Tables 2-1 to 2-4

2008 Comparative Database Report

Table 2-1. Overall Statistics for the 2008 Database Participating Hospitals

Overall StatisticOld Submissions
Submitted for 2007 &
still included in 2008
New Submissions
Submitted for first
time for 2008
Submitted for
2007 & 20081
Total number of participating hospitals28413798519
Total number of individual survey respondents90,75348,52120,902160,176
Average number of completed surveys per hospital
Average hospital response rate54%50%57%54%

1 For resubmitting hospitals, only their most recent data was retained when reporting overall database benchmarks. Their data submitted for the Hospital Survey on Patient Safety Culture 2007 Comparative Database Report was compared to their more recently submitted data when examining trends over time.

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Table 2-2. Survey Administration Statistics

Survey Administration Mode2008 Database
2008 Database
Paper only24848%53,41633%
Web only14127%47,35430%
Both paper and Web13025%59,40637%

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Table 2-3. Average Hospital Response Rate by Mode

Survey Administration ModeAverage Hospital
Response Rate
Paper only60%
Web only44%
Both Web and paper52%

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Table 2-4. Types of Staff or Work Areas/Units Surveyed

Types of Staff or Work
Areas/Units Surveyed
2008 Database
2008 Database
All staff, or a sample of all staff, from all work areas/units36270%110,26469%
Selected staff only8617%23,92415%
Selected work areas/units only143%2,7432%
Selected staff and selected work areas/units5711%23,24515%

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