Appendix A. Comprehensive Activity List 10-5-06

Evaluation of AHRQ's Children's Health Activities

Project TitleInitial Funding YearPIGrant NoStudy ID
Using an EMR to improve urban child health2004Adams, WilliamK02 HS13655EXT001
Psychosocial predictors of pregnancy, women at HIV risk1993Ahluwalia, InduR03 HS07958EXT002
Management of acute asthma in pediatric practice1992Alario, AnthonyR03 HS07418EXT003
Quality improvement structures and practices as determinants of hospital quality indicators2001Alexander, Jeffrey A.R01 HS11317EXT004
Passive smoking and children: An analysis of NHANES III to determine outcomes associated with childhood exposure to envrionmental tabacco smoke1998Aligne, AndrewAPA SupportEXT005
An Internet intervention to increase chlamydia screening2000Allison, Jeroan J.U18 HS11124EXT006
Quality of life in children after liver transplantation2002Alonso, EstellaR03 HS13270EXT007
Health research enhancement at Morgan State University2003Amin, RuhulR24 HS11638EXT008
Measuring quality of life in children with asthma1996Annett, Robert D.R03 HS09123EXT009
Piloting tools to improve nutritional health in primary care2003Ariza, AdolfoR03 HS14431EXT010
Youth Partners in Care: quality improvement in depression1998Asarnow, JoanR01 HS09908EXT011
Emergency department crowding: causes and consequences2002Asplin, BrentK08 HS13007EXT012
Increasing chlamydia trachomatis screening of young, sexually active women enrolled in commercial health plans2005Athery, AdamContractEXT378
Boone County Community Care Network2004Atkins, RobertP20 HS015286EXT013
Utilization of immunization SVCS: psychosocial approach1993Atta, HodaR03 HS08039EXT014
Emotional adjustment of children with a chronic illness1990Ayoub, CatherineF32 HS00043EXT015
Determinants of intrapartum obstetrical quality2005Bailit, JenniferR03 HS14352EXT016
Medicaid expansion: impact on pregnancy outcome and cost1994Valdwin, Laura-MaeR01 HS06846EXT017
National Congress on Childhood Emergencies2000Ball, JaneR13 HS10084EXT397
Commercial telephone triage vs. physician on-call advice1999Baraff, Larry J.R01 HS10604EXT018
Improving obesity care in pediatric offices2003Barlow, SarahK08 HS13901EXT019
Improving medication safety across clinical settings2001Bates, David W.P01 HS11534EXT020A
Trial to reduce antibiotic use in a primary care PBRN2003Bates, David W.R03 HS14420EXT020B
Inapporpriate oral antibiotic use: a model for understanding clinical decision making2000Bauchner, Howard EXT398
Dynamics of family disadvantage and childhood asthma2001Baydar, NazilR01 HS13110EXT021
Comprehensive IT solution for quality and patient safety2004Beach, AnnUC1 HS15236EXT022
Creating a Primary Care Practice-based Research Network2002Bell, LouisR21 HS13492EXT023
Components of prenatal care and low birthweight1991BERESFORD, SHIRLEYR01 HS06785EXT024
El Dorado County Safety Net Technology Project/ACCESS El Dorado2005Bergner, GregUC1 HS16129EXT379
Prophylaxis for otitis-prone children1992Berman, StephenR03 HS07283EXT025B
Outcomes associated with therapy for otitis media1993Berman, StephenR01 HS07816EXT025A
Tales from the Middle Ear Crypt: three decades of otitis media research1999Berman, Steve EXT399
Measuring outcomes and costs in high risk obstetrics1995Berman, SusanR03 HS08830EXT026
Validating the Healthcare Cost and Utilization Projects (HCUP) Patient Safety Quality Indicators2001Bernard, ShulaContractEXT027
Utilizing research to enhance clinical practice2001Bienkowski, RobertR13 HS10958EXT028
NATURAL history of blood lead and effect of intervention1995Binns, HelenR03 HS08764EXT029
Creating an evidence base for vision rehabilitation2004Bird, BettyUC1 HS15052EXT030
Taconic Health Information Network and Community (THINC)2004Blair, JohnUC1 HS15316EXT031
Management of chronic asthma1999Blue Cross/Blue Shield Association Technology Evaluation Center, Chicago, ILEvidence-based practice centerEXT032
Validation of an innovative approach to error reduction2003Blumenthal, DavidR01 HS13099EXT033
Economic impact of breast-feeding promotion intervention2000Bonuck, Karen A.R18 HS10900EXT034
Children's memory of an emergency room visit1991Bordeaux, BarbaraF32 HS00044EXT035
Effectiveness of prenatal care: two approaches1990Brach, BetsyR03 HS06605EXT036
