Table 15. Composite-Level Minimum, Maximum, and Percentile Results

2010 Preliminary Comparative Results

Patient Safety Culture CompositesAverage % Positive% Positive Response
Min25th %ileMedian/50th %ile75th %ileMax
2Patient Care Tracking/Followup77%31%69%78%86%100%
3Organizational Learning74%23%67%75%84%100%
4Overall Perceptions of Patient Safety and Quality74%18%65%75%85%100%
5Staff Training72%15%61%73%83%100%
6Owner/Managing Partner/Leadership Support for Patient Safety67%15%56%68%79%100%
7Communication About Error67%17%57%67%75%100%
8Communication Openness65%21%54%64%77%100%
9Patient Safety and Quality Issues60%22%52%61%69%95%
10Office Processes and Standardization59%13%47%60%71%100%
11Information Exchange With Other Settings54%8%42%54%66%100%
12Work Pressure and Pace46%0%31%46%60%95%

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