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New Projects and Activities in Minority Health

Fact Sheet, Fiscal Year 1999

In building on its research relevant to minority health, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) funded grants starting in Fiscal Year 1999 that focus on outcomes and effectiveness; quality measurement and improvement; cost, use, and access; and health services research infrastructure. Select for more online information relevant to Minority Health issues.

AHRQ was formerly the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research. 


Outcomes and Effectiveness
Quality Measurement and Improvement
Cost, Use, and Access
Health Services Research Infrastructure
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Outcomes and Effectiveness

Automated Assessments and the Quality of Diabetes Care
Description: Examines variation in outcomes for patients with diabetes by using an automated telephone disease-management system to assess patients, half of whom are from a public health care system and half from a private managed care system serving the same geographic area. Equal portions of the sample in each system will be primarily English-speaking and Spanish-speaking patients.
Principal Investigator: John Piette, Palo Alto Institute for Research and Education, Palo Alto, CA.
Grant No.: R18 HS10281 (9/30/99-9/29/03)

Cancer Screening of Low Income and Minority Women
Description: Investigates the effectiveness of patient interventions designed to increase appointment scheduling for breast and cervical cancer screening in low-income women ages 18 to 64. The researchers will test the interaction of the interventions with ethnicity-race.
Principal Investigator: Maria Jibaja, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX.
Grant No.: R29 HS08581 (9/30/94-10/31/00)

Cardiac Procedure Use: A Prospective Cohort Study 
Description: Investigates whether race and gender influence the rate of performance of common cardiac tests and procedures in patients with clinical data that indicate varying degrees of necessity/appropriateness or inappropriateness.The study will address whether differences reported in previously documented findings that African Americans and women are less likely to undergo cardiac procedures than whites and men are the result of underutilization in African Americans and women vs. overutilization in whites and men.
Principal Investigator: Paula Johnson, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston, MA.
Grant No.: R01 HS08302 (9/1/96-2/28/01)

Comparison of Treatment Efficacy for Prostate Cancer
Description: Uses information from the Connecticut Tumor Registry to examine treatment efficacy for prostate cancer, the leading cause of cancer deaths among American men, which disproportionately affects black men. Researchers will study by the long-term outcomes for over 6,000 men stratified by patient age, race, comorbidities, diagnostic biopsy tumor histology, tumor volume, and treatment selected.
Principal Investigator: Peter Albertsen, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT.
Grant No.: R01 HS09578 (9/30/98-9/2903)

Development of a Child Health Status Measure
Description: Develops and validates two child health status instruments—a parent's version and a child's version—that will comprehensively and reliably measure the health and illness profile of children ages 5 to 11 from both parent's and child's perspectives. The final instruments, which should be useful in clinical outcomes assessment, will be tested systematically in geographically distinct populations having different racial and ethnic backgrounds.
Principal Investigator: Anne Riley, Johns Hopkins University School of Hygiene and Public Health, Baltimore, MD.
Grant No.: R01 HS08829 (8/1/96-7/31/00)

Efficacy of Telemedicine Colposcopy
Compares clinical efficacy of telecolposcopy with referral colposcopy and assesses patient's acceptance of and attitudes toward gynecologic telemedicine in a population of rural and poor African American women.
Principal Investigator: Daron Ferris, Medical College of Georgia, Augusta, GA.
Grant No.: R01 HS08814 (9/30/97-9/29/01)

Evidence-based Surfactant Therapy for Preterm Infants
Description: Evaluates a coordinated, multi-faceted intervention designed to close the gap between practices in routine clinical use and those supported by clinical findings that show surfactant therapy reduces mortality and morbidity among high risk, preterm infants with respiratory distress syndrome. Infant mortality is one of the conditions identified in the President's Initiative to Eliminate Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Health.
Principal Investigator: Jeffrey Horbar, University of Vermont, Burlington, VT.
Grant No.: R01 HS10528 (9/30/99-9/29/02)

Evidence-based 'Reminders' in Health Care
Description: Assesses the relative effectiveness and cost effectiveness of two alternative information-based strategies designed to improve provider performance and promote adherence to evidence-based guidelines among home health care nurses. Both interventions provide E-mail reminders, but the augmented intervention expands the resources available to the nurse. The interventions will be tested on two tracer conditions—congestive heart failure and cancer pain. The study includes analyses based on race/ethnicity.
Principal Investigator: Penny Feldman, Visiting Nurse Service of New York, New York, NY.
Grant No.: R01 HS10542 (9/30/99-3/30/02)

