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Box 4. Interactive Seminar for Physicians Based on Self-regulation Theory (Physician Asthma Care Education: PACE)

Chronic Care for Low-Income Children with Asthma

Physicians were helped to observe, evaluate, and react to their own efforts to treat and educate their patients. The purposes of the seminar were to:

  • Help physicians create interactive conversation with patients to derive information for making therapeutic decisions.
  • Create a congenial and supportive atmosphere so that patients would be candid.
  • Reinforce positive efforts of families to self-manage.
  • Provide a supportive climate for mutual problem-solving.
  • Strengthen patients' skills in using medicines.
  • Provide the patient with a view of the long-term therapeutic plan.
  • Build patients' confidence to control symptoms.

The program had two components: optimal clinical practice based on National Asthma Education and Prevention Program guidelines, and patient teaching and communications.

There were two 2 1/2-hour seminars, 2-3 weeks apart. The seminars included:

  • Brief lectures on clinical practice by respected asthma specialists.
  • A video depicting effective clinical teaching and communication behavior.
  • Case studies presenting troublesome clinical problems.
  • A protocol by which physicians could assess their own behavior regarding patient communications.
  • A review of messages to communicate and materials to use when teaching patients.

The topics included:

  • What happens in an asthma attack.
  • How medicines work.
  • Responding to changes in asthma severity.
  • How to take medicines.
  • Safety of medicines.
  • Goals of therapy.
  • Criteria of successful treatment.
  • Managing asthma at school.
  • Identifying and avoiding triggers.
  • A long-term treatment plan showing patients at home how to adjust medications.

Source: Clark NM, Gong M, Schork A, et al. Impact of education for physicians on patient outcomes. Pediatrics 1998; 101(5):831-6.

For additional information, contact Amy Friedman at the University of Michigan. E-mail:; phone: (734) 647-3179.

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