Appendix A: Better Quality Information (BQI) Pilot Site Overview

Regional Coalition Collaboration Guide

Pilot Site CharacteristicsCenter for Health Information and Research-
Arizona State University
California Cooperative Healthcare Reporting InitiativeIndiana Health Information ExchangeMassachusetts Health Quality PartnersMinnesota Community MeasurementWisconsin
for Healthcare Quality
Founding Date1995119932004199520022002
  • To provide all health care stakeholders information that enables quality improvement activities at the policy and the practice levels.
  • To collect and report standardized, reliable health plan, and provider performance data.
  • To promote the use of accurate and comparable quality measures within health care.
  • To create efficiency in data collection, leading to reduced burden and cost to all participants.
  • To provide a source for expert advice to consumer reporting entities.
  • To use information technology and shared clinical information.
  • To improve the quality, safety, and efficiency of health care in the State of Indiana.
  • To create unparalleled research capabilities for health researchers.
  • To exhibit a successful model of health information exchange for the rest of the country.
  • To improve the quality of health care services delivered to the residents of Massachusetts through broad-based collaboration among health care stakeholders.
  • To accelerate the improvement of health by publicly reporting health care information.
  • To improve the quality of health care in the State of Wisconsin through the development and public reporting of a comprehensive range of health care performance measures.
Arizona providers, employers, health plans, a State university, and a community health organizationHealth care purchasers, plans, and providersInstitutions representing hospitals, providers, researchers, public health organizations, and economic development groupsPhysicians, hospitals, health plans, consumers, purchasers, and government agenciesHealth plans, medical groups, physicians, patients, employers, and othersPhysician groups, hospitals, health plans, integrated delivery systems, and business partners/purchasers
Maricopa County, Arizona, which has roughly 60% of the State's populationThe State of CaliforniaNine-county Indianapolis metropolitan statistical area, accounting for 26% of the State's populationThe Commonwealth of MassachusettsReport on over 100 primary provider groups, representing 700 clinics in Minnesota and bordering counties, covering roughly 90% of primary care delivered in the State. Beginning to report on specialty medical groups. Data sources include eight health plans and two county-based purchasing organizations.Individual clinics that make up the health systems in the collaborative, representing roughly 40% of the licensed physicians in Wisconsin
Implementation of Physician Performance Improvement EffortsPlanned19972004200320022004
Public Reporting
Currently not publicly reporting1994Pilot testing in 2006199520042003
Public Reporting LevelNot applicableHealth plan level
Physician group level for patient assessment survey results
Not applicableHospital level in 1998
Physician network in 2005
Medical group level for patient experience survey results in 2006
Medical group and on two measures at clinic site levelPhysician group
Current Reporting FrequencyNot applicableAnnualMonthlyAnnualAnnualAnnual

1 Arizona HealthQuery is not synonymous with St. Luke's Health Initiatives. Arizona HealthQuery began with funding from the Flinn Foundation, St. Luke's Health Initiatives' funding began approximately 4 years later.

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