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Public Health Emergency Preparedness

This resource was part of AHRQ's Public Health Emergency Preparedness program, which was discontinued on June 30, 2011, in a realignment of Federal efforts.

This information is for reference purposes only. It was current when produced and may now be outdated. Archive material is no longer maintained, and some links may not work. Persons with disabilities having difficulty accessing this information should contact us at: Let us know the nature of the problem, the Web address of what you want, and your contact information.

Please go to for current information.

Appendix F.  Annual School Emergency Preparedness Summary Form

Make a copy of this blank form, as it will be needed for future years.

School: ___________________________



Number of students ______________

Number of staff ___________________

Number of students with mobility difficulties _________________

Number of staff with mobility difficulties ___________________

Number of wheelchairs _________ Is this sufficient? ___ yes  ___ no

Physical Plant

School has floor plans with clearly marked exits and utility shut-offs posted throughout the building ___ yes    ___ no

School has an area map with safe evacuation zone shown ___ yes    ___ no

There is limited access to the school building ___ yes  ___ no

Which doors are open during the school day? ________________________________

Swipe cards are used ___ yes    ___ no

Crisis Team (CT)

Staff PositionNameContact Numbers
Cell/Radio phone
Assistant Principal__________________________________________
Guidance Counselor(s)__________________________________________
Office Staff__________________________________________
Extended Day Director__________________________________________
Others __________________________________________

CT contact numbers are pre-programmed for all members ___ yes ___ no

CT has a regular meeting time ___ yes ___ no When is it? ____________

Crisis Team meeting place (Command Post)

In the school _____________________

Away from the building ___________________

School has prepared an emergency kit (s) ___ yes  ___ no

___ Flash lights

___ Radio

___ Cell phone/Radio phone

___ Parent contact numbers

___ Other

Designated responsibilities in the event of Emergency:

___ Emergency kit(s)_________________________________
___ Attendance (for students and staff)_________________________________
___ First aid _________________________________
___ Emergency medications_________________________________
___ Parent notification_________________________________
___ Media_________________________________
___ HVAC and utilities shut-off_________________________________

Annual crisis simulation (tabletop) exercise: Date: _____________________

Emergency Medical Response Team (EMRT)

   PersonContact Numbers
(cell/radio phone/walkie-talkie)
________________________ __________________________________
________________________ __________________________________
________________________ __________________________________
________________________ __________________________________
________________________ __________________________________


___ Has sub folder which includes Emergency Plan

___ Logs absences and illness daily

___ Has portable first aid kit(s)

___ Has portable emergency medical kit(s) with emergency medical cards

___ Has cell phone/radio phone number (s)__________________________


All staff are identified in some way ___ yes ___ no
How? ________________

All visitors are identified in some way ___ yes  ___ no
How? ________________

There is a policy regarding unidentified adults in the building ___ yes ___ no

Staff are informed of Emergency Plan ___ yes ___ no
Date: __________________________

Staff know evacuation/relocation protocol ___ yes ___ no

Know route(s) to relocation sites ___ yes  ___ no

(See Evacuation/Relocation plan for specific information)

Have practiced ___ yes ___ no
Date: __________________________

Staff know shelter-in-place protocol ___ yes   ___ no

Know designated area for particular grade level/class ___ yes   ___ no

(See shelter-in-place plan for specific information)

Have practiced  ___ yes ___ no 
Date: _____________________________

Staff know lockdown protocol   ___ yes  ___ no

Staff in open areas knows to which lockable rooms to go  ___ yes ___ no

(See Lockdown plan for specific information)

Have practiced ___ yes  ___ no
Date: __________________________

All classroom teachers have accessible emergency folders ___ yes  ___ no, which include:

___ Emergency Response Manual

___ School evacuation/relocation plan

___ Class list with multiple contact numbers for all families

___ Emergency medical forms

Classroom teachers have a kit to bring to relocation site with activities for students ___ yes  ___ no

