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Research on Child and Adolescent Health: New Starts

Fiscal Year 2000

In building on its research on child health, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) funded grants starting in Fiscal Year 2000 that focus on outcomes; quality; and cost, use, and access, AHRQ's three strategic goals.

This fact sheet also summarizes AHRQ's fiscal year 2000 support for capacity building in research and for dissemination. In fiscal year 2000, AHRQ announced support for $20 million in new research grants and contracts and $1.1 in new research training grants on children's health care issues.


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Capacity Building
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AHRQ supports research designed to lead to improvements in health outcomes. Outcomes research examines the end results of the structure and processes of health care on the health and well-being of patients and populations. A unique characteristic of this research is the incorporation of the patient's perspective in the assessment of effectiveness.

Barriers to Anti-Inflammatory Use in Childhood Asthma
Description: The aim of this study is to identify parental belief barriers to appropriate anti-inflammatory use for childhood asthma and to develop a survey instrument that may be useful in both research and health care settings to identify at-risk populations and circumstances.
Principal Investigator: Hannelore Yoos, Ph.D., CPNP, University of Rochester School of Nursing, Rochester, NY
Grant No.: R03 HS10689 (3/01/00-2/28/01)

Clinical Decision Rules in Pediatric Pneumonia
Description: This study will develop decision rules to predict radiographic pneumonia (pneumonia detected by chest x-ray) in patients aged 2-5 years old with symptoms of lower respiratory infection.
Principal Investigator: E. Melinda Mahabee-Gittens, Children's Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati, OH
Grant No.: R03 HS11038 (9/1/00-8/31/01)

Economic Impact of Breast-Feeding Promotion Intervention
Description: This randomized controlled trial at two community health centers will compare the benefits of pre- and post-natal breast-feeding promotions to child health care costs, breast-feeding practices, and child care outcomes.
Principal Investigator: Karen A. Bonuck, Montefiore Medical Center, Bronx, NY
Grant No.: R18 HS10900 (9/1/00-11/30/03)

Efficacy and Reliability of Telemedicine in Routine Pediatric Practice
Description: The aim of this study is to assess the reliability and efficacy of telemedicine for common, acute complaints of children to the emergency department or primary care office settings.
Principal Investigator: Kenneth M. McConnochie, University of Rochester, School of Medicine & Dentistry, Rochester, NY
Grant No.: R01 HS10753 (9/1/00-8/31/01)

Harvard Pilgrim Health Care CERT
Description: This Center for Education and Research in Therapeutics (CERT) will develop and test physician and patient level interventions in entire communities to determine if the interventions reduce antibiotic prescribing and the prevalence of resistance among children and other populations.
Principal Investigator: Richard Platt, M.D., Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, and Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston, MA
Grant No.: R01 HS10247 (9/1/00-8/31/03)

High Risk Periods for Child Injury Among Siblings
Description: Using data from a large health maintenance organization, the investigators will conduct retrospective cohort study to confirm and generalize previous work that suggested a temporal association between family injury events and subsequent, additional childhood injuries.
Principal Investigator: David C. Grossman, University of Washington, Seattle, WA
Grant No.: R03 HS10724 (3/1/00-2/28/02)

*Home Screening for Chlamydia Surveillance
Description: This randomized clinical trial will evaluate the effectiveness of home screening for chlamydia and gonorrhea relative to office-based screening among women 14-29 years old with a prior diagnosis of chlamydia.
Principal Investigator: Roberta B. Ness, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA
Grant No.: R01 HS10592 (7/25/00-6/30/05)

Hospital Reported Medical Injury in Children
Description: This project will use AHRQ's Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project (HCUP) to: (1) quantify the proportion of pediatric discharges with hospital-reported medical injuries and (2) describe the association of selected patient characteristics with hospital-reported medical injuries.
Principal Investigator: Anthony D. Slonim, Children's Research Institute, Children's Hospital National Medical Center, Washington, DC
Grant No.: R03 HS11022 (9/1/00-8/31/01)

