Table 7-10.

Types of Patient Safety Actions Taken by the 2009 Trending Hospitals

2009 Comparative Database Report

Type of Action Taken2009 Trending Hospitals*
Implemented SBAR Communication (Situation-Background-Assessment-Recommendation)9558%
Made changes to policies/procedures9256%
Implemented patient safety walkarounds8451%
Conducted training8149%
Improved compliance with Joint Commission National Patient Safety Goals6539%
Conducted chart audits6338%
Improved fall prevention program6238%
Took other action5936%
Conducted root cause analysis5835%
Improved error reporting system5433%
Purchased new hospital equipment5232%
Held education/patient safety fair for staff4829%
Formed a committee4225%
Conducted followup interviews/focus groups2918%
Implemented patient safety bulletin board/suggestion box/hotline2415%
Implemented "Ticket to Ride" communication tool to reduce handoff risk1912%
Developed action plans but have not implemented them yet1710%
Implemented patient safety briefings1610%
Implemented TeamSTEPPS85%

* Only 165 of the 204 trending hospitals provided information about patient safety actions they had taken.

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