Appendix D. Sample Importance and Confidence Rulers

Asthma Health Disparities Collaborative Coalition Guide

The following two rulers can be used by providers and patients in the goal setting session.

Importance Ruler

As a goal is discussed, assess the importance of achieving the goal from the patient's perspective. If the importance is below 7, it may not be worth pursuing at this time, and another goal may need to be identified.

Not Important  Unsure Somewhat Important  Very Important

Confidence Ruler

Determine if the patient has confidence he or she can achieve the goal. If the patient rates his or her confidence level below 7, the following steps can be taken:

  1. Ascertain the barriers to achieving the goal and determine if additional information, support, or resources could help the patient to achieve the goal. If others are identified, reassess confidence level based on the additional assistance.
  2. Determine if the goal needs to be renegotiated. Consider breaking the goal down into subcomponents and have the patient work on one of the subcomponents. Alternatively, go back to initial goal setting and identify a different goal.
Not Confident  Unsure Somewhat Confident  Very Confident

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