Otitis Media: Parent Education to Avoid Antibiotic Use
Description: The goal of this project is to establish the safety, efficacy, cost, and acceptability of withholding antibiotics from children with mild acute otitis media and substituting nonantibiotic, symptomatic treatment, parent education, and careful followup of children with this common condition.
Principal Investigator: David P. McCormick, M.D. University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, TX
Grant No.: R01 HS10613 (03/01/00-02/28/03)

Outcomes in Spontaneous and Latrogenic Multiple Pregnancy
Description: This retrospective cohort study will examine health care utilization and maternal, neonatal, and infant health outcomes associated with assisted reproductive interventions versus spontaneous conception.
Principal Investigator: Anne M. Lynch, Kaiser Foundation Research Institute, Oakland, CA
Grant No.: R03 HS10700 (9/30/00-12/31/01)

PEAT: Pediatric Emergency Assessment Tool
Description: This cohort study aims to develop a multivariable model to predict the probability of the need for different levels of emergency care.
Principal Investigator: Marc Gorelick, Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, PA
Grant No.: R03 HS11028 (9/1/00-8/31/01)

A Perinatal Health Services Research in Laboratory Pilot
Description: This project aims to define new outcomes related to perinatal morbidity and their associated resource use, to define sample and effect sizes for future studies of perinatal morbidity, and identify future research priorities in perinatal care.
Principal Investigator: Douglas K. Richardson, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Inc., Boston, MA
Grant No.: R03 HS10824 (9/30/00-9/29/01)

Regionalization, Market Forces, and Neonatal Mortality
Description: This study of neonatal intensive care units (NICU) will use data from California to assess neonatal mortality differences over time, examine the relationship between total NICU volume and the volume of newborns in specific high-risk groups, look at the relationship between type of insurance coverage and neonatal mortality over time, and examine how competition and the increased use of market forces to control costs have affected the diffusion of NICUs into community hospitals. Co-funded by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development.
Principal Investigator: Ciaran S. Phibbs, Ph.D., Palo Alto Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Menlo Park, CA
Grant No.: R01 HD36914 (04/01/00-03/31/04)

Rural Emergency Departments as Access Points for Teen Smoking Intervention
Description: This project will deliver a theory-based brief motivational interview with three followup phone calls to randomly selected 14-18 year-olds who seek care in the emergency department of a major university hospital.
Principal Investigator: Kimberly Horn, West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV
Grant No.: R18 HS10736 (9/30/00-8/31/04)

TennCare Gaps for Children: Asthma Clinical Outcomes
Description: This study seeks to quantify the effect of gaps in Medicaid enrollment on two outcomes relevant to children with asthma: emergency department visits and hospitalizations for asthma.
Principal Investigator: William O. Cooper, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN
Grant No.: R01 HS10249 (9/1/00-2/28/02)

Unstudied Infants: Low Risk Babies in a High Risk Place
Description: This project will describe the epidemiology, treatment, and outcomes of moderately premature newborns who are admitted to an intensive care setting during the birth hospitalization.
Principal Investigator: Douglas K. Richardson, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Inc., Boston, MA
Grant No.: R01 HS10131 (8/01/00-7/31/03)

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AHRQ supports research to strengthen quality measurement and improvement. Achieving this goal requires developing and testing quality measures and investigating the best ways to collect, compare, and communicate these data so they are useful to decisionmakers. AHRQ's research also emphasizes studies of the most effective ways to implement these measures and strategies in order to improve patient safety and health care quality.

