that pays for improved quality. BNA Health Plan Provider Rep 2005 Sep 14; 11(36):949-50. [Quotes remarks by AHRQ Director Carolyn Clancy.]

More hospital quality measures available for consumers, CMS says. BNA Health Care Policy Rep 2005 Sep 14; 11(36):950-1. [Notes AHRQ participation in the Surgical Care Improvement Project (SCIP).]

Total number without health coverage hit 45.8 million in 2004, Census Bureau says. BNA Health Care Policy Rep 2005 Sep 14; 11(36):953-4. [Notes AHRQ data on uninsured Americans.]

Health Affairs
Schoen C, Doty MM, Collins SR, et al. Insured but not protected: how many adults are underinsured? Health Aff 2005 Jan-Jun; 24(Suppl 1):WS-289-301. [Cites AHRQ-authored articles by Short and Banthin (second author is researcher in AHRQ's Center for Financing, Access, and Cost Trends) (JAMA 1995) and Monheit (former AHRQ researcher) (Med Care 2003).]

Iglehart JK. Pursuing health IT: the delicate dance of government and the market. Health Aff 2005 Sep-Oct; 24(5):1100-2. [Cites support of issue by AHRQ and three private organizations.]

Bates DW. Physicians and ambulatory electronic health records. Health Aff 2005 Sep-Oct; 24(5):1180-9. [Advocates AHRQ/NLM support of decision support research.]

Shortliffe EH. Strategic action in health information technology: why the obvious has taken so long. Health Aff 2005 Sep-Oct; 24(5):1222-33. [Notes AHRQ (and its predecessor agency) promotion of health IT research.]

Kaushal R, Bates DW, Poon EG, et al. Functional gaps in attaining a national health information network. Health Aff 2005 Sep-Oct; 24(5):1281-9. [Cites assistance and expert panel membership of AHRQ researcher Eduardo Ortiz.]

Journal of Womens Health
Mitchell J, Mathews HF, Mayne L. Differences in breast self-examination techniques between Caucasian and African American elderly women. J Womens Health 2005 Jul-Aug; 14(6):476-84. [Cites AHRQ-authored article by Chevarly (researcher in AHRQ's Center for Financing, Access, and Cost Trends) and White (Am J Public Health 1997).]

U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF)/Put Prevention Into Practice (PPIP)-Related Articles

HIV screening urged for high-risk adults. Geriatrics 2005 Sep; 60(9):16. [Summarizes and reviews USPSTF recommendation, Screening for Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection, Jul 2005.]

Journal of Womens Health
Livaudais JC, Kaplan CP, Haas JS, et al. Lifestyle behavior counseling for women patients among a sample of California physicians. J Womens Health 2005 Jul-Aug; 14(6):485-95. [Cites USPSTF recommendations on counseling patients who drink and counseling to prevent tobacco use in Guide to Clinical Preventive Services, 1996, and in Healthy Diet—Counseling and Physical Activity—Counseling, 2003]

Schonberg MA, Wee CC. Menopausal symptom management and prevention counseling after the Womens Health Initiative among women seen in an internal medicine practice. J Womens Health 2005 Jul-Aug; 14(6):507-14. [Cites USPSTF recommendation, Postmenopausal Hormone Replacement Therapy for Primary Prevention of Chronic Conditions (Ann Intern Med, 2002).]

Lannin DR, Ponn T. What should we teach women about breast self-examination today? J Womens Health 2005 Jul-Aug; 14(6):529-30. [Cites USPSTF recommendation on screening for breast cancer (Ann Intern Med, 2002).]

Evidence-based Practice Centers-Related Articles

McKeown PP. Introduction: American College of Chest Physicians guidelines for the prevention and management of postoperative atrial fibrillation after cardiac surgery. Chest 2005 Aug; 128(2 Suppl):6S-8S. [Cites AHRQ Evidence Report/Technology Assessment, Management of New Onset Atrial Fibrillation, 2001.]

In the Literature (Commonwealth Fund)
Advising patients about patient safety: current initiatives risk shifting responsibility. In Literature (Commonw Fund) 2005 Sep; 10. [Reviews findings from article by Entwhistle, et al. (Jt Comm J Qual Patient Saf, 2005), citing AHRQ Evidence Report/Technology Assessment, Making Healthcare Safer: A Critical Analysis of Current Patient Safety Practices, 2001.]

Research By Others Using AHRQ Data or Products

American Journal of Psychiatry
Olfson M, Gameroff MJ, Marcus SC, et al. National trends in hospitalization of youth with intentional self-inflicted injuries. Am J Psychiatry 2005 Jul; 162 (7):1328-35. [Uses 1990 and 2000 data from AHRQ's Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project (HCUP), Nationwide Inpatient Sample (NIS).]

Health Affairs
Hillestad R, Bigelow J, Bower A, et al. Can electronic medical record systems transform health care? Potential health benefits, savings, and costs. Health Aff 2005 Sep-Oct; 24(5):1103-17. [Uses Medical Expenditure Panel Survey (MEPS) data.]

Health Care Financing Review
Bann CM, Iannacchione VG, Sekscenski ES. Evaluating the effect of translation on Spanish speakers' ratings of Medicare. Health Care Financ Rev 2005 Summer; 26(4):51-65. [Uses English and Spanish versions of AHRQ's Consumer Assessment of Health Plans Study (CAHPS®) fee-for-service survey.]

Gifford EJ, Weech-Maldonado R, Short PF. Low-income children's preventive services use: implications of parents' Medicaid status. Health Care Financ Rev 2005 Summer; 26(4):81-94. [Uses 1996 MEPS data.]

Southern Economic Journal
Koc C. Health-specific moral hazard effects. South Econ J 2005 Jul; 72(1):98-118. [Uses 2000 MEPS data.]

Current as of September 2005


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