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Pediatric Planned Procedure Codes

ICD-9-CM Codes and Code Descriptions for Planned Procedures

AHRQ is requesting comments from interested parties on an algorithm for identifying pediatric planned procedures.

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ICD-9-CM Procedure Code Description
0013Injection Or Infusion Of Nesiritide
0050Implantation Of Cardiac Resynchronization Pacemaker Without Mention Of Defibrillation,
Total System [Crt-P]
0051Implantation Of Cardiac Resynchronization Defibrillator, Total System [Crt-D]
0052Implantation Or Replacement Of Transvenous Lead [Electrode] Into Left Ventricular
Coronary Venous System
0053Implantation Or Replacement Of Cardiac Resynchronization Pacemaker Pulse Generator
Only [Crt-P]
0054Implantation Or Replacement Of Cardiac Resynchronization Defibrillator Pulse Generator
Only [Crt-D]
0065Percutaneous Insertion Of Intracranial Vascular Stent(S)
0070Revision Of Hip Replacement, Both Acetabular And Femoral Components
0071Revision Of Hip Replacement, Acetabular Component
0072Revision Of Hip Replacement, Femoral Component
0073Revision Of Hip Replacement, Acetabular Liner And/Or Femoral Head Only
0074Hip Bearing Surface, Metal-On-Polyethylene
0075Hip Bearing Surface, Metal-On-Metal
0076Hip Bearing Surface, Ceramic-On-Ceramic
0077Hip Bearing Surface, Ceramic-On-Polyethylene
0080Revision Of Knee Replacement, Total (All Components)
0081Revision Of Knee Replacement, Tibial Component
0082Revision Of Knee Replacement, Femoral Component
0083Revision Of Knee Replacement, Patellar Component
0084Revision Of Total Knee Replacement, Tibial Insert (Liner)
0085Resurfacing Hip, Total, Acetabulum And Femoral Head
0086Resurfacing Hip, Partial, Femoral Head
0087Resurfacing Hip, Partial, Acetabulum
0111Closed [Percutaneous] [Needle] Biopsy Of Cerebral Meninges
0112Open Biopsy Of Cerebral Meninges
0113Closed [Percutaneous] [Needle] Biopsy Of Brain
0114Open Biopsy Of Brain
0115Biopsy Of Skull
0118Other Diagnostic Procedures On Brain And Cerebral Meninges
0119Other Diagnostic Procedures On Skull
0120Cranial Implantation Or Replacement Of Neurostimulator Pulse Generator
0121Incision And Drainage Of Cranial Sinus
0122Removal Of Intracranial Neurostimulator Lead(S)
0123Reopening Of Craniotomy Site
0129Removal Of Cranial Neurostimulator Pulse Generator
0132Lobotomy And Tractotomy
0141Operations On Thalamus
0142Operations On Globus Pallidus
0151Excision Of Lesion Or Tissue Of Cerebral Meninges
0153Lobectomy Of Brain
0159Other Excision Or Destruction Of Lesion Or Tissue Of Brain
016Excision Of Lesion Of Skull
0201Opening Of Cranial Suture
0204Bone Graft To Skull
0205Insertion Of Skull Plate
0206Other Cranial Osteoplasty
0214Choroid Plexectomy
0231Ventricular Shunt To Structure In Head And Neck
0232Ventricular Shunt To Circulatory System
0233Ventricular Shunt To Thoracic Cavity
0234Ventricular Shunt To Abdominal Cavity And Organs
0235Ventricular Shunt To Urinary System
0293Implantation Or Replacement Of Intracranial Neurostimulator Lead(S)
0295Removal Of Skull Tongs Or Halo Traction Device
0302Reopening Of Laminectomy Site
0309Other Exploration And Decompression Of Spinal Canal
031Division Of Intraspinal Nerve Root
0321Percutaneous Chordotomy
0329Other Chordotomy
0332Biopsy Of Spinal Cord Or Spinal Meninges
0339Other Diagnostic Procedures On Spinal Cord And Spinal Canal Structures
034Excision Or Destruction Of Lesion Of Spinal Cord Or Spinal Meninges