Investigator-initiated Studies

Developing and Validating Quality Measures for Children
Description: This study is designed to develop and validate measures of quality to assess the appropriateness of the use of tympanostomy tubes in children.
Principal Investigator: Mark Chassin, M.D., Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York, NY
Grant No.: R01 HS10302 (9/30/00-8/31/04)

Pediatric EBM-Getting Evidence Used at the Point of Care
Description: This study will examine whether the provision of evidence at the point of ambulatory pediatric care will improve antibiotic use in specific pediatric disorders, reduce duration of therapy for acute sinusitis, reduce use of bronchodilators in treatment of bronchiolitis, and increase the use of intranasal steroids for allergic rhinitis.
Principal Investigator: Robert L. Davis, University of Washington, Seattle, WA
Grant No.: R01 HS10516 (09/01/00-08/31/03)

*Is Quality Care Cost-Effective? HEDIS 2000 Evidence
Description: This study will examine the extent to which quality measures used in the Health Employer Data and Information Set (HEDIS) reflect cost-effective practices. This project will include examination of child-relevant HEDIS effectiveness of care measures such as childhood and adolescent immunization status, as well as others that could impact children and adolescents: advising smokers to quit; followup after hospitalization for mental illness, and antidepressant medication management.
Principal Investigator: Peter J. Neumann, Harvard University, Boston, MA, and Project Hope, Bethesda, MD
Grant No.: R03 HS10709 (09/01/00-08/31/01)

Projects Funded under the RFA Understanding and Eliminating Racial and Ethnic Disparities

This request for applications (RFA) sought projects that would analyze causes and contributing factors for the inequalities that are related to the delivery and practice of health care, and identify and implement strategies to eliminate them.

*Access and Quality of Care for Vulnerable Black Populations
Description: This program project grant includes one project related to children. The project will look at compliance with guidelines on content of prenatal care and its effect on pregnancy outcomes in southwest Atlanta.
Principal Investigator: Robert Mayberry, Morehouse School of Medicine, Atlanta, GA
Grant No.: P01 HS10875 (9/15/00-8/31/05)

*Improving the Delivery of Effective Care to Minorities
Description: This program project grant includes a project on Assessing Variations in the Management of Prematurity, in which vital statistics from Manhattan will be used to determine the relationship between newborn ethnicity, obstetric, and NICU volumes of the hospital of birth.
Principal Investigator: Mark R. Chassin, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, New York, NY
Grant No.: P01 HS10859 (9/30/00-8/31/04)

*Promoting Effective Communication and Decision-Making in Diverse Populations
Description: Included in this program project grant is a study on Ethnic Disparities in Perinatal Outcomes among multi-ethnic uninsured childbearing women enrolled in a staff model managed care organization.
Principal Investigator: Eugene Washington, University of California, San Francisco, CA
Grant No.: P01 HS10856 (9/27/00-8/31/05)

*UCLA/DREW/RAND Program to Address Disparities in Health
Description: This grant includes a project to address racial and ethnic differences in infant mortality using linked birth records, death records and hospital discharge abstract data for all births in California between 1990 and 2000.
Principal Investigator: Martin Shapiro, UCLA, Santa Monica, CA
Grant No.: P01 HS10858 (9/01/00-8/31/05)

Projects Funded under the RFA Translating Research Into Practice II

The TRIP II RFA sought to support cooperative agreement demonstration projects which specifically focus on evaluating strategies for translating research into practice through the development of partnerships between researchers and health care systems and organizations.

*An Internet Intervention to Increase Chlamydia Screening
Description: Study physicians will complete a year-long series of Internet learning modules that integrate case-based education with audit, feedback, and benchmarking of practice profiles. The interventions are expected to result in improved screening and treatment rates, and lowered rates of pelvic inflammatory disease among the 16-26 year-old patients who are the focus of the study.
Principal Investigator: Jeroan J. Allison, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham, AL
Grant No.: U18 HS11124 (9/30/00-9/29/03)

