Appendix B. Glossary of Selected Terms

Asthma Health Disparities Collaborative Coalition Guide

Definitions for the terms used in this report are reproduced in part from the Health Disparities Collaboratives Web site. The complete glossary of terms is available at:

Action period. Time between learning sessions when teams work on improvement in their organizations.

Aim/aim statement. A written, measurable, and time-sensitive statement of the accomplishments a team expects to make from its improvement efforts.

Chronic Care Model. A model that represents a system of health care for people with chronic disease and an approach to re-designing health care to mirror that ideal system. It was developed by Improving Chronic Illness Care.

Clinical information system. A system that incorporates the development of a comprehensive, integrated information system that is "patient-centered," includes patient registries, a practice management system including billing system, an electronic health record, personal health records.

Collaborative. A systematic approach to health care quality improvement in which organizations and providers test and measure practice innovations, then share their experiences in an effort to accelerate learning and widespread implementation of best practices.

Learning session. A 3-day meeting during which participating organization teams meet with faculty and collaborate to learn key changes in the topic area, including how to implement them, an approach for accelerating improvement, and a method for overcoming obstacles to change.

Model for Improvement. A process improvement approach, developed by Associates in Process Improvement, which helps teams accelerate adoption of proven, effective changes. The model includes use of "rapid-cycle improvement" (PDSA cycles).

PDSA cycle. Another name for a cycle (structured trial) of a change, which includes four phases: Plan, Do, Study, and Act.

Pre-work. Time before first learning session when teams prepare for work in the Collaborative.

Registry. A list or database set of records that contain individual patient information. "Registry size" refers to the count of patients represented in the list.

Senior leader report. The standard format for reporting monthly progress in the Collaborative.

Spread. The intentional and methodical expansion of the number and type of people, units, or organizations using the improvements.

Storyboard. Board that displays information about a team and its progress; it is displayed at learning sessions to help create an environment conducive to sharing and learning from the experiences of others.

Team. Group of individuals, usually from multiple disciplines, who drive and participate in the improvement process.

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