Improving Diabetes Care Collaboratively in the Community
Description: Uses the Total Quality Management (TQM) chronic disease model and enhanced provider-patient communications to improve quality of care and health outcomes for indigent and vulnerable patients with diabetes treated at rural and urban community health centers (CHCs). While the interventions are designed for the CHC setting, the findings should be generalizable to health systems with more resources and to other chronic diseases.
Principal Investigator: Marshall Chin, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL.
Grant No.: R01 HS10479 (9/30/99-9/29/02)

Improving Primary Care of African Americans with NIDDM
Description: Compares two program interventions for helping primary care providers better manage urban African Americans with non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM): 1) computer flowsheets emphasizing diabetes-related parameters, with reminders to indicate a need for change in therapy and to advise alternate care strategies; and/or 2) face-to-face feedback from directed discussion with endocrinologists, reviewing patient management, explaining therapies, and suggesting approaches to improve care.
Principal Investigator: Lawrence Phillips, Emory University, Atlanta, GA.
Grant No.: R01 HS09722 (9/30/98-9/29/02)

Medicine or Surgery?
Description: Compares medical and surgical treatment for abnormal uterine bleeding in premenopausal white and minority (African American, other) women and evaluates factors in the decision between these alternatives for women considering hysterectomy. The project also aims to develop guidelines for hysterectomy based on patient preferences, clinical effectiveness, and cost effectiveness.
Principal Investigator: Stephen Hulley, University of California, San Francisco, CA.
Grant No.: U01 HS09478 (9/30/96-9/29/01)

Pediatric Asthma Care PORT II Description: Tests the cost-effectiveness of practice guidelines developed by the National Asthma Education and Prevention Program to reduce asthma morbidity among children. The study focuses on primary care of children with moderate-to-severe asthma in three unrelated managed care environments that reflect different geographic areas and diverse pediatric populations. The investigators plan to characterize the reliability and validity of a symptom-free measure for a culturally diverse population.
Principal Investigator: Kevin Weiss, Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke's Medical Center, Chicago, IL.
Grant No.: R01 HS08368 (9/30/96-9/29/01)

Required Request: Determinants of Family Consent
Description: Aims to determine how families make the decision to donate organs after the death of a family member in order to design effective interventions that may increase organ availability. Disproportionate shortages of organs for transplantation confront members of minority racial/ethnic groups, particularly African Americans.
Principal Investigator: Laura Siminoff, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland OH.
Grant No.: R01 HS08209 (7/1/94-12/31/99)

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Quality Measurement and Improvement

Computerized Quality-of-life Assessment in Low Literacy Patients
Description: Develops and evaluates audiovisual computer-based testing of health-status and preference-based quality-of-life outcomes for low-literacy, English-speaking cancer patients; also tests the equivalence of quality-of-life assessment across low and high levels of literacy. This project builds on prior collaborations between researchers from Evanston Northwestern Healthcare and Cook County Hospital, a public hospital serving primarily indigent urban ethnic minorities.
Principal Investigator: Elizabeth Hahn, Center on Outcomes Research and Education, Evanston, IL.
Grant No.: R01 HS10333 (9/30/99-9/29/01)

Cultural Relevance of a Continuity of Care Measure
Description: Builds on a previous project that operationalized definitions and tested measures of care for persons with serious mental illness; the researchers aim to develop culturally relevant indicators of continuity of care for three ethnic groups. Qualitative and quantitative methods will be combined to investigate the applicability and importance of certain scales, which will be compared among African Americans, English-speaking Puerto Ricans, and whites.
Principal Investigator: Norma Ware, Harvard University, Boston, MA.
Grant No.: R01 HS10335 (9/30/99-9/29/01)

Facility Effects on Racial Differences in Nursing Home Quality
Description: Explores the ways in which nursing home structure and local community contexts interact to affect the quality of nursing home care. Among the specific aims of the projects are: 1) to develop a measure of racial/ethnic disparities in care quality that compares the odds of receiving poor quality care for white and minority nursing home residents; and 2) to develop and test a multilevel model explaining variation in quality of care as well as racial/ethnic disparities as a function of patient-, facility-, and community-level factors.
Principal Investigator: Mary Fennell, Brown University, Providence, RI.
Grant No.: R01 HS10322 (9/30/99-9/29/01)

