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Reprints of Articles by Staff

Reprints of journal articles by researchers of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) are available free on a single-copy basis while supplies last.

Reprints of journal articles by researchers of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) are available free on a single-copy basis while supplies last.

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Pub. No.TitleAHRQ author(s)Reprint
cover date
08-R001Understanding and Enhancing the Value of Hospital Discharge DataElixhauserOct-07
08-R002TeamSTEPPS: Optimizing Teamwork in the Perioperative SettingClancyOct-07
08-R003Assessing the Validity of Self-Reported Medication Adherence in Hepatitis C TreatmentSmithOct-07
08-R004Computerized Physician Order Entry with Clinical Decision Support in Long-Term Care Facilities: Costs and Benefits to StakeholdersMutterOct-07
08-R005Do HMOs Reduce Preventable Hospitalizations for Medicare Beneficiaries?BasuOct-07
08-R006A Progress Report on AHRQ's Effective Health Care ProgramClancy, SlutskyOct-07
08-R007Sleepless in the Hospital: Evidence Mounts That Tired Caregivers May Compromise QualityClancyOct-07
08-R008Unintended Consequences of Information Technologies in Health Care- An Interactive Sociotechnical AnalysisHarrisonOct-07
08-R009Simulation in Health Care: Setting Realistic ExpectationsHenriksenOct-07
08-R010Improving Colorectal Cancer Screening in Primary Care Practice: Innovative Strategies and Future DirectionsLanierOct-07
08-R011Observed Association Between Antidepressant Use and Pneumonia Risk was Confounded by Comorbidity MeasuresBaineOct-07
08-R012Creating and Synthesizing Evidence With Decision Makers in MindAtkinsNov-07
08-R013Improving Depiction of Benefits and Harms: Analyses of Studies of Well-Known Therapeutics and Review of High-Impact Medical JournalsSedrakyanNov-07
08-R014Improving the Complex Nature of Care TransitionsHughes, ClancyNov-07
08-R015Are Lumbar Spine Reoperation Rates Falling With Greater Use of Fusion Surgery and New Surgical Technology?GrayNov-07
08-R016Mistake-Proofing in Health Care: Lessons for Ongoing Patient Safety ImprovementsClancyNov-07
08-R017The Performance of PerformanceClancyNov-07
08-R018Medicaid Markets and Pediatric Patient Safety in HospitalsOwensNov-07
08-R019Patient Safety in Nursing PracticeFarquhar, Collins Sharp, ClancyNov-07
08-R020Reducing Hospitalizations From Long-Term Care SettingsSpectorNov-07
08-R021Stochastic Frontier Analysis of Hospital InefficiencyMutterDec-07
08-R022Improving the Health Care Work Environment: A Sociotechnical Systems ApproachHarrison, Henriksen, HughesJan-08
08-R023Evidence-Based Practice: AHRQ's Role in Generating and Disseminating KnowledgeCoopey, Nix, ClancyJan-08
08-R024So What? The Challenge of Doing "Need to Know" Versus "Would Like to Know" ResearchHughes, ClancyJan-08
08-R025The Correlation of Youth Physical Activity with State PoliciesMeyerhoeferJan-08
08-R026Improving the Health Care Work Environment: Implications for Research, Practice, and PolicyHarrison, Henriksen, HughesJan-08
08-R027Design of the Physical Environment for Changing Healthcare NeedsClancy, Isaacson, HenriksenJan-08
08-R028The Role of the Physical Environment in Crossing the Quality ChasmHenriksen, IsaacsonJan-08
08-R029Health Insurance Coverage During a 24-month Period: A Comparison of Estimates from Two National Health SurveysS. Cohen, Ezzati-RiceJan-08
08-R030Committee Report: Advancing the Current Recommended Panel of Conditions for Newborn ScreeningDoughertyJan-08
08-R031The Challenge of Comparative Effectiveness: Getting the Right Information to the Right People at the Right TimeCoopey, James, Lawrence, ClancyJan-08
08-R032Financial Burden of Health Care, 2001-2004Banthin, BernardJan-08
08-R033Pathways to Coverage: The Changing Roles of Public and Private SourcesVistnes, SchoneJan-08
