Appendix C: Summary of Write-in Survey Responses by Respondent Type (continued 3)

Users of Public Reports of Hospital Quality: Who, What, Why, and How?

Health Care Professional Respondents

4) What was the primary purpose of your visit to the Web site today? To:

PurposeAll Web Sites
Compare my hospital's performance to other hospitals' performance8827.5%
See how my hospital is performing5416.9%
Get practical information about a hospital165.0%
Choose a hospital to make a patient referral144.4%
Choose a hospital for myself82.5%
Quality improvement82.5%
General interest in Web site content226.9%

The "Other" category in the table includes the following answers from respondents:

#Text Entered
1Check the newest news release
2Compare all [STATE] hospitals' performance
3Compare clinics
4Evaluate how our clinics compare to others
6Inpt and outpt correction
7Interested in How [HEALTH PLAN] stacks up
8Look at a hospital's historical performance
9Metro Scores
10New grad RN and looking for information
11Order prescription medication
12Physician information
13Read newsletter
14Review state wide trends
15Seeking information on data tracking regarding breastfeeding support in patient and out patient
16To see how [STATE] is handling its mandatory hospital adverse event reporting.
17Watching the hand washing video and I thought it was very entertaining but the truth is you got the message across in a very creative way and that is great
18Access reports
19Background info re: [PROGRAM]
20Check out hospital standing
21Check physicians care record
22Clinical performance data
23Compare costs of acute care vs LTC facilities
24Compare performance for clinics
27Find a contact for the secure Web site
28Find data for pulmonary rehabilitation
29Get additional info about [PROGRAM]
30Get historic ASC data
31Get statewide statistics on prevalence
32Health insurance
33Healthy incentives activity for my health care plan
34Info on cost
35Job search
36Look at the new report
37Looking for specific hosp data
38Medical group
39Peds population data for providers
40Pick up data
41Public health information
42Read article
43Researching UB-04 requirements
44Review new report on hospital infections
45See how my practice is performing
46See if I am listed—NOT
47See performance of my primary care physician
48See progress on challenge overall
49Seeking policy recommendations
50To read the article
51View Primary Care report

6) Did you have other reasons (in addition to the primary reason above) for your visit today? To:

ReasonsAll Web Sites
See how my hospital is performing5918.4%
Compare my hospital's performance to other hospitals' performance6520.3%
Choose a hospital to make a patient referral92.8%
Choose a hospital for myself92.8%
Get practical information about a hospital (phone number, location)113.4%
No, I had no other reason11937.2%

The "Other" category in the table includes the following answers from respondents:

#Text Entered
1Job search
3Get information about quality of care
4Nurse to patient ratio
5Find a neurosurgeon
6Request to take survey
7Compare 2 SNFs my mother had been in
8Listed as reference in journal article
9Validate data against other sources
10Learn more about your organization
11Check out Web site
12Find out more about info offered at your Web site
13Sometimes I am looking at medical group performance not just hospital
14School assignment
15Browse the report
16See what the Web site looked like and what it offered
17Health care economic course
18Thoughtfully consider how to present this kind of information to our region
19Learn about the program and data
20I was evaluating clinics, but all the options list hospital
21Classroom research
22See if data has been updated to 2010
23Check on breastfeeding rates
25Compare regional practices
26See other above.
28Request special data run
29Register for Mailing List
30Review what measures are publicly reported
31Job hunting
32Looked for comparative info on primary doctors
33See what all was on the Web site
34Data mining
35Determine if this organization would support breastfeeding initiatives as cost savings in health carE
36Upcoming surgery
37Check weather site
38Research Paper
39Retrieve data
40Become more familiar with site to teach others

7) What additional information would make the Web site more useful? More information about:

Additional InformationAll Web Sites
Quality measures that are not currently included7824.4%
Quality by inpatient service (for example, intensive care unit, pediatric unit)6319.7%
Costs for patients (for example, cost of a procedure, cost of a hospital stay)8727.2%
Methodology used to calculate performance measures (for example, risk adjustment methods)7824.4%
Detailed results for each hospital (for example, sample size or 95% confidence intervals around their performance)7824.4%
Hospitals that are not currently on the Web site3310.3%
Individual doctors within a hospital5517.2%

The "Other" category in the table includes the following answers from respondents:

#Text Entered
1Average Payment Information
2Data by payer category
3Data ranges for data
4Payment info, not charges
5General epidemiology and health research questions
6More current data; faster turnaround; help from someone experienced in coding and hospital procedures relating to coding and chargemaster use; I feel like I'm in an endless struggle to clean up my UB data; also something that may be helpful to the public would be a link to other Web sites, i.e. [WEB SITE] and an explanation as to how the [AGENCY] data releases can complement other data sources...just a thought
7Recommendations for policy
8Cost for cash patient
9More than one technical grouping at a time
10Individual primary care doctors
11Ability to compare more hospitals at one time
12More current information! Two year old data is just not acceptable in this era.
13Accurate c-section rates
14First time visit, very easy to navigate
15Ambulatory performance measures
16Actual rates for SSIs
17Update information monthly
18Methods for translating this information to a board
19What is there is good, more specific to what dates of service or what months the actual scores posted are for! site is hard to use and to understand data, should be easier to understand the data and easier to retrieve
20Compare hospitals side by side
21Individual advanced practitioners
23More current data
24Perhaps I missed it. However, some sort of "risk adjustment" would be helpful. When a hospital has a small number of adverse events in the midst of literally thousands of procedures there needs to be some "perspective" on what those adverse events really mean.
26Online version for making special data requests
27County data only
28Surgery Centers (Free standing like [FACILITY])
29Staff satisfaction
30Missing clinics & individual doctors
31Comparison to national and state level health indicators to show if these metrics are improving health outcomes associated with increased health care costs.
33More obvious information for professionals versus lay people
34Include smaller groups
35Date of information
36Pediatric ambulatory info

8) What would make the Web site easier for you to use?

Suggested ImprovmentsAll Web Sites
Provide a different way of searching the Web site319.7%
Provide a different way of sorting the results on the Web site4413.8%
Make the information easier to understand (for example, less technical terms)226.9%
Make it easier to find the best hospital3210.0%
Require fewer clicks to get information that I want5216.3%

The "Other" category in the table includes the following answers from respondents:

#Text Entered
1Permit query tools like data cubes
2Most recent report based on search engine listing
3Make it easier to graph results on the site
4Need to browse before I can comment
5Be able to review entire nation results vs just by state
6Multiple access options
7No recommendations
8Why are efficiency ratings set up differently between facilities?
10Give explanations for data
11Updates More Current
12Comparison of like facilities in size
13Larger sample more than 5
14Home page too busy
15Single hospital data
16See below
17I am a little concerned about your choice "make it easier to find the best hospital." Is the best hospital one that has no adverse events, but never took the risk to care for the most ill and fragile patients? Or, the hospital that has taken on the most difficult case and has, as a result, had some "adverse" events?
19Include most current data
20I couldn't easily see how to go straight to your reports
23Icons for all reports in grid on home page.
24Have hospital vs doctor tab stand out more
25Graph where you can see multiple hospitals and multiple results all on one page
27I always cannot get side by side comparisons, every time I am on the site, I can't get to compare several hospitals side by side
28Compare to 3 other hospitals/facilties
29Higher number of hospitals being compared
30Increase run time.
31Bigger print
33Search hospital by area/county
34It was easy
35I found it very easy to navigate

9) Please use this box to write any details about what would make this Web site more useful or easier for you to use.

