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Appendix C: Summary of Write-in Survey Responses by Respondent Type

Users of Public Reports of Hospital Quality: Who, What, Why, and How?

Note: Only questions with write-in responses are included below. Responses are recorded verbatim, with no edits or corrections, except to redact organizational names for privacy.

Patient Respondents

1) What best describes you? I am a:

DescriptionAll Web Sites
Patient (or I might become one)406100.0%

4) What was the primary purpose of your visit to the Web site today? To:

PurposeAll Web Sites
Choose the best hospital or compare hospitals5020.8%
See how good a specific hospital is5221.7%
Prepare for a talk with a doctor104.2%
Get information for my family or friends166.7%
Learn about a particular disease20.8%
Get practical information about a hospital104.2%
Find out how much one would have to pay at a hospital72.9%
General interest in Web site content93.8%

he "Other" category in the table includes the following answers from respondents:

#Text Entered
1Compare Doctors offices
2Find new provider/IPA
3[STATE AGENCY] update E-mail
4Become more informed as part of involvement in Health Incentives Program
5Compare doctors
6Directed to it—Quality Care
8Emergency pain relief
9File a complaint form or find out who to speak to for poor quality of care
10Find a new physician
11Find out about my doctor
12Get credit for healthy incentive requirement
13Health requirement
14How to efficiently find an internist with a second board certification
15Learn about infection rates
16Locate a doctor
17Look for electronic document delivery options
18Obtain primary care phy
19See how local clinics rate
20See how my doctor is rated
21See may doctor's rating—but they are not listed
22Serious complaint
24To complain about [FACILITY]
25[WEB SITE] requirement

6) Did you have other reasons (in addition to the primary reason above) for your visit today? To:

ReasonsAll Web Sites
Choose the best hospital for myself or compare hospitals3916.3%
See how good my hospital is4920.4%
Prepare for a talk with my doctor156.3%
Get information for my family and friends208.3%
Learn about a particular disease72.9%
Get practical information about a hospital (phone number, location)114.6%
Find out how much I would have to pay at a hospital20.8%
No, I had no other reason6727.9%

The "Other" category in the table includes the following answers from respondents:

#Text Entered
1Compare c-section rates
2Look for best clinic for colonoscopy
3Looking around
4Find c-section rate
5To try an understand/learn the coverage better so I can help by not being a over bearing patient
6Maternity care information
7To complain about [FACILITY]
8Check out your Web site as a future resource
9Healthy incentive program
10Fresearch Dr who provided care, obtain procedure to file complaint, obtain medical records to transfer
11Just to find out what kinds of information is available on both hospitals and doctors.

7) What medical conditions are you looking for information about today?

Medical ConditionAll Web Sites
Heart disease (for example, heart attacks or heart failure)5722.3%
Surgery (for example, hip or knee replacement, or gallbladder surgery)5119.9%
Obstetrics and gynecology (for example, having a baby)176.6%
Pediatric conditions62.3%
None of the above5923.0%

The "Other" category in the table includes the following answers from respondents:

#Text Entered
2Arthritis & Fibromyalgia/Cholesterol
3Hospital infections
4Irregular heart beat
6General Practitioners
10Saw the Web site in a news letter—thought I would check it out.
12Psychiatric outpatient
16Family Med; Foot
18Infection rates
19Knee x-ray
27General Practice/Gastroenterology
29Bowel obstruction and DVT
30Health care professional Ratings
32Diabetes, womens care
33Gestational diabetes
34Hernia surgery
36Graves disease

8) What types of information about hospital care are you looking for today?

Types of InformationAll Web Sites
How often complications or errors occur7830.5%
How often infections occur5923.0%
How patients rate their care (for example, how many patients would recommend the hospital)10340.2%
How often patients survive4316.8%
How often patients get the correct care (for example, how many stroke patients get the right medicine)7930.9%
None of the above4718.4%

The "Other" category in the table includes the following answers from respondents:

#Text Entered
4Vback rates
6What hours they were available
8Patient satisfaction
9Am I giving my Dr's the best or correct information to help them solve my problems?
10Insurances accepted
11Over riding doctors
14Finding blood clots before there are a problem, would of like to hear about the food served. I know that's shallow but I'm going to be in your care for days.
15What options are available in the delivery room, what the delivery room looks like
16Help in finding a good Dr. that treats Osteoporosis Patients. Right now I must travel to [HOSPITAL] and I am looking for a good local doctor.
18Stress test pricing
19All of the above
20How honest you are about patients complaints

10) Why are you unlikely to use the information to choose a hospital?