Improving Heart Failure Care in Minority Communities
Description: Evaluates the effectiveness of nurse management compared to 'usual care' among congestive heart failure (CHF) patients in East and Cental Harlem in partnership with Harlem's six major health providers. The investigators will use a structured survey to assess patients' needs, improve their drug therapy, and counsel them on aspects of knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors important to CHF management.
Principal Investigator: Jane Sisk, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, New York, NY.
Grant No.: R01 HS10402 (9/30/99-9/29/02)

MAJIC: Making Advances Against Jaundice in Infant Care
Description: Aims to develop and evaluate a Collaborative Quality Improvement model in a loosely structured managed care organization and an integrated health care system. The project includes exchange of performance data related to the American Academy of Pediatrics guideline for elevated serum bilirubin (jaundice) by the collaborating organizations. Incidence of jaundice is especially high among certain minority groups.
Principal Investigator: R.H. Palmer, Harvard University, Boston, MA.
Grant No.: R01 HS09782 (5/1/98-4/30/03)

Measures of Quality of Care for Cardiovascular Patients Description: Seeks to validate 95 quality-of-care measures as quality indicators of cardiovascular patient care and to test them for feasibility, accuracy, and cost. The project addresses care of vulnerable populations such as the poor, elderly, and minority groups who have chronic cardiovascular disease.
Principal Investigator: Barbara McNeil, Harvard University, Boston, MA.
Grant No.: U18 HS09487 (9/30/96-9/29/01)

Measuring and Improving Quality: Carotid Endarterectomy
Description: Aims to develop measures of appropriateness, procedural quality, disease severity, and comorbidity in seven collaborating hospitals in New York and New Jersey with a range of sizes, patient populations, and frequencies of carotid endarterectomy procedures. Researchers, who will use the data to develop a risk-adjustment model to study process-outcome linkages, will also address the issue of substantial underuse of carotid endarterectomy by minority populations.
Principal Investigator: Mark Chassin, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York, NY.
Grant No.: R01 HS09754 (6/1/98-5/31/03)

Measuring Patient Satisfaction: Low Literacy Populations
Description: Develops and tests two alternative formats for the Consumer Assessment of Health Plans (CAHPS®) survey to make it even more accessible to low- literacy populations. The study population, comprising adults enrolled in a Medicaid managed care organization, is 51 percent African American, 23 percent Hispanic, 16 percent white, 4 percent Asian American, and 6 percent other races.
Principal Investigator: Judy Shea, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA.
Grant No.: R01 HS10299 (9/30/99-9/29/02)

Measuring Quality of Care for Vulnerable Children
Description: Examines the relationship of the Pediatric Quality of Life Inventory (PedsQL) with structures, process, and outcomes of care within and across time to validate the instrument as an outcome indicator of quality of care for vulnerable children. Investigators will also translate the PedsQL into Tagalog and Vietnamese.
Principal Investigator: Michael Seid, Children's Hospital Research Center, San Diego, CA.
Grant No.: R01 HS10317 (9/30/99-9/29/01)

Measuring the Quality of Care for Diabetes
Description: Uses Medicaid data from six States with a low prevalence of Medicaid managed care to develop a claims-based quality measure for ambulatory diabetes care. An ambulatory care-sensitive condition, diabetes is a major cause of morbidity and mortality in the United States that disproportionately affects African American, Latino, and other ethnic minority populations.
Principal Investigator: Jack Needleman, Harvard University, Boston, MA.
Grant No.: R01 HS10332 (9/30/99-9/29/01)

Measuring the Quality of Care for High Risk Infants
Description: Aims to develop new methods to measure the quality of care for very low birth weight infants that overcome the problems of small sample size, bias from patient mix, and the multidimensional nature of quality. The sample of more than 100,000 infants is disproportionately black, and the investigators will examine quality of care at hospitals serving both predominantly minority populations and nonminority populations.
Principal Investigator: Jeannette Rogowski, RAND Corporation, Santa Monica, CA.
Grant No.: R01 HS10328 (9/30/99-9/29/02)

Outcomes of Instability on Discharge in Urban Hospitals
Description: Analyzes the predictive validity of generic vs. condition-specific measures of instability, associations between instability on discharge and post-hospital outcomes, and other factors to develop an operational set of generic and condition-specific measures of instability on discharge that can serve as evidence-based indicators of inpatient quality of care. Unstable patients are at high risk for poor outcomes, and patients in urban hospitals who are particularly vulnerable include the poor, uninsured, minorities, and elderly.
Principal Investigator: Ethan Halm, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York, NY.
Grant No.: R01 HS09973 (9/30/98-9/29/01)

