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Research Activities, March 2010, No. 355


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Feature Story

Poverty, race, and gender are all factors in the epidemic of severely obese children

Child/Adolescent Health

Venous thromboembolism is rare in young trauma patients, but a better understanding of its risk factors is needed

Patient Safety and Quality

Simulation training in the operating room improves competency for the entire operating room team
One patient safety indicator may offer a glimpse at a hospital's overall safety record
Pain management in emergency departments has improved but can still be better

Chronic Disease

Wellness education and physical therapy improve health and functioning of persons with multiple sclerosis
Primary care organizational characteristics are linked to the self-management behaviors of patients with diabetes

Pharmaceutical Research

Clinicians should be cautious when prescribing one class of diabetes drugs for patients at high risk for heart attack
Beta blockers are underused in patients receiving implantable cardioverter defibrillators
Antidepressants may help some HIV patients stick to their complex medication regimens

Disparities/Minority Health

Lower socioeconomic status in childhood linked to racial differences in disability during adulthood
Creating networks to provide social support for the homeless may improve health outcomes
Inner-city minority adults with chronic asthma are more likely to take inhaled medicine if they believe in its benefits
Increasing the number of coronary angiography facilities led to a reduction in racial disparities in New Jersey
Neighborhood demographics play a role in access to health care for immigrant and U.S.-born Mexican Americans
Advantage of high survival rates among low-weight black infants has waned over time

Elderly/Long-Term Care

Octogenarians fare well after aortic valve replacements
Nursing home studies focus on the costs of staff turnover rates and selective admission of patients

Health Care Workforce

Job, family, and other factors play a role in nurses quitting their jobs and how much they work

Health Information Technology

Hospital discharge software slightly boosts patient and outpatient physician satisfaction

Agency News and Notes

Task force recommends screening children and adolescents for obesity
Colorectal cancer screening still underused
More than half of all hospital procedures are outpatient
Prescription drug purchases increase for digestive problems
Medicare pays for nearly half of rural hospital stays
Two-thirds of State and local government workers get their health plans from their employers


AHRQ releases 2007 hospital emergency department data
AHRQ and the American College of Cardiology collaborate on study of implantable cardioverter defibrillators
AHRQ introduces new online technical tutorial series with first module on HCUP sample design

Research Briefs

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