#Text Entered
1Average patients do not understand medical terminology. Also, average patients have limited computer access or knowledge of how to navigate through various screens and drop down menus.
2Purely informational on how the site was set up and changes since the last time I looked
3Post open heart clinical data collection for 1/1/2011 discharges
4As a quality professional, I was interested in how to quickly see your graphical reports and thresholds
5Make it easier to get more than grouping at a time
6Very easy to use. Just didn't have the data I was looking for
7I am doing some health care policy research, so I am not the typical user.
8If the info on individual hospitals is on this site, I did not find it. What I found was aggregate info in the 2009 report on HAIs.
9I think the Web site is excellent!
10No suggestions. I thought the search function was easy to use.
11Needed most recent costs of HO-MRSA infections—was hoping to find latest data first in listing. Needed to search a little further. However, you site is easy to use and I appreciate the information provided.
12If you do not have policy, and don't plan to have policy, then your search feature works quite well, I did not waste time looking for something that wasn't there
13I would prefer to see hospitals rank ordered according to outcomes/quality measures per procedure—and looking a comparative data that is 2 years old does not help people make decisions today. Hospitals that were very good could have deteriorated, and hospitals that have made progress in improving quality do not get credit.
14Would like all states as an option. when will next quarter be released—thru 6/10 available on [WEB SITE]
15The Web site contains a wealth of information which is helpful. As a health care professional I understand much of what is on the Web site. Some information my be difficult for certain socio-economic groups to understand. The Web site does an excellent job of presenting comprehensive information on managing health.
16I am a new user and found myself going back to the main page to try to find info I wanted.
17Would be nice if there was an option to see all measures in the measure set i.e. all the Heart Failur Measures. Clicking in and out of each measure wastes time.
18The sorting feature is VERY useful (please keep)—although it didn't function correctly once. Take out extraneous info (like IOM aim and the word "measure"). Add an overall summary score or rating for all diabetes or heart care.
19Include [FACILITY]
20No PDF for the most recent report a lsit fo the procedures is ridiculous. I will go to the Web site again—I have to, but it is quite disappointing
21Do comparison of like hospitals, e.g., CAH facilities bench marked.
22Less clicks are always better for people when looking for the information they want.
23The printing function doesn't work well—not all pages print, missing images. Make it easy to print out in color for dissemination to staff.
24Costs could be average for procedures done. Verbage for non-medical people viewing this sight might be considered so that they can understand what they're reading. Always better to have fewer clicks.
25I have made my comments in the "other" boxes.
26Allow users to download the data as an excel or csv file. Provide details of when the data was collected (for what dates of service) as well as the source: CMS, HCUP, MHA, etc.
27You might want to include "eye" providers, both Optometry and Ophthalmology in this area, who actually do the dilated eye exams.
28I'd like a way to make it easier for me to copy and paste our facilities' data into ppt for internal use.
29This can be confusing and frustrating as the updates are potentially two rate years old.
30Will use site because it is important to use.... explanation of the percentage listed what is it for customer service/patient experience what dates of service are hard to find. and get what you want on the screen
31Have been taking [STATE AGENCY] data and comparing.
32Data on charges is irrelevant for most consumers and is not a valuable basis for comparison. Information about average payments would be more realistic and give users accurate insight to financial matters. The home page is dizzying.
33No info on hip surgery outcomes by physician
34I know you don't get payment info, but it is more meaningful than charges even though many patients don't know that. Having risk adjustment included would also be nice, but is a big complication. anything that helps educate patients is a plus as well.
35To be able to compare hospitals on the same screen.
38Performance based on a service line instead of specific disease measure would be very helpful.
39Would like to see broader list of medical treatments / measures reported.
40With many of these hospitals being so small, how does the user know whether the sample size was large enough for the data to be pertinent? Also, the below-as expected-above ratings are not very helpful. It only allows for limited comparison.
41I think risk adjustment and payment/cost information is very important; risk is a tough concept to explain to consumers/patients, but I think it would be helpful to add something like this to help insure the comparison is apples to apples.
42List VAP, Central line blood stream infection, foley catheter related infection
43Data was out of date.
44Is this site designed for professionals or patients
45I view this Web site a lot as part of my job
46I like the Web site and it had great information. I was looking for more of an exact number for nurse to patient ratio. I wanted to be able to compare our hospial med surg unit to other better performing hospitals to see if there was a big difference.
47It took me a while to find out which areas were covered by the regions, but eventually I found the answer
48Allow a full menu of facilities rather than asking us to put in hospital name. Had difficult time locating [FACILITY]
49At the bottom of the pages listing all of the hospitals have an alpha search rather than a page number search
50I was using [WEB SITE] and was having difficulty sorting data just by state and outcomes. I ultimately figured it out but I think most people would give up instead of spending the time to learn it. There may be a better way to sort data.
51If the number of service cases were broken into principal diagnosis
52I did not understand who the PPO's were that were named in general terms...was that their name? I'd not heard of them
53I understood how to use the site intuitively but others with less computer experience, i.e.—older adults, may have more difficulty.
54Q1 2010 was not included in consumer assessment data, even though it is available on national site. [STATE] Web site is much easier to use than national, so I prefer going here if the data is up to date.
55I was looking for statewide prevalence data for a procedure: craniectomy for a project I am working on. The addition of epidemiological information, prevalence rates of disease, counts and prevalence of procedures, etc would be of great interest to the commercial world and would be a trivial dataset to produce.
56Seems like a lot of out dated information. Should be updated more often.
57In the past, on the patient satisfaction report, you had an indicator on each rated area which showed where the top ten percent scored nationally. It would be nice to have that indicator returned so that we could tell if a [STATE] hospital was in the top ten percent nationally in any rated area.
58Great Web site, I found it very easy to use. Thank you.
59The c-section rates specified here are preposterously low. In the birth community, we have heard that the c-section rate at [HOSPITAL] is now over 50%, yet it's specified at 22%, below the national average. The other hospitals have even lower c-section rates. It's hard to believe these aren't grossly inaccurate.
60Wanted some additional information re staff satisfaction
61Misleading comparisons do nothing to help the general public choose the best hospital.
62Easy to navigate
63Very useful as is
64I would like to know the benchmarks that cause a Below Average or Above Average rating.

11) Are you a:

ResponseAll Web Sites
Nurse practitioner175.3%
Quality manager5216.3%

The "Other" category in the table includes the following answers from respondents:

#Text Entered
1Allied health
5Birth doula
9Consumer Advocate
12IT Analyst
17Public Relations.
20Respiratory Care Director
25Data collections
26Denial management
28Health policy researcher
29Healthcare advocate
30Healthcare consultant
31Healthcare consultant
32Lab tech
33Paramedic volunteer
34Public health professional
35Social worker
36Social worker
37Staff educator
38Statistical analyst
40Volunteer, bereavement and chaplain dir

12) What is your specialty?

SpecialtyAll Web Sites
Internal medicine1529.4%
Family Medicine/General Practice1223.5%

The "Other" category in the table includes the following answers from respondents:

#Text Entered
8Public Health

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