ReasonsAll Web Sites
I do not have a choice of a hospital1215.6%
I do not need to choose a hospital or change hospitals at this time2836.4%
The information provided is not specific to my personal health condition1722.1%
Other factors are more important in my decision making1114.3%
The information provided does not cover the specific hospital I want to know about45.2%
The information provided did not seem trustworthy45.2%
The information is confusing or difficult to understand2026.0%

The "Other" category in the table includes the following answers from respondents:

#Text Entered
1The contact number is incorrect
2Information was not specific enough, nor did it cover the kinds of conditions I was looking for
3A HMO patient
4Saw the Web site in a news letter—thought I would check it out.
5Need to visit site later
6Survey popped up BEFORE I cd get any info; IF yours is like [AGENCY]'s, then it's meaningless to me
7I have always chosen [HOSPITAL] because it is very close to home and is the best of the hospitals.
8No info on hospitals in my area
9Does not speak directly to doctor expertise

12) What additional information would make the Web site more useful? More information about:

Additional InformationAll Web Sites
How well the hospital treats my specific medical condition9035.9%
How well the hospital does my specific surgery or procedure7329.1%
How much I would pay5321.1%
Practical aspects of the hospital (for example, phone number, location)218.4%
Comments from people who have been patients at the hospital6525.9%
Hospitals that are not currently on the Web site218.4%
Individual doctors within a hospital9035.9%

The "Other" category in the table includes the following answers from respondents:

#Text Entered
1All hospitals in [CITY] are rated equally, so not helpful
2Wider variety of tests covered
3By age group—hospitals for children
4Compare hospitals
5Sharing confidence Is the Doctor hearing me Am I hearing the Doctor
6More doctors included
8More specific information about doctors expertise and results
9Alternatives to dispensing meds (e.g. asthma management)
10I loved the Web site, but I think there should be more info on what the delivery rooms are like would be helpful
13Include CNMs in the stats

13) What would make the Web site easier to use for you?

Suggested ImprovmentsAll Web Sites
Provide a different way of searching the Web site3012.0%
Provide a different way of sorting the results on the Web site4116.3%
Make the information easier to understand (for example, fewer technical terms)3413.5%
Make it easier to find the best hospital2911.6%
Require fewer clicks to get information that I want249.6%

The "Other" category in the table includes the following answers from respondents:

#Text Entered
1No improvement needed
2I had trouble finding the [NAME] hospital. There are too many different ways to say it, and zip code search retrieves too many hospitals.
4Better explanation of terms
5How hospitals compare
6More inclusive of medical profession
7List rated items differently
8Info on more conditions
9No changes necessary
10Compare to other hospitals in the area
11Too lengthy, confusing
12Just make it better all around
13Difficult to use and understand what to do to get info needed
14Type in questions not presented as options
15It's fine the way it is
16Instead of just saying all hospitals have infection rates that are similar, provide infection % rates for each hospital. Isn't that required by law?
17Update links

14) Please use this box to write any details about what would make this Web site more useful or easier for you to use.