08-R034Developing a Research Agenda for Assisted LivingSpectorJan-08
08-R035Designing for Safety: Evidence-Based Design and HospitalsClancyFeb-08
08-R036The Dental Care of U.S. Children: Access, Use and Referrals by Nondentist Providers, 2003Chu, ManskiFeb-08
08-R037Cardiac Device Implantation in the United States from 1997 through 2004: A Population-Based AnalysisZhan, Baine, Sedrakyan, SteinerFeb-08
08-R038Best Practice Implementation: Lessons Learned from 20 PartnershipsMullican, Lavanderos, PalmerFeb-08
08-R039Evaluating the Impact of Partnerships to Improve Clinical QualityHaganFeb-08
08-R040Sustainablility of Partnership Projects: A Conceptual Framework and ChecklistSanglFeb-08
08-R041Disseminating QI InterventionsRobinsonFeb-08
08-R042Guidelines for Guidelines: We've Come a Long WayClancy, SlutskyFeb-08
08-R043Funding Opportunities in Knowledge Translation: Review of the AHRQ's "Translating Research into Practice" Initiatives, Competing Funding Agencies, and Strategies for SuccessHandrigan, SlutskyFeb-08
08-R044Explaining Racial and Ethnic Differences in Children's Use of Stimulant MedicationsHudson, Miller, KirbyFeb-08
08-R045Eliminating Asthma Disparities Through Multistakeholder PartnershipsClancyFeb-08
08-R046Using Patient Safety Indicators to Estimate the Impact of Potential Adverse Events on OutcomesElixhauserFeb-08
08-R047How Useful are Voluntary Medication Error Reports? The Case of Warfarin-Related Medication ErrorsZhan, Smith, Keyes, ClancyMar-08
08-R048Frontiers in Gender-Based Research: Health Care Quality DataMoy, DaytonMar-08
08-R049Infectious Disease Hospitalizations Among Infants in the United StatesSteinerMar-08
08-R050Smoking in the Home and Children's HealthHill, LiangMar-08
08-R051The Accuracy of Reported Insurance Status in the MEPSHillMar-08
08-R052Practice Makes Perfect: A Volume-Outcome Study of Hospital Patients with HIV DiseaseHellingerApr-08
08-R053Go Out of Stay in? The Effects of Zero Tolerance Laws on Alcohol Use and Drinking and Driving Patterns Among College StudentsLiangApr-08
08-R054The "3Ts" Road Map to Transform US Health Care: The "How" of High-Quality CareDougherty, ConwayMay-08
08-R055Forging a New Path to Medication Safety With Emergency PharmacistsClancyMay-08
08-R056USPSTF Recommendations for STI ScreeningMeyers, WolffMay-08
08-R057Board Engagement in Quality: Findings of a Survey of Hospital and System LeadersJiang, FraserMay-08
08-R058Screening for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Using Spirometry: Summary of the Evidence for the U.S. Preventive Services Task ForceLin, BartonMay-08
08-R059Home Health Care Agency Staffing Patterns Before and After the Balanced Budget Act of 1997, by Rural and Urban LocationSpectorMay-08
08-R060SCIP: Making Complications of Surgery the Exception Rather than the RuleClancyMay-08
08-R061Bariatric Surgery: What Women Need to KnowClancyMay-08
08-R062The Shape of Demand: What Does It Tell Us about Direct-to-Consumer Marketing of Antidepressants?Meyerhoefer, ZuvekasMay-08
08-R063Hospital and Demographic Influences on the Disposition of Transient Ischemic AttackOwens, SteinerMay-08
08-R064Community Variation: Disparities in Health Care Quality Between Asian and White Medicare BeneficiariesMoy, GreenbergMay-08
08-R065Limiting Nurse Overtime, and Promoting Other Good Working Conditions, Influences Patient SafetyCollins Sharp, ClancyMay-08
08-R066Substance Abuse Treatment in Human Immunodeficiency Virus: The Role of Patient-Provider discussionsFleishmanJun-08
08-R067Alcohol Use Among HIV-infected Persons in Care: Results of a Multi-site SurveyFleishmanJun-08
08-R068A Discrete Choice Decomposition Analysis of Racial and Ethnic Differences in Children's Health Insurance CoverageSeldenJun-08
08-R069How Often are Potential Patient Safety Events Present on Admission?ElixhauserJun-08
08-R070Strategic Orientation and Nursing Home Response to Public Reporting of Quality Measures: An Application of the Miles and Snow TypologySpectorJun-08
