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New York

Child Health Extramural Research by State and Country

Principal Investigator: Bird, Betty
Title: Creating an Evidence Base for Vision Rehabilitation*
Institution: Lighthouse International, New York, NY
Project Dates: 09/30/04-08/31/07
Project No.: UC1 HS015052
Summary: This study will (1) provide training to staff to use best-practice protocols; (2) install electronic vision rehabilitation record at three non-profit vision rehabilitation agencies; (3) determine, build, and pilot the electronic interface between government providers agencies, private rehabilitation agencies and primary care providers; (4) validate the system's logic and predictive ability; and (5) construct and populate a national benchmarking database with outcome-measurement data from pilot sites, thereby developing the first vision rehabilitation evidence base for best treatment practice. Minorities and persons ranging from six months to over 100 years will be included in this study.

Principal Investigator: Blair, John
Title: Taconic Health Information Network and Community (THINC)*
Institution: Taconic IPA, Fishkill, NY
Project Dates: 09/30/04-09/29/07
Project No.: UC1 HS015316
Summary: The physician independent practice association (IPA) will add a healthcare portal to the existing community-wide electronic data exchange in area hospitals and laboratories to allow use of the current electronic messaging system and migration to a full electronic medical record (EMR). The EMR will include a clinical decision support system and patient registries designed to significantly improve the quality, safety, and efficiency of healthcare. The evaluation will compare a control group consisting of physicians with paper-based offices, the current group of physicians using the clinical electronic messaging system, and the group of physicians using the full electronic medical record. The patient population includes women, men, minorities, children, and the elderly.

Principal Investigator: Blustein, Jan
Title: Health of Grandparents Raising Their Grandchildren*
Institution: New York University, New York, NY
Project Dates: 06/01/02-05/31/03
Project No.: R03 HS11747
Summary: This study will examine the following issues: (1) What is the impact of grandparents' care-giving on grandparent health status, health behaviors, and healthcare utilization patterns; (2) How do these impacts differ for grandparents heading households with different family configurations, i.e., split generation and three-generation households; and (3) To what extent can these impacts be mitigated by the availability of tangible and social resources?

Principal Investigator: Bonuck, Karen A.
Title: Economic Impact of Breast-Feeding Promotion Intervention
Institution: Montefiore Medical Center, Bronx, NY
Project Dates: 09/01/00-11/30/03
Project No.: R18 HS10900
Summary: This randomized controlled trial at two community health centers will compare the benefits of pre- and post-natal breast-feeding promotions to child health care costs, breast-feeding practices, and child care outcomes. The researchers hypothesize that the economic benefits of intensive breast-feeding promotion interventions will exceed the economic costs of providing such interventions.

Principal Investigator: Campbell, Thomas
Title: Racial Differences in Physician-Patient Communication
Institution: University of Rochester, Rochester, NY
Project Dates: 09/30/03-09/29/04
Project No.: R03 HS13223
Summary: This study will examine differences in the tone of voice of physicians when they talk with white compared to black adolescents. Previously collected audiotapes of interviews occurring during a preventive health visit will be analyzed. Forty interviews between a white primary care physician and black adolescents will be randomly selected and individually matched to two interviews between the same physician and 2 white adolescents, creating 80 matched black/white pairs for analysis. Identifying clinically significant differences in physicians' nonverbal communication with black patients compared to white patients will help to understand and address racial disparities in the quality of health care communication.

Principal Investigator: Chassin, Mark
Title: Developing and Validating Quality Measures for Children
Institution: Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, New York, NY
Project Dates: 09/30/00-08/31/04
Project No.: R01 HS10302
Summary: This study is designed to develop and validate measures of quality to assess the appropriateness of the use of tympanostomy tubes in children.

Principal Investigator: Chassin, Mark R.
Title: Improving the Delivery of Effective Care to Minorities
Institution: Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, New York, NY
Project Dates: 09/30/00-08/31/04
Project No.: P01 HS10859
Summary: This program project grant includes a project on Assessing Variations in the Management of Prematurity, in which vital statistics from Manhattan will be used to determine the relationship between newborn ethnicity, obstetric, and NICU volumes of the hospital of birth.