#Text Entered
1This survey popped up BEFORE my 1st search had produced any results—so my responses could not be based on actual use of the site.2. I went here because [PROGRAM]'s [NAME] site appeared to review patient satisfaction rather than such quality measures as mortality, re-hospitalization, hospital-caused infections, or the much-praised "checklist" approach. I fear you don't do any of that, either. Although I of course don't know yet (see #1 above).3. Returning to the #1 issue above, it feels as if (1) your Web site is slow & (2) the delay I encountered may be attributable to my not having used the hospital name that's "official" or the one you use. Ick, alas.
2Just trying to find out whether a current graduate student might be able to get an internship for the summer.
3Being able to search
6A comprehensive list of the insurances accepted and which providers/specialists are accepting those types of insurances.
7Be able to type in doctor, facility or disease
8I was not able to find specifics about back surgery
9On the "Asthma medication" results, it is not at all clear what is being measured. Getting brownie points for prescribing meds is not a good performance measure when there are better management measures for many asthma patients. Good management of triggers, improved general health and avoiding meds are much better measures. I would never choose a medical practice based upon how many prescriptions they wrote for every day medication!
10I would like to be able to see ALL of the results at one time and not have to click from Prevention to Heart Disease to Diabetes, etc. Then be able to see multiple clinics against one another.
11Where do I go for help to find a local doctor that treats osteoporosis patients. My T-score is a -4.6. I am trying to stay strong and well.
12Please remember to tread lightly with these as one person can DESTROY a reputation online for no good or even verifiable reason. The general public doesn't say "I had a kidney with ureal ccm/co" or whatever I read, they say I had an MRI and urine screen to determine the cause of my kidney pain. I understand the need for specific terms usage, but general public language should take presidence.
13See comments above
14It doesn't seem terribly well-organized. It seems to me that someone could sit down and re-think the organizational hierarchy. I think sometimes people get trained by one Web site to look for information in a certain way and when others don't follow that basic structure, the site seems counter-intuitive to them. Also, it might be helpful to mention, from the get-go that you focus on hospital-based care. I was looking for information on individual physicians. It would be nice if you would cover say, out-patient clinics at hospitals, social services available to patients and then maybe one day, someone will tell me how to find things like: a physical therapist who specializes in hand therapy and whose office is within 1/4 mile of a bus stop. Then they would be really useful...
15Is the score the best or is the score the one that keeps it cheapest on my insurance company?
16While statewide average is useful, there should also be a metro average. And these could each be compared with an "average by facility size" to make it more meaningful. Comparison with smaller outstate facilities skews the results in the metro. It also might be useful to compare the metro with another facility such as the [NAME] in [CITY] because of its size.
17I would like to see more information on different conditions and the ways in which the hospital treats them. I suffered an AMI and conjestive heart failure, I need to know more. The information given was good but I need more since I am falling outside of the norm. I need to know why just one cause could put me in this shape.
18No mention of either of my specialty doctor office who have plenty of practitioners. Not good not bad not mentioned.
19Provide information about how hospitals are incorporating suggestions from organizations like the CDC, etc.
20Also was interested in seeing vaccine rate for youth
21Questions here are about HOSPITALS, yet the site also addresses Medical Groups (Physicians). How am is survey recipient supposed to know whether you mean Hospital specifically or as an odd synonym for all things medical?
22Broader health issues
23I think it would be helpful to have a bar graph for each hospital with the bars representing quality at a particular service, or value at a particular service.
24In the past, I've been able to search for doctors, hospitals & IPA's, but now I can't find how to. I've requested twice within the last 2 hrs, a directory, but still haven't received the E-mail.
25The drop-down menus were confusing. The whole database seems biased in favor of [HEALTH PLAN]. A lot of places have no date. I think it's not a reliable source to compare services because there is too little information. I don't care about t
26Each search field should be able to accommodate more than one type of search, e.g., city, hospital name, etc.
27More information about how the hospitals are ranked. Feedback from "users" of the services.
28Although this Web site didn't have the specific information I was looking for, it was very helpful and easy to use
29I was looking for information about how my medical group in [CITY] rated, but found nothing.
30I have no idea what comprises average, below average or above average care. Also, I have no idea if there is added health benefit to above average care. Also, I think there are too many choices in general these days, too many surveys, too many businesses that are in business solely to make money in a hot field. Years ago, I didn't have to see who is the best at what because businesses typically had a vested personal interest in their services, not just a monetary interest or "professional" interest—how can I open up the most offices and franchise my business. Now, you have businesses opening with little regard for the customer, poorly trained personnel, authentic customer service out the window.
31I wanted to see if the [LOCATION] Clinic had participated in the data measurements. I could not find that information.
32I would like to see more comprehensive information on the clinics.
33It would be useful to know how many of the listed physicians will accept new medicare patients.
34This might be the poorest Web site I have ever been on. I simply wanted to see how my doctor rated in how she is treating my current medical issues, and found that by accessing this Web site I learned absolutely nothing. My interests were in what criteria was being used to rate these doctors and what information was being sent to doctors in regard to improving quality of care and seen in the eyes of [HEALTH PLAN] as an insurer. Does not seem like [HEALTH PLAN] really cares about either the doctor, patient, or hospital as long as its Web site meets [HEALTH PLAN]'s agenda for driving up costs.
35Your county search does not appear to work
36I having 30+ years in Computer experience found your Web site page links working very well. Good PDF files to scan thru. Video's to access. I have piles of Handbooks an referal papers cluttering areas of my desk and your Web site much easier to search through, Not everyone has my advantage being able to throw together parts from none working computers to make working ones to have this access so the Paper Handbooks/referals etc are a nessity but you could save some by offering this alternative before spending & sending. Thanks for all your help!
37It was confusing that the ratings in a particular category were for only one specific element or attribute asked about—I thought I would get an overall rating in the main area and then it should have been more clear how you could drill down to the specific attributes that were rated to make up that overall rating.
38When going from one screen to the next, it would be much better if the facility sequence sort order chosen by the viewer were retained.
39Actually, this is a highly effect site. Well done. I am sure that over time you will amplify the data to include more specific information, but on my first visit... I am impressed.
40It is often difficult to find Doctors who actually listen to the patient ... after all we have been living in our bodies for many years and know how it works better than they do in a quick exam.
41If there was a way to compare outcomes by hospital, I didn't see it.
42I found the Web site to be very user friendly.
43The site is limited to only a few conditions and it is too generic. It is not useful to me at al
44Rate all hospitals by specialty surgeries
45I was looking for information on statistics for hospital-acquired many at each facility. Not sure if that information is available to the public or not, but would like it to be.
46How do the various doctors AND institutions comparatively rate for Preventative Care? What's the difference(s) between "Family Practice" & "Internal Medicine" doctor categories?
47Make it easier to compare hospitals in different regions.

21) What type of health insurance do you have?

Type of Health InsuranceAll Web Sites
Private insurance (i.e., from your employer or purchased by you)11649.2%
No insurance41.7%
I don't know00.0%

The "Other" category in the table includes the following answers from respondents:

#Text Entered
2Medicare Advantage
3Medicare plus a supplement
7Three coverages

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