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Table 1. SNAC-Recommended Initial Core Set of Children's Healthcare Quality Measures, SNAC Priority Score

Rank by SNAC Priority Score, and, By Legislative Measurement Category, September 17-18, 2009

Internal AHRQ/SN AC Control #Legislative Topic Area / Subtopic/Brief Measure LabelSNAC Priority Score*Ranking by SNAC priority score*
Prevention And Health Promotion
PHP-2Frequency of ongoing prenatal care (NCQA measure)542
PHP-1Timeliness of prenatal care (NCQA measure)439
PHP-26A% of live births weighing less than 2,500 grams4310
PHP-38Cesarean Rate for Low-risk First Birth Women2816
PHP-5Immunizations for 2 year-olds (NCQA measure)631
PHP-6Adolescent immunization (NCQA revised for 2010)457
PHP-19ABody Mass Index (BMI) documentation 2 - 18 year olds (NCQA measure)524
PHP-33Rates of screening using standardized screening tools for potential delays in social and emotional development4311
PHP-12Chlamydia screening 16-20 year-old females (NCQA measure)3014
Well-Child Care
PHP-9Well-Child Visits (WCV)-three NCQA measures: 1) WCVs in the First 15 months of life; 2) WCVs in the third, fourth, fifth and sixth years of life; 3) Adolescent WCV505
PHP-43Total eligibles receiving preventive dental services  (EPSDT measure Line 12B)496
Management Of Acute Conditions
Upper Respiratory -- Appropriate Use of Antibiotics
AC-2Pharyngitis - appropriate testing (NCQA measure)2018
AC-17Otitis Media with Effusion - avoidance of inappropriate use of systemic antimicrobials2018
AC-3Total EPSDT eligibles who received dental treatment services (EPSDT CMS Form 416 Line 12C)2617
AC-10Emergency Department Utilization - Average number of emergency room visits per member per reporting period542
AC-4Pediatric catheter associated blood stream infection rates (PICU and NICU)2617
Management Of Chronic Conditions
CC-19Annual number of asthma patients (> 1 year-old) with > 1 asthma related ER visit (S/AL Medicaid Program)533
CC-2Follow-up care for children prescribed attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) (Medication Continuation and Maintenance Phase – NCQA measure)3912
Mental Health
CC-29Child and adolescent Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) - suicide risk assessmen3613
CC-5Follow up after hospitalization for mental illness (NCQA measure)3314
CC-13Annual hemoglobin A1C testing (all children and adolescents diagnosed with diabetes)3613
Family Experiences Of Care
FEC-5 &1HEDIS CAHPS 4.0 including supplements for children with chronic conditions and Medicaid Plans448
FEC-6Use of Clinician & Group primary care CAHPS survey for practitioners participating in Medicaid and CHIP (CAHPS family of measures)2816
Availability Of Services
AS-2 (new label)Annual dental visit (NCQA measure)3613
AS-1Access to primary care practitioners, by age and total2816


* SNAC Voting and Calculation of Priority Scores: After deliberations and voting on day one of the September meeting, 31 measures remained under consideration. On day two, there were three rounds of voting where SNAC members could vote for their top 20 measures out of the 31 that remained. In round one, SNAC members voted for their top 10 measures; in round two their next 5 measures; and in round three their last 5 measures respectively. Measures voted for in the first round received 3 points per vote, measures voted for in the second round received 2 points per vote, and measures voted for in the third round received 1 point per vote. The Priority Score represents the total points assigned to that measure by SNAC members after three rounds of voting.

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