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3/20/12Six in 10 Obese Adults Have Joint Pain
3/7/12Hospital Readmission Rates Higher for Chronic Conditions
1/25/12Hospital Stays Involving C. difficile Infections Leveled Off After 300 Percent Increase Since 1993
1/12/12Most Health Care Costs Incurred by Few Americans
12/14/11Bronchitis and Asthma Most Commonly Treated Conditions Among Children
12/1/11Cost of Hospitalization Highest Among the Nonelderly
11/9/11More Seniors Getting Pneumonia Shots, But Some Lag Behind
11/3/11Knee Replacements Up Dramatically Among Adults 45 to 64 Years Old
10/27/11Heart Disease, Cancer and Trauma-Related Disorders Among the Most Costly Conditions for Men
10/19/11Expenditures for Chronic Pain Care for Women at Nearly $13 Billion in 2008
10/12/11Children's Use of Asthma Controller Drugs Doubles
10/6/11Blood Infections Most Costly Hospital Care in 2009
9/28/11One in Four Americans Treated for Hypertension
9/14/11Hospital Readmissions for COPD Highest Among Black Patients
9/8/11Hospitalizations for Eating Disorders Declined, but Big Increase Seen in Pica Disorder
9/1/11More Than 20,000 Emergency Room Visits for Air and Paintball Gun Injuries in 2008
8/25/11Hospital Deaths from Heart Failure Cut by Half Over Seven Years
8/10/11Hospitalizations for Children with Influenza and Skin Infections Increased in the Last Decade
8/4/11Arizona and Maryland See Great Drop in In-Hospital Deaths From Pneumonia
7/28/11Drug Expenses for Children With Asthma More Than Doubled in 10 Years
7/21/11Heart Disease, Cancer and Mental Disorders Among the Most Costly Conditions for Women
7/14/11How Much Do Employees Pay for Health Care Coverage? Depends on Where They Live
6/29/11Black Children More Likely to Be Hospitalized for Severe Asthma Attacks
6/22/11Who Paid More Than 10 Percent of Their Family Income for Medical Expenses?
6/16/11Six of Every 10 Rural Emergency Departments Visits Made by Poor Patients
6/8/11Employees' Share of Health Plan Premium Costs Up Dramatically
6/2/11Readmissions in 30 Days Account for up to a Quarter of Hospital Stays in Adult Medicaid Patients
5/25/11School-Age Children Treated Most Often for Sports-Related Concussions
5/19/11Most American Women Experience Complications During Delivery
5/12/11More Rural Americans Treated in Emergency Departments for Eye Injuries
5/4/11Over 3 Million Look to Hospitals for Headache Relief, Particularly for Migraines
4/28/11Use of Episiotomy and Forceps During Childbirth Down, C-Section Rates Up
4/20/11Hospital Outpatient Care Represents More Than 20 Percent of all Ambulatory Care Costs in U.S.