Principal Investigator: Corrado, Melissa
Title:First National Summit on Primary Care Emergency Preparedness—February, 2007 (New York, NY)*
Institution: Primary Care Development Corporation, New York, NY
Project Dates: 09/30/06-09/29/07
Project No.: R13 HS016593
Summary: This summit seeks to increase the emergency preparedness level of primary care sites and facilitate their integration into local and regional emergency response planning. The conference will serve as a national forum to: (1) discuss the preparedness level of primary care (PC) centers across the Nation; (2) share best practices and innovative strategies for improving preparedness levels and response capabilities; (3) convene stakeholders to identify roles; and (4) set the agenda for preparedness on the local, state, and national levels. Participants will include PC providers, hospital emergency planners, school-based emergency planners, ambulatory care network administrators, and others.

Principal Investigator: Crain, Ellen
Title: Improving EMS for Children Through Outcomes Research—March 30-April 1, 2001 (Reston, VA)
Institution: Jacobi Hospital, Bronx, NY
Project Dates: 01/01/01-12/31/01
Project No.: R13 HS10942
Summary: The Ambulatory Pediatric Association (APA) Conference introduced young pediatric emergency medicine investigators to important concepts in outcomes research; review measures that exist; determine the applicability of these measures to pediatric emergency medicine research; identify where new measures are needed; and promote dialogue between health service researchers from other disciplines and pediatric emergency medicine.

Principal Investigator: Fairbanks, Rollin
Title: The Emergency Department (ED) Pharmacist as a Safety Measure in Emergency Medicine*
Institution: University of Rochester, Rochester, NY
Project Dates: 07/01/05-06/30/07
Project No.: U18 HS15818
Summary: This project will implement and optimize a formal Emergency Department Pharmacist Program (EDP); study the effects of this safe practice intervention in three high risk populations—children, the elderly, and the critically ill; and develop and disseminate a comprehensive toolkit to facilitate implementation of an EDP in EDs at other institutions. This study will include racial and ethnic groups in the city and suburbs surrounding Rochester, NY.

Principal Investigator: Fiscella, Kevin
Title: The Impact of HMOs on Disparities*
Institution: University of Rochester, Rochester, NY
Project Dates: 09/30/02-09/29/05
Project No.: R01 HS10910
Summary: This project will (1) assess the scope and magnitude of racial/ethnic and socioeconomic disparities in HMOs, and (2) develop an age, sex, and case-mix adjusted utilization and quality measures that examine racial/ethnic disparities in preventive care, satisfaction, change in health status, use of expensive hospital-based procedures, and avoidable hospital complications and mortality.

Principal Investigator: Fiscella, Kevin
Title: Using Census Data to Monitor Care to Vulnerable Groups
Institution: Highland Hospital of Rochester, Rochester, NY
Project Dates: 09/30/99-09/29/01
Project No.: R01 HS10295
Summary: This study will attempt to develop a series of practical, clinically relevant indicators that are sensitive to differences in quality of care provided to socioeconomically vulnerable populations, and determine the extent to which socioeconomic measures based on census data account for disparities in the quality of care provided to African-American and Hispanic patients. Includes children, but is not entirely child-focused.

Principal Investigator: Goldberg Arnold, Renee J.
Title: Web-Enabled Asthma Application for Personalized Medical Communication
Institution: Pharmacon International, Inc., New York, NY
Project Dates: 09/30/01-03/31/02
Contract Number: 290-01-0025
Summary: The purpose of this study is to develop an integrated medical system that facilitates communication between physicians and asthma patients. The system will enhance compliance with therapeutic regimens and enable self-management through peak flow monitoring. The project proposes to make the integrated technological system appropriate for children under six and their parents.