0359Other Repair And Plastic Operations On Spinal Cord Structures
036Lysis Of Adhesions Of Spinal Cord And Nerve Roots
0371Spinal Subarachnoid-Peritoneal Shunt
0393Implantation Or Replacement Of Spinal Neurostimulator Lead(S)
0394Removal Of Spinal Neurostimulator Lead(S)
0395Spinal Blood Patch
0401Excision Of Acoustic Neuroma
0402Division Of Trigeminal Nerve
0404Other Incision Of Cranial And Peripheral Nerves
0406Other Cranial Or Peripheral Ganglionectomy
0412Open Biopsy Of Cranial Or Peripheral Nerve Or Ganglion
0419Other Diagnostic Procedures On Cranial And Peripheral Nerves And Ganglia
042Destruction Of Cranial And Peripheral Nerves
0492Implantation Or Replacement Of Peripheral Neurostimulator Lead(S)
0493Removal Of Peripheral Neurostimulator Lead(S)
0499Other Operations On Cranial And Peripheral Nerves
050Division Of Sympathetic Nerve Or Ganglion
0511Biopsy Of Sympathetic Nerve Or Ganglion
0519Other Diagnostic Procedures On Sympathetic Nerves Or Ganglia
0523Lumbar Sympathectomy
0524Presacral Sympathectomy
0525Periarterial Sympathectomy
0529Other Sympathectomy And Ganglionectomy
0589Other Operations On Sympathetic Nerves Or Ganglia
0609Other Incision Of Thyroid Field
0611Closed [Percutaneous] [Needle] Biopsy Of Thyroid Gland
0612Open Biopsy Of Thyroid Gland
0613Biopsy Of Parathyroid Gland
0619Other Diagnostic Procedures On Thyroid And Parathyroid Glands
062Unilateral Thyroid Lobectomy
0631Excision Of Lesion Of Thyroid
0639Other Partial Thyroidectomy
064Complete Thyroidectomy
0650Substernal Thyroidectomy, Not Otherwise Specified
0651Partial Substernal Thyroidectomy
0652Complete Substernal Thyroidectomy
066Excision Of Lingual Thyroid
067Excision Of Thyroglossal Duct Or Tract
0681Complete Parathyroidectomy
0689Other Parathyroidectomy
0691Division Of Thyroid Isthmus
0692Ligation Of Thyroid Vessels
0693Suture Of Thyroid Gland
0700Exploration Of Adrenal Field, Not Otherwise Specified
0701Unilateral Exploration Of Adrenal Field
0702Bilateral Exploration Of Adrenal Field
0711Closed [Percutaneous] [Needle] Biopsy Of Adrenal Gland
0712Open Biopsy Of Adrenal Gland
0713Biopsy Of Pituitary Gland, Transfrontal Approach
0714Biopsy Of Pituitary Gland, Transsphenoidal Approach
0715Biopsy Of Pituitary Gland, Unspecified Approach
0716Biopsy Of Thymus
0717Biopsy Of Pineal Gland
0719Other Diagnostic Procedures On Adrenal Glands, Pituitary Gland, Pineal Gland, And Thymus
0721Excision Of Lesion Of Adrenal Gland
0722Unilateral Adrenalectomy
0729Other Partial Adrenalectomy
073Bilateral Adrenalectomy
0741Incision Of Adrenal Gland
0742Division Of Nerves To Adrenal Glands
0743Ligation Of Adrenal Vessels
0744Repair Of Adrenal Gland
0745Reimplantation Of Adrenal Tissue
0749Other Operations On Adrenal Glands, Nerves, And Vessels
0751Exploration Of Pineal Field
0752Incision Of Pineal Gland
0753Partial Excision Of Pineal Gland
0754Total Excision Of Pineal Gland
0759Other Operations On Pineal Gland
0761Partial Excision Of Pituitary Gland, Transfrontal Approach
0762Partial Excision Of Pituitary Gland, Transsphenoidal Approach
0763Partial Excision Of Pituitary Gland, Unspecified Approach
0764Total Excision Of Pituitary Gland, Transfrontal Approach
0765Total Excision Of Pituitary Gland, Transsphenoidal Approach
0768Total Excision Of Pituitary Gland, Other Specified Approach
0769Total Excision Of Pituitary Gland, Unspecified Approach
0771Exploration Of Pituitary Fossa
0772Incision Of Pituitary Gland
0779Other Operations On Hypophysis
0780Thymectomy, Not Otherwise Specified