Patient-centered Quality Measure for Asian Americans
Description: Uses focus groups involving Chinese and Vietnamese patients to identify issues important to them, emphasizing measures of communication and access to care. Based on the findings, researchers will draft a patient questionnaire and test its validity as a tool to evaluate quality of care for Chinese and Vietnamese populations at risk because of language, cultural, and other barriers.
Principal Investigator: Russell Phillips, Beth-Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Inc., Boston, MA.
Grant No.: R01 HS10316 (9/30/99-9/29/02)

Quality of Hypertension Care for Asian Refugees
Description: Aims to develop a measure of the quality of care for hypertension in a population of Hmong refugees in Fresno, CA, and then conduct a pilot test of the instrument. Using focus group research techniques and an existing quality-of-care instrument for hypertension, the investigators will develop new, culturally sensitive quality-of-care instruments that will assess various factors including patient beliefs and attitudes about quality of care and patient perceptions of quality and content of communication with health care providers.
Principal Investigator: Candice Wong, University of California, San Francisco, CA.
Grant No.: R01 HS10276 (9/30/99-9/29/01)

Risk Adjustment Methods for Hysterectomy Complications
Description: Seeks to develop methods for risk adjustment for a surgical procedure—hysterectomy—that is performed at very high rates for otherwise healthy African American women compared with other women. Resulting tools will facilitate patient involvement in clinical decisionmaking and allow probabilistic estimates of individual risks and benefits from treatment options as well as outcome-based performance comparisons different providers.
Principal Investigator: Evan Myers, Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC.
Grant No.: R01 HS09760 (5/1/198-4/30/00)

Using Census Data to Monitor Care to Vulnerable Populations
Description: Examines whether census data can be used as proxies for an individual-level socioeconomic indicators and evaluates the extent to which socioeconomic measures account for disparities in the quality of care provided to ethnic and racial minority populations. Indicators of health services use are similar to those in the Health Plan Employer Data and Information Set (HEDIS).
Principal Investigator: Kevin Fiscella, Highland Hospital Family Medicine Center, Rochester, NY.
Grant No.: R01 HS10295 (9/30/99-9/29/01)

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Cost, Use, and Access

Access and Quality of Care for Low-income Adolescents
Description: Assesses the impact of the organizational features of KidCare, Florida's statewide program of children's health insurance, on access to primary and preventive care for adolescents ages 12-19; examines how characteristics of participating managed care plans and of physician practices affect outcomes. Investigators will analyze the differential effects for Hispanic, African American, and white adolescents.
Principal Investigator: Elizabeth Shenkman, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL.
Grant No.: U01 HS10465 (9/30/99-9/29/02)

Access to and Outcomes of HIV Care in the United States
Description: Explore reasons for variations in HIV care over time, the changing patterns of health outcomes across groups (minority populations, in particular), the relationship of access to care to patterns of use and to health-related quality of life and other health outcomes, or the role of site of care and providers in mediating these patterns of care and health outcomes. The project's analyses supplement the HIV Cost and Services Utilization Study.
Principal Investigator: Martin Shapiro, RAND Corporation, Santa Monica, CA.
Grant No.: R01 HS10227 (9/30/99-9/29/01)

Analyses of Public Policies: Coverage of HIV Drugs
Description: Analyzes public programs—including those in eligible metropolitan areas funded by Title I of the Ryan White CARE Act—and policies affecting the third-party coverage of medicines needed by people with human immunodeficiency virus. HIV infection is one of the six conditions targeted in the President's Initiative to Eliminate Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Health.
Principal Investigator: Robert Buchanan, Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, SC.
Grant No.: R03 HS09819 (9/1/98-8/31/00)

Asthma School Initiative—Evaluating Three Models of Care
Description: Assesses the effects of using public school-based health centers (SBHCs) in delivering primary care to children with asthma in the Bronx, NY. The schools in the study enroll predominantly African American and Hispanic children. The outcomes of three different treatment strategies (no SBHC; traditional SBHC delivering care to children with asthma; and proactive SBHC, including outreach coordinator, that attempts to enroll all asthmatic children in the program) will be compared by various measures such as child's school performance, health status, and life style restrictions, as well as cost.
Principal Investigator: Mayris Webber, Montefiore Medical Center, Bronx, NY.
Grant No.: R18 HS10136 (9/1/99-8/31/02)