08-R071Trends in Intussusception Hospitalizations Among US Infants, 1993-2004: Implications for Monitoring the Safety of the New Rotavirus Vaccination ProgramSteinerJun-08
08-R072Does Participation in the Food Stamp Program Increase the Prevalence of Obesity and Health Care Spending?MeyerhoeferJun-08
08-R073Hospital Charges Attributable to a Primary Diagnosis of Infectious Diseases in Older Adults in the United States, 1998 to 2004SteinerJun-08
08-R074Trends in Racial Disparities Among the Elderly for Selected ProceduresBasuJun-08
08-R075Introduction to the JGIM Special Issue on Health Information TechnologyClancy, WhiteJun-08
08-R076Dental Care Use: Does Dental Insurance Truly Make a Difference in the US?Manski, CooperJul-08
08-R077The Distribution of Public Spending for Health Care in the United States, 2002Selden, SingJul-08
08-R078Will All Americans Become Overweight or Obese? Estimating the Progression and Cost of the US Obesity EpidemicLiangJul-08
08-R079The Impact of Medical Errors on Ninety-Day Costs and Outcomes: An Examination of Surgical PatientsEncinosa, HellingerJul-08
08-R080Evidence Shows Cost and Patient Safety Benefits of Emergency PharmacistsClancyAug-08
08-R081Health Care Markets: Concepts, Data, Measures, and Current Research ChallengesHagan, EncinosaAug-08
08-R082Annual Report on Health Care for Children and Youth in the United States: Focus on Injury-Related Emergency Department Utilization and ExpendituresOwens, Zodet, Berdahl, DoughertyAug-08
08-R083How Do Hospital Organizational Structure and Processes Affect Quality of Care?: A Critical Review of Research MethodsFraser, JiangAug-08
08-R084Pressure Ulcer Plan is WorkingSpector, LimcangcoAug-08
08-R085Improving Quality and Reducing Disparities: The Role of NursesHo, Brady, ClancySep-08
08-R086Advancing Personalized Health Care through Health Information Technology: An Update from the American Health Information Community's Personalized Health Care WorkgroupClancySep-08


Pub. No.TitleAHRQ author(s)Reprint cover date
09-R001Stage 2 Pressure Ulcer Healing in Nursing HomesSpectorOct-08
09-R002New Patient Safety Organizations Lower Roadblocks to Medical Error ReportingClancyOct-08
09-R003A Clinical Practice Guideline for Treating Tobacco Use and Dependence: 2008 Update. A U.S. Public Health Service ReportMurray, WilliamsOct-08
09-R004Improving Efficiency and Value in Health Care: IntroductionFraser, EncinosaOct-08
09-R005Hospital Quality, Efficiency, and Input Slack DifferentialsMutterOct-08
09-R006Long-term follow-up after diagnosis resulting from newborn screening: Statement of the US Secretary of Health and Human Services' Advisory Committee on Heritable Disorders and Genetic Diseases in Newborns and ChildrenDoughertyOct-08
09-R007Self-Rated Mental Health and Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Mental Health Service UseZuvekas, FleishmanNov-08
09-R008Health Insurance Enrollment Decisions: Preferences for Coverage, Worker Sorting, and Insurance Take UpVistnesNov-08
09-R009Overweight in Adolescents: Implications for Health ExpendituresVistnesDec-08
09-R010The Effect of Tax Subsidies on High Health Care Expenditures in the United StatesSeldenDec-08
09-R011Measuring Hospital Inefficiency: The Effects of Controlling for Quality and Patient Burden of IllnessMutter, WongDec-08
09-R012Diffusion of New Technology and Payment Policies: Coronary StentsBerlinerDec-08
09-R013Changes in Hospital Readmissions for Diabetes-Related Conditions: Differences in PayerJiang, Friedman, AndrewsDec-08
09-R014Publication of Quality Report Cards and Trends in Reported Quality Measures in Nursing HomesSpectorDec-08
09-R015Costs and State-Specific Rates of Thoracic and Lumbar Vertebroplasty, 2001-2005GrayDec-08
09-R016Evidence on the Chronic Care Model in the New MillenniumBrachDec-08
09-R017Building the Capacity for a Transformation Initiative: System Redesign of Denver HealthHarrisonJan-09
