Table 4.1. State diabetes disease management (DM) programs

Diabetes Care Quality Improvement: A Resource Guide for State Action

Table 4.1. State diabetes disease management (DM) programs

ColoradoIn 2002, Colorado partnered with Eli Lilly to fund a pilot program to improve access to quality care for beneficiaries with diabetes and schizophrenia.
DelawareIn 2003, the State passed a bill to create a task force to evaluate how implementing a statewide DM program could impact quality and cost.
FloridaFlorida's Disease Management Initiative program is 7 years old and covers a number of diseases including diabetes.
IllinoisIn 2003, Illinois authorized a pilot DM program to evaluate the effect DM has on health outcomes and costs.
IndianaIn Spring 2003, Indiana launched the Coordinated Care Management program to help Medicaid enrollees diagnosed with chronic conditions, including diabetes.
IowaIn 2003, Iowa authorized a pilot DM program for Medicaid beneficiaries suffering from a range of chronic conditions including diabetes.
KentuckyMedicaid managed care enrollees with diabetes are identified to receive services ranging from patient education to access to a 24-hour nurse hotline.
MaineMaine's new Dirigo Health Insurance Plan promotes DM along with disease prevention and quality improvement programs.
MarylandFrom 1991-1997 Maryland ran a Diabetes Care Program that provided DM services to Medicaid beneficiaries with diabetes. These services are now provided through the State's Medicaid managed care providers.
MississippiFor Medicaid beneficiaries with diabetes, Mississippi offers DM services including patient and provider education and case management.
MissouriMissouri's Disease State Management Program serves fee-for-service Medicaid enrollees with chronic conditions at-risk of negative health outcomes.
New JerseyThrough its Medicaid managed care programs, enrollees have access to DM services for a number of diseases including diabetes.
New MexicoNew Mexico requires Medicaid managed care providers to offer DM services to beneficiaries with chronic conditions. The 2003 law also directs the State to pilot a DM program for the fee-for-service population.
North CarolinaThrough its Medicaid managed care program — Carolina ACCESS — North Carolina provides case management services for enrollees with chronic diseases.
OregonOregon's DM program is targeted to save $1.5 million net in the first 6 months of operation.
South CarolinaSince 2001, South Carolina has offered an adult diabetes DM program through its Medicaid managed care program.
TexasRecently, Texas expanded its DM program to include fee-for-service Medicaid beneficiaries and enrollees in the State's children's health insurance program.
VirginiaIn 1997, Virginia's successful pilot DM program was expanded to incorporate other diseases, including diabetes.
WashingtonIn 2002, Washington rolled out a statewide DM program for Medicaid beneficiaries. In its first year, the diabetes program served 8,468 clients and is estimated to have saved the State $900,000.
West VirginiaThe West Virginia Health Initiative Project (WVHIP) works to promote evidence-based best practices in diabetes management.

Source: The Council of State Governments (CSG). This table is derived from a review of State and Federal Web sites and published literature on Medicaid disease management by CSG staff. Published source material included Brown and Matthews, 2003; Wheatley, 2001; Faulkner, 2003; NCSL, 2003, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2003b.

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