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Appendix 1: Evaluation Study Questions and Objectives

Evaluation of AHRQ's Pharmaceutical Outcomes Portfolio

Study QuestionA.
1. How do Portfolio objectives map to AHRQ/DHHS priorities?x    x
2. What have been the inputs during the past three years?x     
3. What have been the research outputs during the past four years?x     
4. What have been the educational outputs during the past four years?x     
5. What are the program outcomes?x     
6. What are have been the program impacts?xx    
7. Have inputs/outputs/outcomes/impacts changed over time?xx    
8. Do program outcomes/impacts reflect program goals and AHRQ/DHHS priorities?xx   x
9. Is investigator progress reporting complete, accurate, and timely? Is it adequate to assess inputs/outputs/outcomes/impacts?  x   
10. How is the information contained in the progress reports used by AHRQ?  x   
11. Is the information and/or the process of progress reporting useful to investigators?  x   
12. What are the characteristics of the CERTs network overall? How does this vary by CERTs or CC?   x  
13. What roles do the individual CERTs constituent groups have in facilitating diffusion of information and innovation throughout the CERTs network? In particular, what role does the Coordinating Center have in the CERTs network? What is the nature and role of the CERTs scientific collaboration?   x  
14. How were the goals and priorities of the Portfolio determined?   x x
15. What do various stakeholders view as the most successful processes and outcomes of the Portfolio? How can this information be used to maximize, leverage, or build upon success in the future?    x 

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