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Figure 3-22-28

Mistake-Proofing the Design of Health Care Processes -

Figure 3.22. Tent poles fold compactly

Photograph of segmented tent poles; when disassembled, the tent poles will fold compactly.

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Figure 3.23. Connecting the pull tab before use makes the box easier to open later

Close-up photograph of a hand pulling a pull tab to a open package.

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Figure 3.24. Cushion in advance

Photograph of a highway guard rail with a curved end to provide a 'crumple zone' and attenuate potential impacts.

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Figure 3.25. On these airplane wings, each element is capable of changing its position relative to the other element

Photograph of an aircraft wing, showing movable flaps.

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Figure 3.26. Pulsating action prevents damage to the soil

Photograph of a lawn sprinkler with pulsating spray.

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Figure 3.27. Rushing through

Photograph of man leaping through a flaming hoop.

Source: Photo courtesy of Kelly Moore Connors and Used with permission.

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Figure 3.28. Rocket parts are discarded when they are no longer useful

Illustration of rocket boosters separating from NASA Space Shuttle in space.

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