09-R018Women with Diagnosed Diabetes Across the Life Stages: Underuse of recommended preventive care servicesHo, Kaftarian, BradyJan-09
09-R019Measuring Trends in Racial/Ethnic Health Care DisparitiesZuvekasFeb-09
09-R020Racial/Ethnic and Gender Differences in Individual Workplace Injury Risk Trajectories: 1988-1998BerdahlFeb-09
09-R021Adverse-event-reporting Practices by US Hospitals: Results of a National SurveyBattles, MunierFeb-09
09-R022Finding Order in Heterogeneity: Types of Quality-Improvement Intervention PublicationsDoughertyFeb-09
09-R023The Impact of Increased Tax Subsidies on the Insurance Coverage of Self-Employed FamiliesSeldenMar-09
09-R024A Discrete Choice Decomposition Analysis of Racial and Ethnic Differences in Children's Health Insurance CoveragePylypchuk,SeldenMar-09
09-R025Immigrants and the Use of Preventive Care in the United StatesPylypchuk,HudsonMar-09
09-R026Transformation of Health Care at the Front LineConway, ClancyFeb-09
09-R027State Snapshots a Picture of Unacceptable Variation: Are We Destined to Live With "Geography Is Destiny?"Brady, Ho, ClancyMar-09
09-R028AHRQ's Effective Health Care Program: Why Comparative Effectiveness MattersSlutsky, ClancyMar-09
09-R029The Utility of Prediction Models to Oversample the Long-Term UninsuredCohen, YuMar-09
09-R030Finding Your Way: What to Do Before You Leave HospitalClancyMar-09
09-R031GRADE: Assessing the Quality of Evidence for Diagnostic RecommendationsChangMar-09
09-R032Impact of Patient Race on Patient Experiences of Access and Communication in HIV CareFleishmanMar-09
09-R033Parental Marital Disruption, Family Type, and Transfers to Disabled Elderly ParentsSchoneMar-09
09-R034Payer Perspectives on Pharmacogenomics Testing and Drug DevelopmentRandhawaMar-09
09-R035The Prostate Cancer Intervention Versus Observation Trial: VA/NCI/AHRQ Cooperative Studies Program #407 (PIVOT): Design and Baseline Results of a Randomized Controlled Trial Comparing Radical Prostatectomy to Watchful Waiting for Men with Clinically Localized Prostrate CancerFoxMar-09
09-R036Redesigning Care Processes Using an Electronic Health Record: A System's ExperienceHarrisonMar-09
09-R037Primary Care: Too Important to FailMeyers, ClancyMar-09
09-R038The Public Role in Promoting Child Health Information TechnologyConway, White, ClancyMar-09
09-R039Updated U.S. Population Standard for the Veterans RAND 12-Item Health Survey (VR-12)FleishmanMar-09
09-R040Can State Databases Be Used to Develop a National, Standardized Hospital Nurse Staffing Database?Jiang, StocksMar-09
09-R041Board Oversight of Quality: Any Differences in Process of Care and Mortality?Jiang, FraserMar-09
09-R042The Effects of Hospital Competition on Inpatient Quality of CareMutter, WongMar-09
09-R043Adverse Event Reporting Systems and Safer HealthcareBattlesMar-09
09-R044Information Gap: Can Health Insurer Personal Health Records Meet Patients' and Physicians' Needs?Zayas-CabanMar-09
09-R045Investing in Health Information Infrastructure: Can It Help Achieve Health Reform?Clancy, WhiteMar-09
09-R046Identification of Hospital-Acquired Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections from Medicare ClaimsZhan, Elixhauser, BaineMar-09
09-R047Poor People, Poor Places and Access to Health Care in the United StatesKirbyApr-09
09-R048Tax-Exempt Hospitals and Community Benefits: A Review of State Reporting RequirementsHellingerApr-09
09-R049New Patient Safety Organizations Can Help Health Providers Learn from and Reduce Patient Safety EventsClancyApr-09
09-R050Recent Improvements in Bariatric Surgery OutcomesEncinosa, Bernard, DuMay-09
09-R051Do Patient Safety Events Increase Readmissions?Friedman, Encinosa, Jiang, MutterMay-09
09-R052Modifying ICD-9-CM Coding of Secondary Diagnoses to Improve Risk-Adjustment of Inpatient Mortality RatesElixhauserMay-09