0781Other Partial Excision Of Thymus
0782Other Total Excision Of Thymus
0783Thoracoscopic Partial Excision Of Thymus
0784Thoracoscopic Total Excision Of Thymus
0791Exploration Of Thymus Field
0792Other Incision Of Thymus
0793Repair Of Thymus
0795Thoracoscopic Incision Of Thymus
0798Other And Unspecified Thoracoscopic Operations On Thymus
0799Other And Unspecified Operations On Thymus
0809Other Incision Of Eyelid
0811Biopsy Of Eyelid
0820Removal Of Lesion Of Eyelid, Not Otherwise Specified
0821Excision Of Chalazion
0822Excision Of Other Minor Lesion Of Eyelid
0823Excision Of Major Lesion Of Eyelid, Partial-Thickness
0824Excision Of Major Lesion Of Eyelid, Full-Thickness
0825Destruction Of Lesion Of Eyelid
0831Repair Of Blepharoptosis By Frontalis Muscle Technique With Suture
0832Repair Of Blepharoptosis By Frontalis Muscle Technique With Fascial Sling
0833Repair Of Blepharoptosis By Resection Or Advancement Of Levator Muscle Or Aponeurosis
0834Repair Of Blepharoptosis By Other Levator Muscle Techniques
0835Repair Of Blepharoptosis By Tarsal Technique
0836Repair Of Blepharoptosis By Other Techniques
0837Reduction Of Overcorrection Of Ptosis
0838Correction Of Lid Retraction
0842Repair Of Entropion Or Ectropion By Suture Technique
0843Repair Of Entropion Or Ectropion With Wedge Resection
0844Repair Of Entropion Or Ectropion With Lid Reconstruction
0849Other Repair Of Entropion Or Ectropion
0859Other Adjustment Of Lid Position
0861Reconstruction Of Eyelid With Skin Flap Or Graft
0862Reconstruction Of Eyelid With Mucous Membrane Flap Or Graft
0869Other Reconstruction Of Eyelid With Flaps Or Grafts
0870Reconstruction Of Eyelid, Not Otherwise Specified
0871Reconstruction Of Eyelid Involving Lid Margin, Partial-Thickness
0872Other Reconstruction Of Eyelid, Partial-Thickness
0873Reconstruction Of Eyelid Involving Lid Margin, Full-Thickness
0874Other Reconstruction Of Eyelid, Full-Thickness
0891Electrosurgical Epilation Of Eyelid
0892Cryosurgical Epilation Of Eyelid
0893Other Epilation Of Eyelid
0899Other Operations On Eyelids
090Incision Of Lacrimal Gland
0911Biopsy Of Lacrimal Gland
0912Biopsy Of Lacrimal Sac
0920Excision Of Lacrimal Gland, Not Otherwise Specified
0921Excision Of Lesion Of Lacrimal Gland
0922Other Partial Dacryoadenectomy
093Other Operations On Lacrimal Gland
0941Probing Of Lacrimal Punctum
0942Probing Of Lacrimal Canaliculi
0943Probing Of Nasolacrimal Duct
0944Intubation Of Nasolacrimal Duct
0949Other Manipulation Of Lacrimal Passage
0951Incision Of Lacrimal Punctum
0952Incision Of Lacrimal Canaliculi
0953Incision Of Lacrimal Sac
0959Other Incision Of Lacrimal Passages
0981Dacryocystorhinostomy [Dcr]
0983Conjunctivorhinostomy With Insertion Of Tube Or Stent
0991Obliteration Of Lacrimal Punctum
0999Other Operations On Lacrimal System
10Operations On Conjunctiva
101Other Incision Of Conjunctiva
102Diagnostic Procedures On Conjunctiva
1021Biopsy Of Conjunctiva
1031Excision Of Lesion Or Tissue Of Conjunctiva
1032Destruction Of Lesion Of Conjunctiva
1041Repair Of Symblepharon With Free Graft
1042Reconstruction Of Conjunctival Cul-De-Sac With Free Graft
1043Other Reconstruction Of Conjunctival Cul-De-Sac
1044Other Free Graft To Conjunctiva
1049Other Conjunctivoplasty
109Other Operations On Conjunctiva
1091Subconjunctival Injection
1099Other Operations On Conjunctiva
11Operations On Cornea
111Incision Of Cornea
1122Biopsy Of Cornea
113Excision Of Pterygium
1132Excision Of Pterygium With Corneal Graft
1139Other Excision Of Pterygium