Evaluation of Kansas HealthWave
Description: Examines which features of HealthWave, the Kansas State children's health insurance program (SCHIP), affect health care access, quality, utilization, and satisfaction with health care for various populations. Among those populations of special interest are vulnerable groups of children including those who are poor, minority, live in rural areas, need mental health services, or are dependents of State employees who remain uninsured.
Principal Investigator: Robert F. St. Peter, Kansas Health Institute, Topeka, KS.
Grant No.: U01 HS10536 (9/30/99-9/29/02)

HIV Cost and Services Utilization Study (HCSUS)
Description: Examines use and costs of medical and nonmedical services for HIV and how they vary geographically, across health care systems, and by patient clinical and demographic characteristics, including race/ethnicity. The researchers will also conduct special studies on HIV infection among women (to be sampled at twice the rate of men) and children (n=400), in rural areas (n=400), on mental health and dental care, and on formal and informal caregivers.
Principal Investigator: Martin Shapiro, RAND Corporation, Santa Monica, CA.
Grant No.: U01 HS08578 (9/1/94-4/30/00)

Medicaid vs. Premium Subsidy: Oregon's SCHIP Alternatives
Description: Identifies factors associated with parents' decisions to enroll their children in the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) in Oregon and, among those choosing to enroll, which type of plan (public or private) is chosen. Also examines the impact of these insurance decisions on access to care for children. The project will have a special emphasis on Hispanic children, who have disproportionately low enrollment rates.
Principal Investigator: Janet B. Mitchell Center For Health Economics Research, Waltham, MA.
Grant No.: U01 HS10463 (9/30/99-9/29/02)

Multi-Method Assessment of Medicaid Managed Care
Description: Assesses access, satisfaction, targeted health-care outcomes, and costs of care for New Mexico's low-income population before and after implementation of Medicaid managed care (MMC). The project also examines the effects of MMC reform on safety-net institutions serving at-risk populations and on communities; and measures changes in preventable, adverse sentinel health outcomes. A team of minority investigators will also study the impact of Medicaid managed care on Native American and Hispanic populations.
Principal Investigator: Howard Waitzkin, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM.
Grant No.: R01 HS09703 (9/30/98-9/29/01)

New York's SCHIP: What Works for Vulnerable Children
Description: Evaluates the degree to which features of New York State's Child Health Plus (CHPlus) program affect access and quality of care for low-income children. Key comparisons are by CHPlus plan type, geographic area, age group, minority status (white, black, Hispanic), and presence of a special health need (asthma). Enrollees' access and use experience, plan selection effects, continuity of insurance, and community impact will also be examined.
Principal Investigator: Peter Szilagyi, University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, Rochester, NY.
Grant No.: U01 HS10450 (9/30/99-9/29/02)

Program of Rural Health Demonstration Activities
Description: Primary care practitioners and their practices in rural communities in Nebraska and Iowa will be targeted for participation in a Program for Rural Demonstration Activities, which is designed to improve rural managed care practice. Among the criteria for community participation in the demonstration are inclusion of minority populations, a need to address particular health care problems, and a need to overcome barriers to adequate health care.
Principal Investigator: Keith Mueller; University of Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha, NE.
Grant No.: U54 HS08610 (9/30/94-10/31/99)

Provider Participation and Access in Alabama and Georgia
Description: Analyzes Medicaid claims data to relate the introduction of primary care case management and the availability of the State Children's Health Insurance Program to: 1) changes in availability of Medicaid providers across the two States' ZIP Codes, and 2) changes over time and differences across plans in children's use of medical care. Included are substudies of African American children—who comprise about 50 percent of the enrollees in both States—and of children with special health care needs.
Principal Investigator: Janet Bronstein, University of Alabama, Birmingham AL.
Grant No.: U01 HS10435 (9/30/99-9/29/02)

Socioeconomic Deprivation and Outpatient Health Care Use
Description: Evaluates the patterns of ambulatory health care service utilization as a function of socioeconomic position among insured adults. The investigators will test the major hypothesis that poorer adults utilize more services than wealthier adults when each group has equal access to care, controlling for age, gender, and race/ethnicity. To what extent physical and mental self-reported health, caregiving roles, and social support contribute to service utilization will also be analyzed.
Principal Investigator: Sally Zierler, Brown University, Providence RI.
Grant No.: R03 HS09848 (3/1/99-2/29/00)