Prenatal care barriers for low & moderate-income women1994Braveman, PaulaR01 HS07910EXT037
Provider participation and access in Alabama and Georgia1999Bronstein, Janet M.U01 HS10435EXT038
Linking rural providers to improve patient care and health2004Broos, TimothyP20 HS15023EXT039
The unmet medical needs: risk factors for their presence and their effect on pediatric emergency department utilization2003Brousseau, David03R000173EXT040
Addressing preventable medication use variance in Mississippi2001Brown, Andrew C.U18 HS11923EXT041
Taking action with children and families1996Brown, ArdeneR13 HS09362EXT400B
Healthy People 2000: taking action with children and families1997Brown, Ardene EXT400A
Impact of publicly funded programs on child safety nets1999Budetti, Peter P.U01 HS10423EXT042
Medicaid managed care and the Oregon Health Plan (OHP)1997Buist, Alison R.R03 HS09606EXT043
Banner Health/Arizona State University Partnership for Emergency Department (ED) Patient Safety2005Burdick, TwilaU18 HS15921EXT380
Asthma Education in the Emergency Department—April 1-3, 20012001Camargo, CarlosR13 HS10940EXT401
Physicians' decisions regarding cerebral palsy referral1990Campbell, SuzannR01 HS06429EXT044
Racial differences in physician-patient communication2003Campbell, ThomasR03 HS13223EXT045
A multidisciplinary program to improve child health outcomes2000Campbell, William H. EXT402
Adolescents life change events, hope & self-care agency1992Canty, JanieR03 HS07547EXT046
CPOE implementation in ICU'S2004Carayon, pascaleR01 HS15274EXT047
The role of a regular source of care for at-risk youth2000Carino, Tanisha V.F31 HS00150EXT048
Population-based screening for hypothyroidism in children with Down Syndrome2005Carroll, Kecia N.APA SupportEXT381
LSU Health Services Research Program2001Cerise, FrederickP20/R24 HS11834EXT049
Gender as a risk factor for pediatric cardiac surgery2002Chang, Reuy-KangR03 HS13217EXT050
effects of lactation on lean body mass, growth and subsequent bone mineral density in teen mothers2000Chantry, Caroline J.APA SupportEXT051
Developing and validating quality measures for children2000Chassin, MarkR01 HS10302EXT052A
Improving the delivery of effective care to minorities2000Chassin, MarkP01 HS10859EXT052B
The role of technology in health care cost growth2004Chernew, MichaelR03 HS13048EXT053
Automated decision support systems and clinical data collection2000Children's Hospital, Boston, MAContractEXT054
A diagnostic decision aid for pediatric sinusitis2002Christakis, Dimitri A.R03 HS13195EXT055A
Parent-initiated Prevention Program2002Christakis, Dimitri A.R01 HS13302EXT055B
PPRG: retooling for the 21st Century2000Christoffel, Katherine K.P20/U01 HS11248EXT056
Treating teenage depression in managed care practices1999Clarke, Gregory N.R01 HS10535EXT057
CAHPS II2002Cleary, PaulU18 HS09205EXT058
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Living Guide2000Clinical Tools, Inc., Chapel Hill, NCContractEXT059
Managed care organization use of a pediatric asthma management program2000Cloutier, Michelle M.U18 HS11147EXT060
Design of a multi-use diabetes registry1992Cohn, BarbaraR13 HS07245EXT061
Child maltreatment reporting and infant mortality1992Cole, GeorgeR03 HS07243EXT062
Managed care and quality: children with chronic conditions1999Connell, Frederick A.R01 HS09948EXT063A
Medical management of children with chronic conditions2002Connell, Frederick A.R03 HS13230EXT063B
TennCare Gaps for Children: asthma clinical outcomes2000Cooper, William O.R01 HS10249EXT064B
Medicaid MCO's and suboptimal pediatric care2003Cooper, William O.K02 HS13076EXT064A
Shared decision-making and inappropriate antibiotic use2002Cox, ElizabethK08 HS13183EXT065
Improving EMS for Children Through Outcomes Research—March 30-April 1, 20012001Crain, EllenR13 HS10942EXT403
Dartmouth Symposium on Pediatric Sedation2000Cravero, Joseph P.R13 HS10110EXT404
Health care costs and utilization in AIDS home care1994Crystal, StephenR01 HS06339EXT066
Dental access and costs for children in a SCHIP program2002Damiano, PeterR03 HS13410EXT067
Fellowship in Health Services Research2003Darden, PaulT32 HS13851EXT068
Improving patient safety through provider communication strategy enhancements2005Daugherty, KayU18 HS15846EXT382
