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Evaluating the Impact of Value-Based Purchasing

Table 2. Examples of Value-Based Purchasing Activities and Outcomes1

Examples of VBP activitiesExamples of relevant outcomes
Potential intermediate outcomesPotential final outcomes
Requiring health plans to contract with hospitals that perform high volumes of coronary artery bypass graft surgeriesFewer CABG surgeries performed at low-volume hospitals

More positive ratings from CABG patients regarding their experiences with care

Fewer complications following bypass surgery

Lower costs for CABG patients

Improved health status for CABG patients

Providing employees with comparative health plan report cards based on HEDIS® and CAHPS® data

Increased awareness of variations in quality

Increased enrollment in highly rated health plans

Increased satisfaction with health plan choices
Refusing to contract with health maintenance organizations that are not accredited by the National Committee for Quality Assurance

Increased number of local HMOs applying for and achieving NCQA accreditation

Higher utilization of preventive care and screening services

Improved health status of HMO enrollees
Requiring hospitals to use computerized order entry systems as suggested by the Institute for Safe Medication Practices

Decrease in serious prescribing errors

Decrease in adverse drug interactions

Fewer complications due to medication errors
Requiring hospitals to staff intensive care units with physicians certified in critical care medicineIncrease in the number of hospitals that have certified critical care physicians staffing their ICUs

Lower rate of complication for patients receiving care in the ICU

Lower mortality rate for patients receiving care in the ICU

Lower costs due to ICU care

Requiring health plans to develop comprehensive diabetes disease management programs that comply with guidelines established by the American Diabetes AssociationImproved scores on the comprehensive diabetes care measures that are contained in the HEDIS® data set

Improved health status for diabetics

Improved satisfaction with care for diabetics

Lower costs due to care for diabetes

1 Key: CABG = coronary artery bypass graft; CAHPS® = Consumer Assessment of Health Plans; HEDIS® = Healthplan Employer Data and Information Set; HMO = health maintenance organization; ICU = intensive care unit; NCQA = National Committee for Quality Assurance

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