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Care Coordination Measures Atlas

Follow these steps to identify existing measures of care coordination that may meet your needs.

Step 1: Review Care Coordination Measurement Framework
We organized all measures contained within this Atlas according to domains of this framework. A description of the framework follows the figure. Click on Return to Jump Start Guide to quickly return to this page and continue with Step 2.

Step 2: Read Framework Domain Definitions
We categorized measures by linking them to framework domains. Pay particular attention to domains that pertain to your areas of interest.

Step 3: Examine Care Coordination Measure Mapping Table
The measure mapping table is used to link measures to framework domains. A quick review of the table structure will help you during Step 4.

Step 4: Follow Measure Selection Guide
This guide will walk you through the steps of identifying the domains pertinent to your interests and identifying relevant measures.

Step 5: Review Profiles of Identified Measures
Once you have identified measures that may meet your needs, review details of measure development, testing, and application in the Detailed Measure Profiles section.

For additional background information about the Care Coordination Measures Atlas, please refer to Chapter 1: Background.

For additional context and definitions related to care coordination, please refer to Chapter 2: What Is Care Coordination?

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