Colorado Connecting Communities—Health Information Collaborative (C3-HIC)2004Davidson, Arthur J.290-04-0014EXT069
Trends in the non-operative management of splenic injury in children2001Davis, Daniela H.APA SupportEXT070
Prevalence and strategies for appropriate prescription medication dosing in children2002Davis, Robert290-00-0015EXT071A
Pediatric EBM-getting evidence used at the point of care2000Davis, Robert L.R01 HS10516EXT071B
Racial differences in APGAR scores and infant morbidity1990De Hart, MaryR03 HS06609EXT072
Medicaid and the health of the poor1993Decker, sandraF32 HS00065EXT073
Enhancement of the technology interface for the Cincinnati Pediatric Research Group2002DeWitt, ThomasR21 HS13506EXT074
The Center for Improving Patient Safety (CIPS)2001Dittus, Robert S.P20 HS11563EXT075
Implementing research findings for practice improvement2002Dolor, RowenaR21 HS13511EXT076
Rural Hospital Collaborative for Excellence Using IT2004Dorris, PatriciaUC1 HS15431EXT077
Evaluating computer decision support for preventive care1996Downs, Stephen M.R01 HS09507EXT078
How public reporting and pay-for-performance policies impact safety net hospitals2005Dudley, Adams R.R03 HS16117EXT383
Post-term pregnancy management2000Duke UniversityEvidence-based practice centerEXT079
Measuring preferences for childbirth after cesarean2004Eden, KarenR03 HS13959EXT080
Assessing outcomes of dental care with claims data1997Eklund, Stephen A.R03 HS09554EXT081
Treatment-resistant epilepsy2001Emergency Care Research Institute (ECRI)Evidence-based practice centerEXT082
Measuring quality of care for homeless adolescents2001Ensign, B. JosephineK08 HS11414EXT083
The emergency department (ED) pharmacist as a safety measure in emergency medicine2005Fairbanks, RollinU18 HS15818EXT384
Children's health insurance coverage in Massachusetts1999Feinberg, EmilyR03 HS10207EXT084
Distance management of high-risk obstetrical patients2004Ferguson, CandiceP20 HS15435EXT085
Improving pediatric safety and quality with health care IT2004Ferris, TimothyR01 HS15002EXT086
Hospital epidemiology of pediatric complex chronic conditions: a study of hospital admission secular trends and case mix1999Feudtner, ChrisAPA SupportEXT087
Profiling the needs of dying children2000Feudtner, John C.K08 HS00002EXT088
Better pediatric outcomes through chronic care2000Fifield, JudithU18 HS11068EXT089
Reducing antimicrobial resistance: an RCT1999Finkelstein, JonathanR01 HS10247EXT090
Using census data to monitor care to vulnerable groups1999Fiscella, KevinR01 HS10295EXT091B
The impact of HMOs on disparities2002Fiscella, KevinR01 HS10910EXT091A
Fundamental measurement for health1999Fisher, WilliamR01 HS10186EXT092
Assessing medical need among children in managed care2001Fishman, PaulR01 HS11314EXT093
Childhood injuries evaluated in the office setting1998Flaherty, EmaleeR03 HS09811EXT094A
CARES: Child Abuse Reporting Experience Study2001Flaherty, Emalee G.R01 HS10746EXT094B
Patient-centered access to resources for families with health related social problems2004Fleegler, Eric04R000101EXT095
Insuring uninsured children2000Flores, GlennK08 HS11305EXT096
Doctor-parent communication and pediatric prevention1993Forrest, ChristopherF32 HS00070EXT097A
Alternative healthcare delivery models for children2000Forrest, Christopher B.K02 HS00003EXT097B
Risk adjusters for pediatric populations1994Fowler, ElizabethR03 HS08441EXT098
Harlem Urban Health Research Institute1992Francis, CharlesU01 HS07399EXT099
Surveillance, Analysis, and Interventions to Improve Patient Safety2001Fraser, VictoriaU18 HS11898EXT100
WIC breastfeeding promotion—a randomized trial1992Frederickson, DorenR03 HS07523EXT101
Violence against pregnant women and pregnancy outcomes1993Fried, LiseR03 HS08008EXT102
Impact of a telecommunication system in childhood asthma1999Friedman, RobertR01 HS10630EXT103
State and regional demonstrations in Health Information Technology2004Frisse, Mark E.290-04-0007EXT104
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), its subtypes, and co-morbidity in a nationally representative sample: overall prevalence and sociodemographic variation2005Froehlich, TanyaAPA SupportEXT385
Poor outcome following acute otitis media1993Froom, JackR01 HS07035EXT105
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