Principal Investigator: Holland, Margaret Langford
Title: Mechanisms Linking Child Health Care Use and Maternal Depression
Institution: University of Rochester Medical Center, Community and Public Health Department, Rochester, NY
Project Dates: 09/30/08-02/28/10
Project No.: R36-HS017737
Summary: This dissertation research focuses on how maternal depression, which is prevalent among low-income minority women, is associated with increased use of problem-oriented child health care services, including sick-child visits, emergency department (ED) visits, and hospitalizations. Mothers will be interviewed during pregnancy and at the child's ages of 36 weeks, 6 months, 12 months, and 24 months. Medical records for the children, up to 24 months of age, will be collected. All analyses will be risk-adjusted for children's chronic conditions and birthweight. Understanding the specific mechanisms between maternal depression and child health care use will allow for the design of more successful interventions, resulting in more efficient use of health care resources and healthier families.

Principal Investigator: Klein, Jonathan
Title: Smoking Cessation in Pediatric Practice; Phase I
Institution: University of Rochester, Rochester, NY
Project Dates: 09/30/03-09/29/04
Project No.: R03 HS14418
Summary: This study will conduct: (1) pilot procedures for recruitment and randomization of Pediatrics Research in Office Settings (PROS) practices; (2) field trial/pilot PROS practitioner cessation counseling and practices' enrollment of adolescent patients; (3) Assess the feasibility of pediatric clinician referral of adolescent patients to internet-based adjuncts for smoking cessation. This study will develop methods for future larger scale studies and will provide an understanding of the process of implementing adolescent smoking cessation in primary care practice. This study will include Hispanic and black children and youth 14-19 years of age.

Principal Investigator: Kodjo, Cheryl
Title: Barriers to Mental Health Services for Adolescents
Institution: University of Rochester, Rochester, NY
Project Dates: 03/22/02-03/31/03
Project No.: HRSA-240-97-0043
Summary: This project will describe: (1) the prevalence of self-reported depressive symptoms among adolescents; (2) the trends in utilization, perceived barriers to care, and insurance coverage for adolescents; and (3) the association between sociodemographics, severity of depressive symptoms, perceived barriers to health care, and access to psychological counseling.

Principal Investigator: Larson, Elaine
Title: Conference on Translational Research for Quality Health—April 7-9, 2005*
Institution: The Trustees of Columbia University, New York, NY
Project Dates: 03/15/05-03/14/06
Project No.: R13 HS15760
Summary: This conference provided a forum for dissemination of conceptual papers and original research that presented exemplars of translational research and developed a thematic focus on (1) the role of health services research, informatics, economic analysis, and risk communication as a means to facilitate the translation of research into practice and policy; and (2) vulnerable and underserved populations such as immigrants, prisoners, children, urban poor, and those with HIV/AIDS. Dissemination plans included a supplement to the Journal, Nursing Research, with the proceedings posted on the Eastern Nursing Research Society Web site (, and on the Columbia University Nursing Department Web site (

Principal Investigator: Markenson, David
Title: Pediatric Disaster Preparedness and Response Conference—January/February 2003 (Washington, D.C.)
Institution: Columbia University, New York, NY
Project Dates: 09/30/02-06/03/03
Project No.: R13 HS92545
Summary: This conference will develop consensus recommendations, delineate research methodologies and define a research on the needs of children in disasters. The goal is to build a coalition of experts and professional organizations from the fields of pediatrics, disaster planning, emergency medicine, emergency response, trauma, and mental health.

Principal Investigator: McConnochie, Kenneth M.
Title: Valuation of Primary Care-Integrated Telehealth
Institution: University of Rochester, Rochester, NY
Project Dates: 09/30/04-09/29/07
Project No.: R01 HS015165
Summary: Using a Health-e-Access telehealth model, primary care clinicians in 9 practices will evaluate children in 9 schools and 13 child care programs in designated geographic areas. The first study will focus on the impact of telehealth on utilization and cost at the level of child programs (childcare, schools) and on individual children using a before-after design with historical and concurrent controls. The second study will assess integration in primary care, for example by measuring the impact on continuity of care, adherence to well-child visit schedules, and immunization rates. This project will include Hispanic/Latino, Asian, and Black/African American children.

Principal Investigator: McConnochie, Kenneth M.
Title: Efficacy and Reliability of Telemedicine in Routine Pediatric Practice
Institution: University of Rochester, School of Medicine and Dentistry, Rochester, NY
Project Dates: 09/01/00-08/31/01
Project No.: R01 HS10753
Summary: The specific aim of this study is to assess the reliability and efficacy of telemedicine for common, acute complaints of children presenting to the emergency department or primary care office settings. Hypotheses will be assessed using a dual-evaluation crossover study designs.