Better Pediatric Outcomes Through Chronic Care
Description: This quality improvement project will evaluate the impact of a computerized client server system that incorporates four modules for screening, outreach, and tracking pediatric asthma patients ages 5-18 in community health centers.
Principal Investigator: Judith Fifield, University of Connecticut Health Center, Farmington, CT
Grant No.: U18 HS11068 (9/30/00-9/29/03)

Developing an Asthma Management Model for Head Start Children
Description: This multi-part case-management intervention will engage Head Start personnel in efforts to improve the identification of asthma and identification of barriers to treatment, and to engage in problem-solving with families of children ages 3-5 with asthma.
Principal Investigator: Perla A. Vargas, Arkansas Children's Hospital, Little Rock, AR
Grant No.: U18 HS11062 (9/26/00-8/31/03)

Implementing Adolescent Preventive Guidelines
Description: Study providers will attend training sessions and bimonthly booster sessions and receive feedback on adolescent patients' receipt of clinical preventive services in 6 topic areas. Providers will also receive tools including an adolescent health screening questionnaire and a customized charting form that includes reminder prompts and a format for documenting that services were provided.
Principal Investigator: Charles E. Irwin, Jr., M.D., University of California-San Francisco School of Medicine, San Francisco, CA
Grant No.: U18 HS11095 (9/30/00-8/31/03)

Managed Care Organization Use of a Pediatric Asthma Management Program
Description: Study practices will be provided with five tools intended to simplify the asthma guidelines. One physician and one nurse from each practice will participate in a 5-hour training session on how to use the materials, followed by assistance with program implementation, trouble shooting, and patient-specific feedback.
Principal Investigator: Michelle M. Cloutier, University of Connecticut Health Center School of Medicine, Hartford, CT
Grant No.: U18 HS11147 (9/11/00-8/31/03)

Project Funded under the RFA, Systems-Related Best Practices to Improve Patient Safety

This RFA sought cooperative agreements to test the effectiveness of the transfer and application of techniques or interventions to improve patient safety through the reduction of preventable systems-related medical errors with high prevalence and severe consequences.

Teamwork and Error in Neonatal Intensive Care
Description: This study will test the hypothesis that specific behaviors in teamwork are correlated with errors in delivering care to preterm infants during their initial resuscitation and during the first 90 minutes of care in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).
Principal Investigator: Eric J. Thomas, University of Texas Health Sciences Center, Houston, TX
Grant No.: U18 HS11164 (9/30/00-8/31/02)

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*Automated Decision Support Systems and Clinical Data Collection
Description: The purpose of this project is (1) to develop a prototype database-backed website to give clinicians the opportunity to report suspicious trends of sentinel events related to possible bioterrorism; and (2) to develop prototypes for four types of decision support systems for clinicians, to give clinicians information and advice on appropriate responses, including plans for evaluation with mock scenarios.
Principal Investigator: Children's Hospital, Boston, MA

Consumer Assessment of Health Plans Survey for Children with Special Health Care Needs Dissemination
Description: This contract with Westat, Inc., will support a range of activities to further develop and disseminate a Children with Special Needs (CSN) survey module.

Implementation of Otitis Media Practice Guidelines With Priority Populations
Description: This study will evaluate the development and implementation of evidence-based guidelines for acute otitis media patients using a quasi-experimental design and comparing effects for Hispanic v. non Hispanic and Medicaid v. privately insured children.
Principal Investigator: Joe V. Selby, Kaiser Permanente Division of Research, Oakland, CA. Key Personnel: Margaret J. Gunter, Ph.D., Vice President and Executive Director, Lovelace Clinic Foundation

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Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR)

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Living Guide
Description: This SBIR project will develop a set of tools for families with a child who has ADHD. The ADHD Living Guide is a communication tool to coordinate the care of a child with ADHD and to inform parents, teachers and health providers. The project will also create "My ADHD Success Book," a tool for children.
Principal Investigator: Clinical Tools, Inc., Chapel Hill, NC

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Evidence Reports Begun in Fiscal Year 2000

Under the Evidence-based Practice Program of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, 12 5-year contracts have been awarded to institutions in the United States and Canada to serve as Evidence-based Practice Centers (EPCs). The EPCs will review all relevant scientific literature on assigned clinical care topics and produce evidence reports and technology assessments, conduct research on methodologies and the effectiveness of their implementation, and participate in technical assistance activities. Public and private sector organizations recommend topics and may use the reports and assessments as the basis for their own clinical guidelines and other quality improvement activities. In fiscal year 2000, the following topics relevant to children were assigned to AHRQ's EPCs.

