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Appendix D. Vision and Mission Statements

Developing a Community-Based Patient Safety Advisory Council

Appendix D. Vision and Mission Statements

Sample vision and mission statements and objectives for patient advisory councils follow.


A safe, compassionate, innovative health care community that listens, learns, and responds collaboratively with patients.


The patient safety council will implement a community partnership model for the purpose of developing innovative methods to improve medication safety.


  1. Develop tools for identification and dispensing of medications.
  2. Develop community awareness of the patient safety council through training and engaging the community.
  3. Improve senior resources.
  4. Develop a tool to help seniors understand why they take medications.
  5. Assemble data to identify the problems.
  6. Develop health care community awareness.
  7. Develop a medication tracking tool.
  8. Create a consent form identifying partners.
  9. Identify barriers, for both consumers and providers, to the safe use of medication.
  10. Conduct a survey of patients.
  11. Distribute focus group findings.
  12. Educate physicians, staff, and all health care providers.
  13. Research what material is currently available on this topic.
  14. Maintain credible means of measuring outcomes.

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