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Research Activities May 2012, No. 381

May 2012, No. 381


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Feature Story

Curricular modules teach budding pharmacists how to engage patients with low health literacy
From the Director

Comparative Effectiveness Research

Muscle training effective in treating urinary incontinence for women
Extended use of medications to prevent blood clots may benefit patients after major orthopedic surgery
Research review finds support for some off-label uses of atypical antipsychotic medications
Medications for low bone density prevent fractures in women with osteoporosis

Patient Safety and Quality

Trauma centers vary in screening for deep vein thrombosis
Leapfrog survey may not accurately report use of safe practices in trauma centers
Lower complications are seen after laparoscopic kidney removal
Dissemination and implementation of clinical trial results are needed to encourage recommended practices

Health Information Technology

Electronic health records improve nursing care, coordination, and patient safety
Older, busier clinicians who see complex patients are more likely to use novel electronic health record (EHR) functions
Rural health care providers in California look to telehealth to supply the training needed to manage childhood obesity
Clinical inertia may represent good clinical judgment in hypertension telemanagement
Health information exchange can save money by reducing admissions from the emergency department

Health Care Costs and Financing

Affordable Care Act likely to create uncertainties in Medicaid enrollment, costs, and physician workforce needs

Chronic Disease

Study outlines factors associated with untreated diabetes
Teenage body size does not predict heart failure in older adults

Disparities/Minority Health

Sex-related health differences associated with income and marital status
Modeling inequalities helps to develop cervical cancer screening strategies that can improve outcomes and reduce disparities

Access to Care

Children whose parents lack a usual source of care are more likely to have unmet medical needs

Child/Adolescent Health

Children's hospitals are pressed to capacity by response to pandemic outbreaks
Kidney-sparing surgery for children with renal tumors has equivalent in-hospital results to kidney removal surgery
Annual screening for malignancy among children with spina bifida with cystoplasty unlikely to be cost effective
Increased child hospitalizations are associated with the mother's mental state and confidence in parenting
Children with special health care needs with disabilities have greater unmet health care needs than those without disabilities

Agency News and Notes

Consumers choose "high-value" health care providers when given combined cost and quality information
Only 75 percent of HIV patients stay in care


New clinician and consumer research summaries on treatment-resistant depression available
New AHRQ resource helps communities connect those at risk to health care services

Research Briefs

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