4/13/11Medication Side Effects, Injuries, Up Dramatically
4/7/11Uninsured Hospital Stays Surged from 2003 to 2008
3/30/11Diabetes Testing Among Poor, Minority, and Inner-City Adults Plummets
3/23/11Colorectal Cancer Screening for Most, But Not All, Americans
3/16/11Hospital Charges Surpass Trillion Dollar Mark
3/9/11Dramatic Increase Seen in Patients Going from Hospitals to Home Care
3/3/11One in Four U.S. Adults Reported Having High Blood Pressure in 2008
2/23/11Spending for Prescriptions to Control Cholesterol and Diabetes Exceeds $52 Billion
2/16/11Patients' Income and Where They Live Influence Hospitalization for Chronic Lung Disease
2/9/11Almost 4 Million Adults Reported Being Treated for Kidney Disease Each Year Between 2003 and 2007
2/2/11Aching Back Sends More Than 3 Million to Emergency Departments
1/26/11Approximately 5 Percent of Seniors Report One or More Cognitive Disorders
1/19/11Growth in Medicaid Patient Hospital Admissions Outpace Those for Privately Insured Patients
1/12/11One-Fifth of the U.S. Population Has No Doctor or Other Usual Source of Medical Care
1/5/11The Number of U.S. Adults Treated for Diabetes More Than Doubled Between 1996 and 2007
12/22/10More than One in Five Hospital Patients in 2008 Were Born in 1933 or Earlier
12/15/10One in 16 Women Hospitalized for Childbirth Has Diabetes
12/8/10U.S. Employers Lost Nearly 3 Weeks of Work per Employee Due to Sick Days
12/1/10Hospital Admissions for Dog Bites Increase 86 Percent Over a 16-Year Period
11/18/10Rates of Hospital Emergency Department Use Greater Among Women and Low-Income, Older, and Rural Americans
11/10/10Dental Bills High in California
11/3/10Four Million Hospital Admissions Potentially Unnecessary
10/27/10Older Americans Getting Pneumonia Shots but Not Enough
10/20/10Stroke Survival Greater for Men Than Women After Hospital Treatment
10/13/10Hospital Charges for 1 in 20 Hospital Stays Averaged $18,000 per Day
9/29/10Prostate Cancer Deaths Drop, But Blacks Still Most Likely To Die
9/23/10Potentially Avoidable Hospitalizations High Among Patients Eligible for Medicare and Medicaid
9/20/10Diabetes Pills Use Up—Insulin Use Down
9/9/10Most Public Hospitals Are in Rural Areas
9/1/10Oregon and Vermont Show Fewest Hospitalizations for Children With Asthma
8/25/10Health Care-Associated Infections Greatly Increase the Length and Cost of Hospital Stays
8/18/10Potentially Avoidable Hospitalizations for Heart Failure Lowest in Mountain States
8/13/10Treating Americans With Diabetes Cost Hospitals $83 Billion
8/4/10Heart Bypass Surgery Death Rates Drop Sharply
7/28/10Price Tag for Treating Back Problems Now Totals $30.5 Billion
7/20/10Cost of Family Coverage Provided by Employers 1.5 Times More in 2009 Than in 2000
7/14/10Use of Physical Restraint in Nursing Homes Cut by Half in 8 Years
7/8/10Mental Disorders and/or Substance Abuse Related to One of Every Eight Emergency Department Cases
6/30/10Blacks Hospitalized for High Blood Pressure Five Times More Often Than Whites
6/23/10Employees in Small Businesses Are More Likely to Have High-Premium Health Plans
6/16/10Men Shy Away from Routine Medical Appointments
6/9/10Cost of Hospital Treatment for Blood Infection Surges, Especially for Uninsured Patients
6/3/10Deaths from Complications Drop, Disparities Remain
5/26/10One in Four Patients Experienced Revolving-Door Hospitalizations
5/20/10Hospital Heart Attack Deaths Plummet
5/12/10Screening Women for Osteoporosis Up Dramatically
5/5/10Disparities Widen in the Use of Asthma Medications
4/29/10The Scale Has Barely Moved for Healthy Eating Advice from Doctors
4/20/10Black Children Hospitalized More Often for Ruptured Appendix
4/14/10For 1 in 10 Medicaid Patients, It's Back to the Hospital in Less Than a Month
4/8/10More Adults With Diabetes Are Getting Flu Shots
3/31/10Hospital Charges For the Uninsured Up Substantially
3/25/10Why Women Are Admitted to the Hospital
3/18/10Treating Blood Infections Tops Annual Hospital Cost Increases
3/10/10Cholesterol and Diabetes Lead Drug Spending for the Elderly
3/4/10Patients Admitted to Hospitals on a Weekend Wait for Major Procedures