Principal Investigator: Senturia, Yvonne
Title: Testing a New Measure of Quality of Asthma Care
Institution: Jacobi Medical Center, Bronx, NY
Project Dates: 09/30/02-12/31/03
Project No.: R03 HS13081
Summary: This study will test the feasibility and validity of a new measure on quality of asthma care for poor inner-city children with asthma, and the Asthma Visit Questionnaire to assess the quality of asthma care in primary care settings.

Principal Investigator: Szilagyi, Peter
Title: New York's SCHIP: What Works for Vulnerable Children
Institution: University of Rochester, Rochester, NY
Project Dates: 09/30/99-09/29/02
Project No.: R01 HS10450
Summary: This evaluation will measure: (1) SCHIP enrollees' experience with access, utilization, and quality, by structural health features (insurance plan type, provider factors, geography, and patient characteristics, including special needs children); (2) SCHIP selection efforts; (3) continuity of insurance (including crowdout); and (4) two aspects of community impact.

Principal Investigator: Tanski, Susanne
Title: Characteristics of Smoking Parents: Insights to Engage Pediatricians and Improve Tobacco Interventions to Parents
Institution: University of Rochester, Rochester, NY
Project Dates: 04/28/03-12/31/04
Project No.: 03R000173
Summary: This study aims to better define the roles of pediatricians in improving the quality and quantity of counseling and other intervention practices around issues of tobacco use. Data from the National Health Interview Survey will be used to determine the demographic, health and health care utilization characteristics of smoking parents and their children, compared to parents who do not smoke and their children.

Principal Investigator: Webber, Mayris
Title: Asthma School Initiative: Evaluating 3 Models of Care
Institution: Montefiore Medical Center, New York, NY
Project Dates: 09/01/99-08/31/02
Project No.: R18 HS10136
Summary: This research will use children's functional status, school days missed, and resource use to evaluate the impact of expanding primary care delivery to use school-based health centers (SBHCs) for the care of asthma.

Principal Investigator: Yoos, Hannelore
Title: Barriers to Anti-Inflammatory Use in Childhood Asthma
Institution: University of Rochester, Rochester, NY
Project Dates: 03/01/00-02/28/01
Project No.: R03 HS10689
Summary: The aims of this study are to identify parental belief barriers to appropriate anti-inflammatory drug use for childhood asthma and to develop a survey instrument that may be useful in both research and health care settings to identify at risk populations and circumstances.

Principal Investigator: Yussman, Susan
Title: Ethnic Differences in Complementary and Alternative Medicine Use Among Older US Adolescents
Institution: University of Rochester Medical Center, Rochester, NY
Project Dates: 02/15/04-12/31/04
Project No.: 04R000101
Summary: The aims of this study are to: (1) describe and compare the prevalence of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) use among a nationally representative population of older adolescents including Hispanics, Asians, African-Americans and whites; (2) determine the impact of age, gender, region of the US, education level, financial status, access to allopathic medical care, and health status on CAM use by these adolescents; and (3) compare the prevalence of CAM use among subgroups of Hispanic older adolescents including Mexican-American, Chicano, Cuban, Puerto Rican, and Central/South American populations.

Principal Investigator: Zandieh, Stephanie
Title: Disparities in Medication Errors and Adverse Drug Events in Children
Institution: Weill Cornell Medical Center, New York, NY
Project Dates: 06/05/06-01/31/07
Project No.: HHSP233200600468P
Summary: This study will attempt to determine if there are ethnic/racial socioeconomic, linguistic, or educational disparities in rates of medication errors, near misses, and preventable adverse drug events (ADEs) occuring in the pediatric ambulatory care setting. The study will use a subset of data collected by a research group at the Brigham and Women's Hospital for another, larger study that describes the epidemiology and prevention of medication errors and ADEs in the pediatric ambulatory care setting.

*Project includes children or children's health care issues but does not focus exclusively on children.

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