09-R053Roundtable on Expanding Capacity for Comparative Effectiveness Research in the United StatesClancyMay-09
09-R054CMS's Hospital-Acquired Condition Lists Link Hospital Payment, Patient SafetyClancyMay-09
09-R055The Accountability Conundrum: Staying Focused, Delivering Results, A Report on the UHC 2008 Quality and Safety Fall ForumClancyMay-09
09-R056New Estimates of the Demand for Physical and Mental Health TreatmentMeyerhoefer, ZuvekasMay-09
09-R057Pharmacists Emerge as Key Stakeholders in Quality, Patient Safety EffortsKelly, ClancyMay-09
09-R058Partially Identifying Treatment Effects with an Application to Covering the UninsuredHillMay-09
09-R059Wealth, Income, and the Affordability of Health InsuranceBernard, Banthin, EncinosaJun-09
09-R060The Relationship Between Living Arrangement and Preventive Care Use Among Community-Dwelling Elderly PersonsKirbyJun-09
09-R061State Variations in the Out-of-Pocket Spending Burden for Outpatient Mental Health TreatmentZuvekasJun-09
09-R062Dual Eligibles with Mental Disorders and Medicare Part D: How are They Faring?ZuvekasJun-09
09-R063AHRQ Uses Tools To Educate ConsumersLazarJun-09
09-R064Costly Hospital Readmissions and Complex Chronic IllnessFriedman, Jiang, ElixhauserJun-09
09-R065More Work is Needed to Protect Medical Residents from Fatigue and Potential Errors, IOM Report FindsClancyJun-09
09-R066The Stress of the Care EnvironmentClancy, HughesJun-09
09-R067Health Expenditure Estimation and Functional Form: Applications of the Generalized Gamma and Extended Estimating Equations ModelsHill, MillerJun-09
09-R068Accuracy of Medicare Expenditures in the Medical Expenditure Panel SurveyZuvekasJun-09
09-R069Re-engineered Hospital Discharge Process Lowers Re-admissions, Reduces CostsClancyJun-09
09-R070The Within-Year Concentration of Medical Care: Implications for Family Out-of-Pocket Expenditure BurdensSeldenJun-09
09-R071A Health Services Research Agenda for Cellular, Molecular and Genomic Technologies in Cancer CareRandhawaJun-09
09-R072Cost Sharing in Medicaid and CHIP: How Does it Affect Out-of-Pocket Spending?SeldenJun-09
09-R073Sensitivity of Household Reported Medical Conditions in the Medical Expenditure Panel SurveyMachlin, Cohen, Elixhauser, Beauregard, SteinerJun-09
09-R074Families With Mixed Eligibility for Public Coverage: Navigating Medicaid, CHIP, and UninsuranceHudsonJul-09
09-R075CMS's Landmark Decision on CT Colonography--Examining the Relevant DataPhurroughJul-09
09-R076Colorectal Cancer Screening by Primary Physicians: Recommendations and Practices, 2006-2007LanierAug-09
09-R077CABG Versus PCI for Multivessel Coronary Artery DiseaseSedrakyanAug-09
09-R078Finding Your Way: Talking About End-of-Life DecisionsClancyAug-09
09-R079Identifying and Using Good Practice GuidelinesLinAug-09
09-R080Simple Charts Compare Health Risks for AdultsLinAug-09
09-R081Complexity, Bullying, and Stress: Analyzing and Mitigating a Challenging Work Environment for NursesHughes, ClancyAug-09
09-R082Reengineering Hospital Discharge: A Protocol to Improve Patient Safety, Reduce Costs, and Boost Patient SatisfactionClancyAug-09
09-R083Validating Household Reports of Health Care Use in the Medical Expenditure Panel SurveyZuvekasAug-09
09-R084Demographic Variability, Vaccination, and the Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Rotavirus EpidemicsSteinerAug-09
09-R085Importance of Recommendations for Gestational Weight GainKelly, ClancySep-09
09-R086Comparative-Effectiveness Research-Implications of the Federal Coordinating Council's ReportClancySep-09
09-R087Annual Medical Spending Attributable to Obesity: Payer- and Service-Specific EstimatesCohenSep-09
09-R088Do Adolescents with Emotional or Behavioral Problems Respond to Cigarette Prices?LiangSep-09
Current as of September 2009
Internet Citation: Reprints of Articles by Staff. September 2009. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Rockville, MD.


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