2/24/10Two-Thirds of State and Local Government Workers Get Their Health Plans From Their Employers
2/17/10More Than Half of All Hospital Procedures Are Done Outpatient
2/4/10Prescription Drug Purchases Increase for Treatment of Digestive Conditions
1/28/10Medicare Pays Almost Half of Rural Hospital Stays
1/20/10One in 13 U.S. Adults Who Needed to See a Specialist Reported Access to Be a "Big Problem"
1/13/10Emergency Departments Treat 3.5 Million Crash Victims a Year
12/15/09Potentially Avoidable Hospitalizations for Many Conditions Drop Dramatically for Seniors
12/9/09Prescription Drug Expenses Increase for American Adults Age 18-44
12/2/09Hospital Costs for Bone Marrow Transplants, Other Common Procedures Up Sharply
11/19/09Two-Thirds of People with Diabetes Miss Some or All Critically Important Exams
11/12/09The United States Spends Nearly $1 Billion on Blood-Thinners for Adults
11/4/09Patient Deaths in Hospitals Cost Nearly $20 Billion
10/29/09Georgians and Ohioans Pay Less for Dental Care than the National Average
10/15/09Health Care Spending Increases for Middle-Age Americans
10/7/09Falls Send More Than Two Million Seniors to Hospital Emergency Departments
10/1/09Childbirth and Deliveries Are Becoming More Complicated
9/24/09Blood Transfusions More Than Double Since 1997
9/16/09Coronary Artery Disease, Heart Attack, and Stroke Hospitalizations Down Significantly
9/9/09Treating Aging Baby Boomers Cost Hospitals $56 Billion
9/2/09Premiums for Some Family Plans Cost $20,000 or More
8/26/09Per Capita Health Care Spending for Seniors Has Increased by Nearly a Third
8/19/09Patients Increasingly Leaving Hospitals Against Medical Advice
8/13/09Uninsurance Among Full-Time, Low-Income Workers Jumped in a Decade
8/5/09Heart Conditions, Cancer, Trauma-related Disorders, Mental Disorders, and Asthma Were the Five Most Costly Conditions in 1996 and 2006
7/30/09Four in 10 Emergency Department Visits Billed to Public Insurance
7/22/09Family Insurance Premiums Topped $12,000 a Year in 2008
7/17/09Osteoporosis-Linked Fractures Rise Dramatically
7/9/09Health Care Spending for Obese U.S. Adults Rose More Than 80 Percent From 2001 to 2006
7/1/09Sports Injuries Caused 1 in 5 Emergency Department Visits for Kids
6/24/09For Many Young Adults, No Health Insurance, No Regular Doctor
6/17/09Childbirth Injuries Fall Sharply but More Could Be Prevented
6/4/09Minorities, Poor Find Communicating With Doctors More Difficult
5/27/09Hospitalization of the Poor Much Higher for Asthma, Diabetes, Other Potentially Preventable Diseases
5/21/09About Two in Three Publicly Insured Adults Under Age 65 Have One or More Chronic Conditions
5/13/09Keeping Diabetes Under Control Still Elusive for Many Americans
5/7/09Nearly 25 Million U.S. Women Treated for High Blood Pressure
4/29/09More Than 4 Million Potentially Preventable Admissions Cost Hospitals Nearly $31 Billion
4/22/09Mental Disorders Among Most Costly Conditions in Children
4/15/09Repeat C-Sections Climb by More Than 40 Percent in 10 Years
4/8/09Medicare Outpatient Prescription Drug Spending Jumped From $5.9 Billion to $44.3 Billion Between 2005 and 2006
4/1/09Eating Disorders Sending More Americans to the Hospital
3/25/09Treating Heart Ailments Costs $78 Billion
3/19/09Colorectal Cancer Hospitalization Rates Highest in the Elderly
3/11/09Uninsured Americans With Asthma Less Likely To Take Daily Preventive Medicine
3/4/09Northeast U.S. Has Most Brain Cancer Hospitalization
2/25/09Hospital Outpatient Department and Office-Based Provider Visits for High Cholesterol and Other Conditions Soar in a Decade
2/15/09Hospital Admissions and Bills Rising for Uninsured Americans
2/12/09Spending on Outpatient Prescription Pain Medicines Has Tripled in 10 Years
2/4/09Metabolic and Four Other Drug Categories Dominate Spending on Prescription Medicines
1/29/09Winter Weather Hospitalizes Thousands; Kills Hundreds
1/14/09Hospitals Spend Less for Patients in Medicare Advantage than for Patients in Fee-For-Service Medicare
1/7/09Nearly 11 Million Americans Have Individual Health Insurance Policies, But Some Only for a Short Time
Current as of November 2013
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