114Excision Or Destruction Of Tissue Or Other Lesion Of Cornea
1141Mechanical Removal Of Corneal Epithelium
1143Cryotherapy Of Corneal Lesion
1149Other Removal Or Destruction Of Corneal Lesion
1160Corneal Transplant, Not Otherwise Specified
1161Lamellar Keratoplasty With Autograft
1162Other Lamellar Keratoplasty
1163Penetrating Keratoplasty With Autograft
1164Other Penetrating Keratoplasty
1169Other Corneal Transplant
119Other Operations On Cornea
1199Other Operations On Cornea
12Operations On Iris, Ciliary Body, Sclera, And Anterior Chamber
121Iridotomy And Simple Iridectomy
1211Iridotomy With Transfixion
1212Other Iridotomy
1214Other Iridectomy
1222Biopsy Of Iris
123Iridoplasty And Coreoplasty
1231Lysis Of Goniosynechiae
1232Lysis Of Other Anterior Synechiae
1233Lysis Of Posterior Synechiae
1234Lysis Of Corneovitreal Adhesions
1239Other Iridoplasty
124 Excision Or Destruction Of Lesion Of Iris And Ciliary Body
1240Removal Of Lesion Of Anterior Segment Of Eye, Not Otherwise Specified
1241Destruction Of Lesion Of Iris, Nonexcisional
1242Excision Of Lesion Of Iris
1243Destruction Of Lesion Of Ciliary Body, Nonexcisional
1244Excision Of Lesion Of Ciliary Body
125Facilitation Of Intraocular Circulation
1252Goniotomy Without Goniopuncture
1253Goniotomy With Goniopuncture
1254Trabeculotomy Ab Externo
1259Other Facilitation Of Intraocular Circulation
1264Trabeculectomy Ab Externo
1265Other Scleral Fistulization With Iridectomy
1266Postoperative Revision Of Scleral Fistulization Procedure
1267Insertion Of Aqueous Drainage Device
1269Other Scleral Fistulizing Procedure
127Other Procedures For Relief Of Elevated Intraocular Pressure
1274Diminution Of Ciliary Body, Not Otherwise Specified
1279Other Glaucoma Procedures
1285Repair Of Scleral Staphyloma With Graft
1286Other Repair Of Scleral Staphyloma
1287Scleral Reinforcement With Graft
1288Other Scleral Reinforcement
1293Removal Or Destruction Of Epithelial Downgrowth From Anterior Chamber
1297Other Operations On Iris
1298Other Operations On Ciliary Body
13Operations On Lens
1319Other Intracapsular Extraction Of Lens
132Extracapsular Extraction Of Lens By Linear Extraction Technique
133Extracapsular Extraction Of Lens By Simple Aspiration (And Irrigation) Technique
1341Phacoemulsification And Aspiration Of Cataract
1342Mechanical Phacofragmentation And Aspiration Of Cataract By Posterior Route
1343Mechanical Phacofragmentation And Other Aspiration Of Cataract
1351Extracapsular Extraction Of Lens By Temporal Inferior Route
1359Other Extracapsular Extraction Of Lens
1364Discission Of Secondary Membrane [After Cataract]
1365Excision Of Secondary Membrane [After Cataract]
1366Mechanical Fragmentation Of Secondary Membrane [After Cataract]
1369Other Cataract Extraction
1370Insertion Of Pseudophakos, Not Otherwise Specified
1371Insertion Of Intraocular Lens Prosthesis At Time Of Cataract Extraction, One-Stage
1372Secondary Insertion Of Intraocular Lens Prosthesis
138Removal Of Implanted Lens
139Other Operations On Lens
1390Operation On Lens, Not Elsewhere Classified
14Operations On Retina, Choroid, Vitreous, And Posterior Chamber
142Destruction Of Lesion Of Retina And Choroid
1421Destruction Of Chorioretinal Lesion By Diathermy
1422Destruction Of Chorioretinal Lesion By Cryotherapy
1426Destruction Of Chorioretinal Lesion By Radiation Therapy
1427Destruction Of Chorioretinal Lesion By Implantation Of Radiation Source
1429Other Destruction Of Chorioretinal Lesion
1432Repair Of Retinal Tear By Cryotherapy