Criteria to Determine Disability of Infant/Childhood Impairments
Principal Investigator: New England Medical Center

Management of Allergic Rhinitis
Principal Investigator: New England Medical Center

Pediatric, Obstetric, and Computer Based Interventions in Telemedicine
Principal Investigator: Oregon Health Sciences University

Post-term Pregnancy Management
Principal Investigator: Duke University

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Cost, Utilization, and Access

One of AHRQ's strategic goals is to identify strategies to improve access, foster appropriate use, and reduce unnecessary expenditures in health care.

Hospital Service Areas for Pediatrics
Description: This exploratory project will define Hospital Service Areas for Pediatrics (HSAPs) using methodology similar to that used for elderly adults. The fit of the new HSAPs and the original HSAs to the patient origin data and their relative performance as a clustering variable for pediatric asthma hospitalization will be compared.
Principal Investigator: Mark F. Guagliardo, M.D., Children's Research Institute, Children's Hospital National Medical Center, Washington, DC
Grant No.: R03 HS11021 (9/1/00-8/31/01)

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Capacity Building

Planning Grants for Primary Care Practice-Based Research Networks

Cincinnati Pediatric Research Group Enhancement Project
Description: This Practice-Based Research Network (PBRN) is currently composed of 16 pediatric practices that serve a diverse group of 40,000 patients, including African Americans and underserved children in Appalachia. This PBRN's planning grant will expand the provider base and the integration of disparate data systems into a centralized system for ongoing longitudinal data collection, maintenance, analysis, and reporting.
Principal Investigator: Michele Kiely, Children's Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati, OH
Grant No.: P20 HS11206 (9/30/00-9/29/01)

Enhancing the Capacities of a National Pediatric PBRN
Description: This national PBRN's planning grant aims to increase involvement of minorities and rural populations in the network.
Principal Investigator: Richard C. Wasserman, American Academy of Pediatrics, Chicago, IL
Grant No.: P20 HS11192 (9/30/00-9/29/01)

PPRG: Retooling for the 21st Century
Description: This well-established regional pediatric network involves 43 Chicago-area primary care practices in urban, suburban, and rural areas. The planning grant will enhance the PBRN's ability to enroll practices in low-income areas and its data collection methods.
Principal Investigator: Katherine K. Christoffel, M.D., MPH, Children's Memorial Hospital, Chicago
Grant No.: P20 HS11248 (9/30/00-9/29/01)

*A Regional, Community-Health Center PBRN
Description: This planning grant will allow the Southeast Regional Clinicians' Network (SERCN) to assess the resources and strategies needed to move to a more sophisticated level of research, particularly in the area of data collection from widely varying information systems.
Principal Investigator: George S. Rust, Morehouse School of Medicine, Atlanta, GA
Grant No.: P20 HS11217 (9/30/00-9/29/01)

Faculty Development for General Pediatrics Teaching in Community-Based Setting

In collaboration with the Health Resources and Services Administration's Bureau of Health Professions, AHRQ continues to support the Ambulatory Pediatric Association's (APA) Primary Care Pediatrics Research Awards. This special projects program facilitates in building the field of child health services research. The three awards funded in 2000 are:

Effects of Lactation on Lean Body Mass, Growth and Subsequent Bone Mineral Density in Teen Mothers
Description: This study will perform a thorough descriptive analysis of adolescent breast-feeding mothers, including their age, ethnicity, duration of exclusive and total breast-feeding, as well as health habits, diet, exercise, contraception, smoking, alcohol and drug consumption, compared to adolescent mothers who do not breast feed.
Principal Investigator: Caroline J. Chantry, UC Davis Medical Center, Sacramento, CA

The Relationship between Poverty, Dietary Intake, and Poor Growth among Children in the United States using the Third National Health and Examination Survey (NHANES III)
Description: This project will use NHANES III data to examine how poverty and growth are associated among children in the United States ages 2 months to 5 years, and how a substantial portion of this variance is accounted for by dietary intake (especially food, energy, iron and zinc) and food insufficiency.
Principal Investigator: Jennifer Kasper, Boston Medical Center Department of Pediatrics, Boston, MA

Factors Mediating the Transmission and Development of Active Tuberculosis in Children
Description: This study will identify children who have an increased risk of tuberculosis infection and disease, and who should receive high priority for screening and preventive therapy in pediatric households in Kampala, Uganda.
Principal Investigator: Anna M. Mandalakas, The Rainbow Center for International Child Health, Cleveland, OH

Training Grants

Alternative Healthcare Delivery Models for Children
Description: This Independent Scientist Award is designed to assist Dr. Forrest in reaching his long-term career goal to conduct research that leads to improvements in the delivery of health care services to children and adolescents.
Principal Investigator: Christopher B. Forrest, Johns Hopkins University Department of Health Policy and Management, Baltimore, MD
Grant No.: K02 HS 000003 (9/15/00-8/31/04)

Improving Outcomes in US Latino Children
Description: The long-term purpose of this Mentored Clinical Scientist Development Award is to support and facilitate Dr. Lara's development as a health services researcher whose work will improve health outcomes and quality of life in Latino children with asthma through evidence-based health care and community interventions.
Principal Investigator: Marielena Lara, M.D., UCLA, Los Angeles, CA
Grant No.: K08 HS 00008 (7/01/00-6/30/02)

Insuring Uninsured Children
Description: The aims of the research project funded by this grant are to (1) use focus groups to identify the reasons why parents are unable to obtain health insurance for their uninsured children, with an emphasis on Latino families; and (2) conduct a randomized trial to evaluate whether specially-trained community-based case managers are more effective than traditional methods in reaching out to and enrolling uninsured children in public insurance programs.
Principal Investigator: Glenn Flores, M.D., Boston Medical Center, Boston, MA
Grant No.: K02 HS11305 (9/18/00-8/31/05)

Profiling the Needs of Dying Children
Description: This Mentored Clinical Scientist Award project includes research to determine whether the prevalence of terminal congenital complex chronic conditions is rising and to examine two markers of quality of care for children with complex chronic conditions: whether continuity of care deteriorates during the last 2 years of life and timing of referral to hospice.
Principal Investigator: John C. Feudtner, History and Sociology of Science, University of Washington, Seattle, WA
Grant No.: K08 HS00002 (8/1/00-7/31/05)

The Role of a Regular Source of Care for At-Risk Youth
Description: This pre-doctoral minority fellowship project seeks to (1) determine whether there are disparities in the use of physician services among adolescents who differ in health-detracting and health-promoting characteristics; (2) better understand the possible mediating role of having a usual source of care for these adolescents; and (3) identify the characteristics of the usual source of care that lead to greater likelihood of use of physician services and receipt of preventive care.
Principal Investigator: Tanisha V. Carino, Johns Hopkins University School of Hygiene and Public Health, Baltimore, MD
Grant No.: F31 HS00150 (9/1/00-8/31/03)

Validation of an Emergency Medical Service Triage Rule for Children in MVAS
Description: The aim of this project is to measure the sensitivity specificity, positive and negative predictive values of a clinical decision rule for use in the prehospital triage of pediatric trauma patients injured in motor vehicle crashes.
Principal Investigator: Craig Newgard, Harbor-UCLA Research and Education Institute, Torrance, CA
Grant No.: F32 HS00148 (9/1/00-6/30/02)