Each classroom has room parents ___ yes ___ no

Each classroom has class phone trees which includes cell phone numbers ___ yes ___ no

Evacuation/Relocation Plan

Relocation site(s) is (are):

   Relocation siteGrade Levels
________________________ __________________________________
________________________ __________________________________
________________________ __________________________________

Staff are informed of walking routes to each site  ___ yes ___ no

___ Attach walking routes to each relocation site

Responsibility for "sweeping" areas of the building:

________________________ __________________________________
________________________ __________________________________
________________________ __________________________________
________________________ __________________________________
________________________ __________________________________

Responsibilities at each site:

Emergency Kit__________________________________________________________________
First Aid (EMRT)__________________________________________________________________
Emergency Medications__________________________________________________________________
Parent contact__________________________________________________________________

Communication between sites, with town EMTs, and central office:

Number of radio phones_____________ Grouped? ______________

Number of cell phones _________________

Person responsible _______________________________

System in place for communicating relocation to parents, e.g. voicemail message ___ yes ___ no

Plan has been communicated to parents ___ yes  ___ no
Date: __________________________

Relocation drill practiced with ___ staff or ___ staff and students:
Date: __________________________

Shelter-in-Place Plan: Recommended shelter-in-place location:_________

Staff have been informed of shelter-in-place protocol  ___ yes  ___ no
Date: __________________________

Staff know specific areas to which to bring students  ___ yes ___ no

      ___ Attach map of shelter-in-place location with designated areas

CT and EMRT Responsibilities during Shelter-in-Place:

Emergency Kit_________________________________
First Aid _________________________________
Emergency Medical Kit_________________________________
HVAC and Utility Shut-Off_________________________________
Parent Communication_________________________________
Communication with town and central office_________________________________

Plan has been communicated to parents  ___ yes ___ no
Date: ____________________

Shelter-in-place drill practiced  ___ staff only   ___ staff and students:
Date: ____________________

Lockdown Plan

Staff have been informed of lockdown protocol  ___ yes ___ no
Date: ____________________

Staff in open areas know of nearby lockable rooms  ___ yes  ___ no

   ___ Attach plan or fill in below:

Open AreasRooms to go to

Plan has been communicated to parents  ___ yes   ___ no
Date: ____________________

Lock-down drill practiced with ___ staff only   ___ staff and students:
Date: ____________________

After-School and Extended Day Programs

The people responsible for making emergency response decisions in the after-school programs in your building are: 

___________________________          ___________________________

___________________________          ___________________________

The particular needs of after-school programs are addressed in your school's Emergency Plan

___ yes  ___ no

The emergency protocols for your school, the evacuation/relocation, shelter-in-place, and lockdown plans, have been discussed with the Extended Day director and other administrators of after-school programs  ___ yes   ___ no

The Extended Day director has a copy of the School Emergency Response Manual ___ yes   ___ no

The Extended Day program has a complete emergency response kit   ___ yes  ___ no

Extended Day staff are trained in first aid and CPR ___ yes ___ no

Staff in the Extended Day programs and other after-school programs have cell phones or walkie-talkies to communicate with each other in case of emergency ___ yes  ___ no

The administrators of after-school programs know whom to contact in the town in case of a major emergency  ___ yes ___ no

The Extended Day and other after-school programs have a plan for communicating with all parents in case of a major emergency ___ yes  ___ no

All after-school staff have emergency contact numbers for all their students  ___ yes  ___ no

Communication with Town Emergency Management Team and Central Office

Met with town safety officer ___ yes ___ no
Date: ____________________

Radio phones and cell phones are charged ___ yes    ___ no

Radio phones are preprogrammed and grouped with town EMT ___ yes   ___ no

Radio phones are grouped with central office ___ yes  ___ no

Cell phones are preprogrammed to contact central office  ___ yes  ___ no

A copy of this summary has been sent to the central office  ___ yes  ___ no
Date: ____________________

Issues that still need to be addressed:


Signature of Principal __________________________ 

Date: ____________________

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