National Healthcare Quality Report, 2008


The NHQR is the product of collaboration among agencies across the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Many individuals guided and contributed to this report. Without their magnanimous support, this report would not have been possible.

Specifically, we thank:

Primary AHRQ Staff: Carolyn Clancy, William Munier, Katherine Crosson, Ernest Moy, Karen Ho, and Jeffrey Brady.

HHS Interagency Workgroup for the NHQR/NHDR: Roxanne Andrews (AHRQ), Hakan Aykan (ASPE), Rachel Ballard-Barbash (NCI), Douglas Boenning (HHS-ASPE), Jeffrey Brady (AHRQ-CQuIPS), Miriam Campbell (CMS), Cecelia Casale (AHRQ-OEREP), Fran Chevarley (AHRQ-CFACT), Steven Clauser (NCI), Rameicha Cooks (HRSA), Agnes Davidson (OPHS), Denise Dougherty (AHRQ-OEREP), Brenda Evelyn (FDA), Yvette Fryar (HRSA), Edward Garcia (CMS), Olinda Gonzalez (SAMHSA), Tanya Grandison (HRSA), Miryam Granthon (OPHS-OMH), Darryl Gray (AHRQ-CQuIPS), Saadia Greenberg (AoA), Kirk Greenway (IHS), Lein Han (CMS), Linda Harlan (NCI), Debbie Hattery (CMS), Karen Ho (AHRQ-CQuIPS), Deloris Hunter (NIH), Memuna Ifedirah (CMS-OCSQ), Padmini Jagadish (AHRQ-OEREP), Linda Johnston-Lloyd (HRSA), Jackie Shakeh Kaftarian (AHRQ-OEREP), Ruth Katz (ASPE), Sophia Kazakova (CDC-CCID-OD), Richard Klein (CDC-NCHS), Lisa Koonin (CDC-NCHS), Onelio Lopez (OCR), Leopold Luberecki (ASPE), Diane Makuc (CDC-NCHS), Marty McGeein (HHS-ASPE), Richard McNaney (CMS), Nancy Miller (NIH), Carmen Moten (NIH-NIMH), Ernest Moy (AHRQ-CQuIPS), Leo Nolan (IHS), Cynthia Ogden (CDC-NCHS), Anna Maria Padian (HRSA), Judith Peres (ASPE), Susan Polniaszek (ASPE), Susan Queen (HRSA), Michael Rapp (CMS), Georgetta Robinson (CMS), Rochelle Rollins (OMH), Susan Rossi (NIH), Beatrice Rouse (SAMHSA), Asel Ryskulova (CDC-NCHS), Judy Sangl (AHRQ-CQuIPS), Michael Schoenbaum (NIMH), Adelle Simmons (HHS-ASPE), Alan E. Simon (CDC-NCHS), Sunil Sinha (CMS), Jane Sisk (CDC-NCHS), Phillip Smith (IHS), Nancy Sonnenfeld (CDC/NCHS), Caroline Taplin (HHS-ASPE), Emmanuel Taylor (NCI), Wilma Tilson (HHS-ASPE), Benedict Truman (CDC), Joan Van Nostrand (HRSA), Nadarajen A. Vydelingum (NIH), Barbara Wells (NHLBI), Valerie Welsh (OPHS/OMH), Odies Williams (OCR), Lee Wilson (ASPE-OS), and Susan Yanovski (NIH/NIDDK).

AHRQ NHQR/NHDR Team: Roxanne Andrews, Jeffrey Brady, Denise Burgess, Fran Chevarley, Cecilia Rivera Casale, Katherine Crosson, Denise Dougherty, Darryl Gray, Karen Ho, Alan Hsu, Jackie Shakeh Kaftarian, Stephanie Klapper, Laura McKenzie Phelps, Oscar Mensah, Ernest Moy, William Munier, Ryan Mutter, Daniel Pak, Judy Sangl, Barbara Slivers, and Marc Zodet.

HHS Data Experts: BarbaraAltman (CDC-NCHS), Roxanne Andrews (AHRQ), Frances Chevarley (AHRQ), Steven Cohen (AHRQ), James Colliver (SAMHSA), Paul Eggers (NIH), David Keer (ED-OSERS), William Mosher (CDC-NCHS), Cynthia Ogden (CDC-NCHS), Asel Ryskulova (CDC-NCHS), Alan E. Simon (CDC-NCHS), Jane Sisk (CDC-NCHS), and Marc Zodet (AHRQ) and members of the Interagency Subcommittee on Disability Statistics.

Other Data Experts: Stephen Connor (NHCPO), Stephen Edge (Rosewell Park Cancer Institute), Michael Halpern (American Cancer Society), Ronald Kessler (Harvard Medical School), Bryan Palis (NCBD, American College of Surgeons), Florentina R. Salvail (Hawaii Department of Health), Allison Petrilla (NHCPO), Hardy Spoehr (Papa Ola Lokahi), Andrew Stewart (NCBD, American College of Surgeons), and JoAnn Tsark (Papa Ola Lokahi).

Other AHRQ Contributors: Doreen Bonnett, Cindy Brach, Xiuhua Chen, Marybeth Farquhar, Karen Fleming-Michael, William Freeman, Amy Galifianakis, Paul Gorrell, Biff LeVee, Corey Mackison, Gerri Michael-Dyer, Karen Migdail, Laura Nawrocki, Pamela Owens, Mamatha Pancholi, Larry Patton, Wendy Perry, Deborah Queenan, Mary Rolston, Scott Rowe, Bruce Seeman, Randie Siegel, Christine Williams, and Phyllis Zucker.

Data Support Contractors: CHD-Fu, Social and Scientific Systems, Thomson Reuters Healthcare, and Westat.

This document is in the public domain and may be used and reprinted in the United States without permission. AHRQ appreciates citation as to source and the suggested format follows:

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. 2008 National Healthcare Quality Report. Rockville, MD: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality; March 2009. AHRQ Pub. No. 09-0001.

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