1434Repair Of Retinal Tear By Laser Photocoagulation
1435Repair Of Retinal Tear By Photocoagulation Of Unspecified Type
1439Other Repair Of Retinal Tear
1441Scleral Buckling With Implant
1449Other Scleral Buckling
1451Repair Of Retinal Detachment With Diathermy
1452Repair Of Retinal Detachment With Cryotherapy
1454Repair Of Retinal Detachment With Laser Photocoagulation
1455Repair Of Retinal Detachment With Photocoagulation Of Unspecified Type
1459Other Repair Of Retinal Detachment
146Removal Of Surgically Implanted Material From Posterior Segment Of Eye
1471Removal Of Vitreous, Anterior Approach
1474Other Mechanical Vitrectomy
1475Injection Of Vitreous Substitute
15Operations On Extraocular Muscles
1501Biopsy Of Extraocular Muscle Or Tendon
151Operations On One Extraocular Muscle Involving Temporary Detachment From Globe
1511Recession Of One Extraocular Muscle
1512Advancement Of One Extraocular Muscle
1513Resection Of One Extraocular Muscle
1519Other Operations On One Extraocular Muscle Involving Temporary Detachment From Globe
152Other Operations On One Extraocular Muscle
1521Lengthening Procedure On One Extraocular Muscle
1522Shortening Procedure On One Extraocular Muscle
1529Other Operations On One Extraocular Muscle
153Operations On Two Or More Extraocular Muscles Involving Temporary Detachment From
Globe, One Or Both Eyes
154Other Operations On Two Or More Extraocular Muscles, One Or Both Eyes
155Transposition Of Extraocular Muscles
156Revision Of Extraocular Muscle Surgery
159 Other Operations On Extraocular Muscles And Tendons
16Operations On Orbit And Eyeball
1601Orbitotomy With Bone Flap
1602Orbitotomy With Insertion Of Orbital Implant
1609Other Orbitotomy
1623Biopsy Of Eyeball And Orbit
1631Removal Of Ocular Contents With Synchronous Implant Into Scleral Shell
1639Other Evisceration Of Eyeball
1641Enucleation Of Eyeball With Synchronous Implant Into Tenon's Capsule With Attachment
Of Muscles
1642Enucleation Of Eyeball With Other Synchronous Implant
1649Other Enucleation Of Eyeball
1651Exenteration Of Orbit With Removal Of Adjacent Structures
1652Exenteration Of Orbit With Therapeutic Removal Of Orbital Bone
1659Other Exenteration Of Orbit
1661Secondary Insertion Of Ocular Implant
1662Revision And Reinsertion Of Ocular Implant
1663Revision Of Enucleation Socket With Graft
1664Other Revision Of Enucleation Socket
1665Secondary Graft To Exenteration Cavity
1666Other Revision Of Exenteration Cavity
1669Other Secondary Procedures After Removal Of Eyeball
1671Removal Of Ocular Implant
1672Removal Of Orbital Implant
1691Retrobulbar Injection Of Therapeutic Agent
1692Excision Of Lesion Of Orbit
1693Excision Of Lesion Of Eye, Unspecified Structure
1698Other Operations On Orbit
1699Other Operations On Eyeball
1731Laparoscopic Multiple Segmental Resection Of Large Intestine
1732Laparoscopic Cecectomy
1733Laparoscopic Right Hemicolectomy
1734Laparoscopic Resection Of Transverse Colon
1735Laparoscopic Left Hemicolectomy
1736Laparoscopic Sigmoidectomy
1739Other Laparoscopic Partial Excision Of Large Intestine
1751Implantation Of Rechargeable Cardiac Contractility Modulation [Ccm], Total System
1752Implantation Or Replacement Of Cardiac Contractility Modulation [Ccm] Rechargeable
Pulse Generator Only
18Operations On External Ear
1802Incision Of External Auditory Canal
1809Other Incision Of External Ear
1812Biopsy Of External Ear
1819Other Diagnostic Procedures On External Ear
1821Excision Of Preauricular Sinus