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Health Services Research Infrastructure

Association of American Medical Colleges Health Services Research Institute for Minority Faculty
Description: Develops the health services research skills of 50 junior underrepresented (black, American Indian/Alaska Native, Mexican American, and mainland Puerto Rican) faculty through a series of seminars and workshops as well as independent study. Participants develop a concept paper into a grant proposal suitable for submission for funding.
Principal Investigator: Lois Bergeisen, Association of American Medical Colleges, Washington, DC.
Conference Grant No.: R13 HS09262 (9/30/96-9/29/00)

Cancer Patients' Attitudes Toward Cancer Trials
Description: Will develop and test a valid and reliable instrument to measure the prevalence of positive and negative attitudes of former cancer patients toward cancer trials, particularly cancer prevention trials (CPTs). The project, which will measure group attitudinal differences by cancer site and ethnicity, aims to increase understanding of the factors affecting the decisionmaking process of cancer patients, especially of ethnic/racial minority patients, in choosing whether to participate in CPTs.
Principal Investigator: Peggy Schuber, University of Texas Health Science Center, Houston TX.
Dissertation Grant No.: R03 HS10583 (9/30/99-11/30/00)

Cultural Competence in Acute Care Hospital Systems 
Description: Uses quantitative data analysis, ethnographic interviews, and focus groups with cultural brokers in a subset of acute care hospitals to examine both structural and process changes undertaken by the Massachusetts Medicaid Program to ensure quality, access, and effectiveness of health care for racial and ethnic minority populations.
Principal Investigator: Iris Garcia-Caban, Heller School of Brandeis University, Waltham, MA.
Dissertation Grant No.: R03 HS10567 (9/30/99-9/29/00)

Developing a Latino Health Agenda for 2010
Description: Brings together Latino health researchers and others representing various stakeholders in a conference to set a research agenda for improving the health care of Hispanic Americans. Stakeholders include national and regional Latino organizations, public policymakers, community leaders, managed care plans and insurance companies, foundations, Federal health officials, media, consumers, and members of faith-based organizations.
Principal Investigator: Hector Balcazar, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ.
Conference Grant No.: R13 HS10079 (9/30/99- 9/29/00)

Meanings of Race, Class, and Gender in Heart Disease
Description: Aims to illuminate the ways in which race, class, and gender have implicitly or explicitly been conceptualized and studied in epidemiological and health services research on cardiovascular disease. This multisite ethnographic study will also examine how definitions of race, class, and gender conventionally used in such research have shaped what we know about inequalities in cardiovascular disease incidence and outcomes.
Principal Investigator: Janet Shim, University of California, San Francisco, CA.
Dissertation Grant No.: R03 HS10582 (9/30/99- 2/28/01)

Multicultural Health Information Institute Conference
Description: Convenes multicultural health experts from the academic/research, community advocacy, and government sectors to identify an agenda for research and education and discuss policy initiatives. Institute goals are technical assistance for community-based organizations; support of multicultural statisticians, researchers, and evaluators; and policy-relevant research and data development for California's diverse population.
Principal Investigator: Carmen Nevarez, California Public Health Foundation, Berkeley, CA.
Conference Grant No.: R13 HS10071 (5/24/99-9/30/99)

Spanish Health Messages: Are They Reaching Their Target?
Description: Compares the text of brochures translated into Spanish with that of brochures originally written in Spanish that are distributed to Spanish-speaking adults in southern Arizona and northern Mexico. It is hoped the project, which aims also to make health professionals and institutions more aware of the written communication needs of minority patients, may lead to development of better guidelines for preparing effective written materials.
Principal Investigator: Holly Jacobson, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ.
Dissertation Grant No.: R03 HS10562 (9/30/99-9/29/00)

Unmet Need in Medicare Beneficiaries with Diabetes
Description: Evaluates how organizational and financial arrangements in Medicare managed care and fee-for-service settings affect the use and content of primary and referral care for patients with diabetes. Diabetes is one of the conditions listed in the President's Initiative to Eliminate Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Health.
Principal Investigator: Arleen Brown, University of California, Los Angeles, CA.
Fellowship No.: F32 HS00132 (9/30/98-9/29/01)

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