Family Influences on Children's Health and Healthcare
Description: This dissertation study will explore the relationship of two major family stressors, childhood disability and maternal depression, on the health and functioning of children and youth and on children's use of health, including mental health, care.
Principal Investigator: Whitney P. Witt, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD
Grant No.: R03 HS11254 (9/1/00-8/31/01)

Physician Cesarean Rates and Risk-Adjusted Birth Outcomes
Description: This dissertation study will evaluate the effectiveness of cesarean sections to reduce perinatal mortality, and, if it is effective, to estimate the cost per infant/fetus saved as measured by hospital charges.
Principal Investigator: Tong Li,, MS, MA. University of Medicine and Dentistry, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, New Brunswick, NJ
Grant No.: R03 HS10795 (6/15/00-6/14/01)

Time to Neonatal and Postneonatal Death, U.S. 1985-95
Description: This dissertation grant supports a project that aims to: (1) examine the temporal variations in time to infant death from perinatal related causes for each birthweight group and race group; (2) examine the association between the length of stay for the initial hospitalization of very low birth weight infants, and the time to their death from perinatal causes during infancy.
Principal Investigator: Amanda J. Liddle, University of Alabama, Birmingham, AL
Grant No.: R03 HS11259 (9/30/00-9/29/01)

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Small Conference Grants

National Congress on Childhood Emergencies
Description: The 2nd National Congress on Childhood Emergencies, held in March 2000, provided an educational opportunity for a diverse group of emergency medical services professionals to advance the concepts of continuous quality in pediatric emergency care and pediatric health care.
Principal Investigator: Jane Ball, Children's Research Institute, Washington, DC
Grant No.: R13 HS10084 (01/01/00-12/31/00)

Building Bridges for Child Health Research, Policy, and Practice
Description: This 1-day invitational meeting will bring together State Maternal and Child Health leaders working in the public sector and national experts in child health research to explore venues for strengthening science-based practice and policy through greater integration of efforts. Partners in convening the conference also include the Association of Maternal and Child Health Programs, the Academy for Health Services Research and Health Policy, and the Association of Teachers of Maternal and Child Health. Cofunded by the Maternal and Child Health Bureau.
Principal Investigator: Holly Grason, MA, Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health, Department of Population and Family Health Sciences, Women's and Children's Health Policy Center, Baltimore, MD
Grant No.: (6/00-2/28/01)

Dartmouth Symposium on Pediatric Sedation
Description: This conference, organized by the Dartmouth College Department of Anesthesiology, will invite experts who practice pediatric sedation to define the most problematic issues in the field, including patient safety issues, and discuss future research endeavors.
Principal Investigator: Joseph P. Cravero, Dartmouth College, New Hampshire
Grant No.: R13 HS10110 (8/00-8/01)

Partners in Transition: Adolescents and Managed Care Conference
Description: The purpose of this conference is to engage health plans in a practical, hands-on discussion about why and how to implement a quality initiative devoted to teen health.
Principal Investigator: Lois Salisbury, Children Now, Oakland, CA
Grant No.: R13 HS10109 (9/01/00-8/31/01)

User Liaison Program Workshops for Senior State Officials

AHRQ's User Liaison Program disseminates health services research findings in easily understandable and usable formats through interactive workshops and technical assistance for policymakers and other health services research users. Summaries of workshops that have already been held are available on AHRQ's website at

Title: Children with Special Health Care Needs: Developing Integrated Systems of Care
Date: November 3-5, 1999
Place: Independence, OH

Title: Improving the Care Delivered to Children Served by State Agencies
Date: January 24-26, 2001
Place: New Orleans, LA

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*Project includes children or children's healthcare issues but does not focus exclusively on children. 

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