1829Excision Or Destruction Of Other Lesion Of External Ear
1831Radical Excision Of Lesion Of External Ear
1839Other Excision Of External Ear
185Surgical Correction Of Prominent Ear
186Reconstruction Of External Auditory Canal
1871Construction Of Auricle Of Ear
189Other Operations On External Ear
19Reconstructive Operations On Middle Ear
190Stapes Mobilization
1911Stapedectomy With Incus Replacement
1919Other Stapedectomy
1921Revision Of Stapedectomy With Incus Replacement
1929Other Revision Of Stapedectomy
193Other Operations On Ossicular Chain
1952Type Ii Tympanoplasty
1953Type Iii Tympanoplasty
1954Type Iv Tympanoplasty
1955Type V Tympanoplasty
196Revision Of Tympanoplasty
199Other Repair Of Middle Ear
2001Myringotomy With Insertion Of Tube
2009Other Myringotomy
201Removal Of Tympanostomy Tube
202Incision Of Mastoid And Middle Ear
2021Incision Of Mastoid
2022Incision Of Petrous Pyramid Air Cells
2023Incision Of Middle Ear
203Diagnostic Procedures On Middle And Inner Ear
2032Biopsy Of Middle And Inner Ear
2039Other Diagnostic Procedures On Middle And Inner Ear
2041Simple Mastoidectomy
2042Radical Mastoidectomy
2049Other Mastoidectomy
2051Excision Of Lesion Of Middle Ear
2059Other Excision Of Middle Ear
206Fenestration Of Inner Ear
2061Fenestration Of Inner Ear (Initial)
2062Revision Of Fenestration Of Inner Ear
207Incision, Excision, And Destruction Of Inner Ear
2079Other Incision, Excision, And Destruction Of Inner Ear
208Operations On Eustachian Tube
2092Revision Of Mastoidectomy
2093Repair Of Oval And Round Windows
2095Implantation Of Electromagnetic Hearing Device
2096Implantation Or Replacement Of Cochlear Prosthetic Device, Not Otherwise Specified
2097Implantation Or Replacement Of Cochlear Prosthetic Device, Single Channel
2098Implantation Or Replacement Of Cochlear Prosthetic Device, Multiple Channel
2099Other Operations On Middle And Inner Ear
21Operations On Nose
2107Control Of Epistaxis By Excision Of Nasal Mucosa And Skin Grafting Of Septum And Lateral
Nasal Wall
2122Biopsy Of Nose
2129Other Diagnostic Procedures On Nose
213Local Excision Or Destruction Of Lesion Of Nose
2130Excision Or Destruction Of Lesion Of Nose, Not Otherwise Specified
2131Local Excision Or Destruction Of Intranasal Lesion
2132Local Excision Or Destruction Of Other Lesion Of Nose
214Resection Of Nose
215Submucous Resection Of Nasal Septum
2161Turbinectomy By Diathermy Or Cryosurgery
2162Fracture Of The Turbinates
2169Other Turbinectomy
2171Closed Reduction Of Nasal Fracture
2172Open Reduction Of Nasal Fracture
2182Closure Of Nasal Fistula
2183Total Nasal Reconstruction
2184Revision Rhinoplasty
2185Augmentation Rhinoplasty
2186Limited Rhinoplasty
2187Other Rhinoplasty
2188Other Septoplasty
2189Other Repair And Plastic Operations On Nose
2199Other Operations On Nose
22Operations On Nasal Sinuses
2200Aspiration And Lavage Of Nasal Sinus, Not Otherwise Specified
2201Puncture Of Nasal Sinus For Aspiration Or Lavage
2202Aspiration Or Lavage Of Nasal Sinus Through Natural Ostium
2211Closed [Endoscopic] [Needle] Biopsy Of Nasal Sinus
2212Open Biopsy Of Nasal Sinus
2219Other Diagnostic Procedures On Nasal Sinuses
222Intranasal Antrotomy
2231Radical Maxillary Antrotomy
2239Other External Maxillary Antrotomy
2241Frontal Sinusotomy
2242Frontal Sinusectomy
2250Sinusotomy, Not Otherwise Specified
2253Incision Of Multiple Nasal Sinuses
2260Sinusectomy, Not Otherwise Specified
2261Excision Of Lesion Of Maxillary Sinus With Caldwell-Luc Approach
2262Excision Of Lesion Of Maxillary Sinus With Other Approach
2271Closure Of Nasal Sinus Fistula
2279Other Repair Of Nasal Sinus
229Other Operations On Nasal Sinuses
2301Extraction Of Deciduous Tooth
2309Extraction Of Other Tooth
231Surgical Removal Of Tooth
2311Removal Of Residual Root
2319Other Surgical Extraction Of Tooth
232Restoration Of Tooth By Filling
234Other Dental Restoration
2341Application Of Crown
2349Other Dental Restoration
236Prosthetic Dental Implant
2370Root Canal, Not Otherwise Specified
2371Root Canal Therapy With Irrigation
2372Root Canal Therapy With Apicoectomy
24Other Operations On Teeth, Gums, And Alveoli
240Incision Of Gum Or Alveolar Bone
241Diagnostic Procedures On Teeth, Gums, And Alveoli
2411Biopsy Of Gum
2412Biopsy Of Alveolus
2419Other Diagnostic Procedures On Teeth, Gums, And Alveoli
243Other Operations On Gum
2431Excision Of Lesion Or Tissue Of Gum
2439Other Operations On Gum
244Excision Of Dental Lesion Of Jaw
246Exposure Of Tooth
247Application Of Orthodontic Appliance
248Other Orthodontic Operation
2491Extension Or Deepening Of Buccolabial Or Lingual Sulcus
2499Other Dental Operations
25Operations On Tongue  
2502Open Biopsy Of Tongue
2509Other Diagnostic Procedures On Tongue
251Excision Or Destruction Of Lesion Or Tissue Of Tongue
252Partial Glossectomy
253Complete Glossectomy
254Radical Glossectomy
2591Lingual Frenotomy
2592Lingual Frenectomy
2599Other Operations On Tongue
260Incision Of Salivary Gland Or Duct
2611Closed [Needle] Biopsy Of Salivary Gland Or Duct
2612Open Biopsy Of Salivary Gland Or Duct
2621Marsupialization Of Salivary Gland Cyst
2629Other Excision Of Salivary Gland Lesion
2630Sialoadenectomy, Not Otherwise Specified
2631Partial Sialoadenectomy
2632Complete Sialoadenectomy
2642Closure Of Salivary Fistula
2649Other Repair And Plastic Operations On Salivary Gland Or Duct
2699Other Operations On Salivary Gland Or Duct
271Incision Of Palate
2721Biopsy Of Bony Palate
2722Biopsy Of Uvula And Soft Palate
2723Biopsy Of Lip
2724Biopsy Of Mouth, Unspecified Structure
2729Other Diagnostic Procedures On Oral Cavity
2731Local Excision Or Destruction Of Lesion Or Tissue Of Bony Palate
2732Wide Excision Or Destruction Of Lesion Or Tissue Of Bony Palate
2741Labial Frenectomy
2742Wide Excision Of Lesion Of Lip
2743Other Excision Of Lesion Or Tissue Of Lip
2749Other Excision Of Mouth
2753Closure Of Fistula Of Mouth
2754Repair Of Cleft Lip
2755Full-Thickness Skin Graft To Lip And Mouth
2761Suture Of Laceration Of Palate
2762Correction Of Cleft Palate
2763Revision Of Cleft Palate Repair
2764Insertion Of Palatal Implant
2769Other Plastic Repair Of Palate
2772Excision Of Uvula
2791Labial Frenotomy
2792Incision Of Mouth, Unspecified Structure
2811Biopsy Of Tonsils And Adenoids
282Tonsillectomy Without Adenoidectomy
283Tonsillectomy With Adenoidectomy
284Excision Of Tonsil Tag
285Excision Of Lingual Tonsil
286Adenoidectomy Without Tonsillectomy
2892Excision Of Lesion Of Tonsil And Adenoid
2899Other Operations On Tonsils And Adenoids
2912Pharyngeal Biopsy
292Excision Of Branchial Cleft Cyst Or Vestige
293Excision Or Destruction Of Lesion Or Tissue Of Pharynx
2931Cricopharyngeal Myotomy
2932Pharyngeal Diverticulectomy
2933Pharyngectomy (Partial)
2939Other Excision Or Destruction Of Lesion Or Tissue Of Pharynx
2952Closure Of Branchial Cleft Fistula
2953Closure Of Other Fistula Of Pharynx
2959Other Repair Of Pharynx
299Other Operations On Pharynx
2991Dilation Of Pharynx

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